Duc Troc Hotpot – A destination that attracts diners in Hanoi

The end of the year is near when the need to book parties and gather with friends and relatives increases. Most of the restaurants and eateries in Hanoi are fully booked. Present in the list of top famous hot pot restaurants in Hanoi Capital – Duc Troc Hot Pot is no exception, the restaurant is often full of tables every evening.

Ms. Mai, a loyal customer of Lau Duc Troc shared: “I am also a familiar customer of Lau Duc Troc. The restaurant was very crowded, so I called to reserve a table in advance to get a seat. The system has the advantage of a large space with eye-catching decorations, including a play area for children, reasonable prices, and good service.”

Also a long-time customer of this restaurant, Ms. Thao shared: “Duc Troc hotpot is my family’s familiar restaurant because my husband loves the frog hotpot here. The ingredients are quite fresh, so the frog meat is firm and the sour and spicy hot pot broth has its own unique taste.”

Diverse dishes and fresh ingredients with flavors suitable for everyone

Duc Troc hot pot is not only famous for its signature dishes such as spicy and sour Thai hot pot, crab and beef hot pot… but also brings a diverse culinary world from Vietnamese dishes. Traditional dishes such as stir-fried sweet and sour veal with lemon and frog to dishes with European flavors such as spaghetti and especially shaking beef.

The combination of Vietnamese cuisine and European flavors This dish not only meets the diverse tastes of diners but also makes a difference and attracts Duc Troc Hot Pot.

Ms. Nga, a diner at the restaurant, shared: “My friends often gathered here because the children love fried food and play freely. Parents can freely enjoy the flavors of dishes from Asian to European dishes, the restaurant has them.

Even though the restaurant The menu is diverse, but Duc Troc Hot Pot always updates fast trending dishes such as delicious hot pot. The broth is simmered from pork bones to create a natural sweetness combined with traditional herbs and medicines such as goji berries, ginseng and pepper… giving diners a meal that is not only delicious but also delicious. nutritious and healthy.

Ideal gathering place for meetings because of promotion and service space

Representative of Lau Duc Troc said With facilities throughout Hanoi’s inner city districts, the system becomes a convenient destination for office workers. This is a suitable place to organize year-end events with colleagues or friends or simply looking for a place to gather after work.

To meet the needs of seasonal gatherings At the end of the year, Duc Troc Hotpot offers a special promotion to thank customers. Just schedule and reserve a table in advance (flexible lunch time before 11:00 and dinner before 8:00 pm), customers will receive incentives with bills from 700,000 VND or more.

Tables for 10 people Adults and older who have a birthday will receive a birthday cake and a decorative package specifically for groups of 20 or more along with many other gifts.

Duc Troc Hot Pot – Delicious hot pot restaurant brand in Hanoi

– Service time: From 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Tet days and New Year’s Eve Served overnight until 5am.

– Hotpot hotline: 094 140 9999 – 0911 08 08 09 – 0855 898 898 – 0855 989 989

– Website: https://www.lauductroc.com/