Duplex Roman Plaza Apartment – luxury life according to its own “standard”.

Successful people “hunt” for Duplex apartments

According to Hai’s analysis Phat Land successful people are often interested in real estate with clear views, fresh air, low resident density while the density for trees accounts for the majority… This ensures a balanced living space to help regenerate energy. In addition, they also often look for houses that are not available to the majority but have a limited number and have high value… helping them affirm their class and status.

Satisfaction The strict requirements for the high-class life of successful people contribute to creating value that reflects the homeowner’s status and “taste” for classy living. Duplex apartments are a type of product popular with many businessmen and young people. “sought after” success in recent times.

Duplex is a duplex apartment with a height of 02 floors or more and is usually located on the highest floors of the building. a building or a building. This type of apartment has a novel and luxurious architectural style that satisfies customers’ needs for a modern and comfortable classy life.

The difference of Duplex apartments comes from the perfect location, providing panoramic views with the most beautiful viewing angles, not being restricted by high-rise buildings like other apartments. Normal household or townhouse. Unique luxurious design, classy interior and spacious area also help owners have a modern, comfortable living environment with airy open space in harmony with nature, making the most of the sun and wind to inspire creativity. . Especially with a limited quantity available only in high-end projects, Duplex apartments are especially “sought after”.

Duplex Roman Plaza – “ rare goods” in the western market of the capital

Located on the banks of the Nhue River, the other side is To Huu Street (extended Le Van Luong Street) Roman Plaza emerges like “Rome in the heart of Hanoi with eye-catching and impressive design. The project has a fairly low construction density, only about 30% of the remaining area is for greenery and entertainment areas, which has “pleased” many young families in the Capital.

Duplex Roman Plaza apartments are located on the 2 highest floors of the apartment building, panoramic views with the most beautiful viewing angles, not restricted by high-rise buildings, fully enjoying the beauty of the landscape. city. In order for future owners of Duplex apartments to freely express their “personality” with the “standard centimeter” design according to their wishes, the investor applies the method of rough handover of the apartment. Accordingly, with a large living space of 200 – 360 square meters, customers can easily design additional functional rooms such as gyms, bars, etc., “painting” their own happy home with a strong impression for the whole family.

Roman Plaza Duplex apartments are also suitable for multi-generational families with two separate entrances and two separate living spaces on each floor. In particular, these apartments all possess a large garden with panoramic views to welcome sunlight and wind to bring modern life to life while still being in harmony with nature. This is also a space for you and your family to enjoy moments together.

The owner of the Duplex apartment will inherit all the high-class internal amenities of the project such as 6 floors Commercial centers, entertainment areas, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, fitness and health care areas such as: GYMSpa, Massage and outdoor swimming pool…

What makes Roman Plaza Duplex Apartment attractive to customers is its extremely attractive price starting from only 27 million/m2. While the common floor plan of duplex apartments of projects with the same expensive frontage and similar amenities is no less than 30 million/m2.

Not to mention during During this time, the investor also offers many preferential policies for customers such as:

– Free 02 VIP36 exercise packages for 36 months at the Pride Fitness system. Price nearly 100 million VND

– Free 01 interior design package worth 55 million VND that can be deducted directly from the sales contract

– Free operation management service fee and car parking fee for customers for 3 years

The total value of preferential gifts is up to nearly 400 million VND.

Convergence of classy and distinct living values ​​with attractive prices and preferential policies Duplex Roman Plaza apartment is a worthy product for successful people who desire to express their own “taste” of quality living.

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