Emperor’s birthday in Japan

The Emperor’s birthday on February 23 is also one of Japan’s holidays. Depending on each Emperor who succeeds the throne, the holiday also changes. The article below will answer questions such as what is this holiday? Who is Thien Hoang? 

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The Emperor’s birthday on February 23 is designated as a “holiday” Happy birthday to His Majesty the Emperor” (Photo: Fun-Japan). 

What is Thien Hoang? 

Based on the Japanese Constitution, the Emperor is considered the “symbol” of the entire Japanese people and its symbolic role is maintained according to the will of the people. The Emperor has no power in politics and only carries out events stipulated in the Constitution. 

What is the Emperor’s job? 

Although the Emperor is only a symbol of Japan, he actually often undertakes work prescribed by the Constitution and civil service. Such as appointing the Prime Minister, awarding national awards, welcoming ambassadors from foreign countries, and public duties such as visiting areas damaged by natural disasters, participating in award ceremonies… There are also other events. royal festival events. 

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The Emperor is considered a “symbol” of the entire Japanese people (Photo: Fun-Japan). 

Origin of the Emperor’s birthday

According to the law, the Emperor’s birthday on February 23 is regulations as “Happy Birthday to His Majesty the Emperor”. In history, the birthday of the Emperor Quang Nhan is called “Tenchosetsu” – meaning “Eternal Heaven and Earth”, wishing the Emperor a long reign like the eternal heaven and earth.

< p>After that, the birthday celebration changed with each successive king. In 1948, the holiday was renamed “Tennō tanjōbi (Emperor’s Birthday)” and is used to this day. 

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There are many festive events that take place on the Emperor’s birthday (Photo: Fun-Japan). 

Events on the Emperor’s birthday

Every year to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday with everyone In the royal family, the prime minister will send congratulations. and an event where people come to congratulate is also organized.

The Emperor and everyone in the Royal Family will appear in front of the palace balcony to receive congratulations from the people. Every year, millions of people come to attend the holiday.

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Day The Emperor’s birthday will vary depending on the king (Photo: Fun-Japan). 

The Emperor’s birthday will change depending on the king

When the next Emperor changes, Holidays will also change accordingly. Until 2020, the Emperor’s birthday was on December 23. And after the old Emperor abdicated, the new Emperor ascended the throne. The Emperor’s birthday holiday changed to February 23 from this year.

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When the Emperor’s succession changes, the holidays will also change (Photo: Fun-Japan). 

In addition, based on the change of the old Emperor’s birthday, it is also likely to become another holiday. For example, the cultural holiday Showa Day also originated from the birthdays of kings.