Delicious Kitchen: How to process goat’s jade into a “miracle drug” for the bedroom

Ngoc Duong, also known as goat’s eggplant, contains many proteins, minerals and vitamins that are effective in improving physiological ability in men and women to make the dish attractive and has a better nutritional effect than the ancients often stewed jade and goat meat with Chinese herbs. This is not only a nutritious dish but also considered a rare dish that everyone should enjoy at least once this feature.

Delicious Kitchen: How to process goat's elixir into a


Use a knife to cut along the outer skin area 2 jade pearls and goat rod. Then cut the pearl lengthwise, remove the outer membrane, then use a knife to cut it into a rosette shape. You also need to cut the goat into pieces. In addition, you can also leave the whole set to stew with herbal medicine.

* Ingredients:

– Ngoc Duong, whole set

– Traditional Chinese medicine used to prepare hot pot and stew dishes

– Mugwort

– Spices: salt MSG seasoning

– Goat bone broth

* How to prepare

– Boil herbal medicine with bone broth to make hot pot.

– Put the whole set of yucca into the pot of herbal medicine water and continue to boil for 15 – 20 minutes Let it cook until it’s cooked, then take it out and cut it into bite-sized pieces.

– Next, put the wormwood into the pot of stew, wait for it to boil again, add the spices and turn off the heat.

– When enjoying, remove all the herbs from the stew and the wormwood. Eat it hot.

This nutritious dish will have a unique aroma and sweetness extracted from Chinese medicine and goat yucca. The aroma of these herbs helps reduce the inherent heavy flavor of jade and makes the dish more attractive. When eating, you can add salt and pepper for a richer flavor. In particular, this is a very nutritious dish that nourishes the blood, nourishes the spleen, nourishes the taste, stimulates digestion, nourishes the kidney yang, helps improve physiological ability, supports infertility treatment… often used for people who have just recovered from illness. male body weakness, erectile dysfunction…

The “Delicious Kitchen” column would like to thank singer Trong Tan and De Re Song Duong restaurant 13 Lieu Giai – Hanoi for their help. Help us carry out this program.