Eating live centipedes, two Chinese people almost lost their lives

“We have never heard of eating live centipedes, but these two patients believe that eating live centipedes will “Instead they almost lost their lives,” said Lingli Lu, a researcher working at the neurology department of Zhujiang Hospital.

The patient was 78 years old and his son was 46 years old. years old was taken to a hospital in southern China with a headache that had lasted for weeks. Chinese researchers then discovered traces of parasitic worms on the centipede’s body. This helminth was previously only known to parasitize snails and other molluscs.

In some cases parasites can penetrate the brain and spinal cord, leading to meningitis, which can cause total paralysis and even death.

Two patients from a remote area in China were fortunate to arrive at the hospital in time and were treated in for 3 weeks.

To test the centipede’s ability to be infected with parasites, Lu and the research team bought 20 centipedes at a market in Guangdong. This is where the two patients above bought live centipedes.

The analysis process showed that there were 56 worm larvae on the centipede’s body. But all 20 centipedes died in the research room when the parasite developed.

This shows that the centipede is only a temporary host, not an organism that can spread the parasite. for a long time.

According to Dang Nguyen
Dan Viet