Suggest 20 beautiful, modern tube house models for homeowners who love simplicity

Tube houses are modern townhouses with small area, the facade area usually extends from 3 to 7m. So tube House Usually designed in a rectangular shape to take advantage of the height, in order to increase the usable area. Let's learn about beautiful tube house designs through the following article.

Suggest 20 beautiful modern tube house models

Tube house is one of the popular architectural designs in our country, preferred by many urban residents to create houses for families. Let's take a look at the top 20 beautiful tube house models:

Mediterranean style tube house 

Form 2 storey house with 4 bedrooms Mediterranean style with soft curved details. The design uses bright colors, full of vitality but still in harmony, showing the delicate taste of the owner. The design of the terrace provides a comfortable space, whether it is a sunny or rainy day and does not block natural light during the day. Compared with other closed roof architectures, the artistic curved arch design can also enhance the aesthetic value of the house and create an extremely unique design feature that is unmatched.

Nice tube house

Minimalist style beautiful tube house

Beautiful tube house in neutral white color

Overview 2-storey house 700 million VND In this countryside, it stands out with the dominant white tone in harmony with the transparent glass door and railing system. Instead of focusing on highlighting small details, the neoclassical style house model focuses on harmoniously arranging iron bars of a certain thickness and ensuring symmetry for the whole house. The terrace is designed with an iron roof covered with glass canopy, bringing an airy living space, lots of light and green trees. This is also an ideal choice to balance color and brightness in home decoration in a modern, minimalist style. 

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Popular civil style beautiful tube house

Strong structural tube house

Tube house with 4 spacious and airy windows

The beautiful tube house model has many large windows made of toughened, high-safety tempered glass. Design 2 square meter 80-storey house With a modern design that allows natural light to be abundant inside the house and enhances the brightness throughout the day in the room, at night still has a good view of the street space. The house brings comfort and spaciousness compared to the high-walled gate-closed architecture.

Modern flat roof house

This is a very popular and popular modern tube house design today. The flat roof design is easy to construct, feels elegant, light and saves more construction costs than other roof designs.

Two-storey neoclassical style tube house

Modern French tube house 

Beautiful modern 3-storey tube house model

The flat roof design style is the perfect choice for owners who prefer luxury, high-class but unobtrusive. The highlight of the design is the cool and airy terrace. 

This small corner is a place for family members to relax, or share and enjoy peaceful moments together.

Beautiful modern 3-storey white-tone tube house

Urban tube houses with flat roofs are highly appreciated for their excellent sun protection and leak resistance. In addition, the flat roof can help make use of the space used, the owner can store things that can absorb heat, such as a solar water heater. The model above is loved for its modern, cubical style with simple design and easy construction. The investment cost is also not too high. 

Beautiful modern tube house with extremely delicate lines

Classic and luxurious warm brown tube house

Tube house combines airy green space

A special highlight of this design is the green space created from the gently letting go of the potted plants and tree arches. The model of the front house has a 2-storey construction scale with a gentle modern design, the terrace is optimally designed into a small garden for sightseeing.

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Soft and luxurious neoclassical tube house

The beautiful tube house design brings neoclassical beauty thanks to the sophisticated molding pattern forming a delicate wall frame. At the same time, to increase the brightness of the space and open up a wider view, the house design is also mixed with glass door frames, painted in light brown color. This elaborate layout brings a luxurious, eye-catching beauty without feeling too fussy. 

Classic art style tube house

Solid and solid modern 3-storey tube house

The model of the house is designed with a gentle but impressive white color. The shape of the house is solid, the lines are definitive, not fussy and ostentatious. Combined with green space, it brings a modern look but still has an idyllic and peaceful look.

Beautiful tube house stands out with deep brown color

The design has a modern two-and-a-half-storey structure. A special highlight is the tum floor with a terrace, opening a private garden in the green and airy. The frames are meticulously arranged and painted in high-grade powder-coated black, creating a strong yet elegant look, bringing high aesthetics and an irresistible attraction.

Modern luxury Italian style tube house

If the owner of the household likes the romantic Italian imprint, then sunny yellow or terracotta brown will be the perfect choice. Blending the space inside and outside, the architect cleverly created unique openings in the exterior of the house. The transparent closed window frames allow the best view of the street frontage giving a feeling of comfort and freedom.

Modern luxury beautiful tube house design

Different from the apartments Level 4 2 bedroom house Simply, the most attractive point of the beautiful tube house model is that the pattern details are gently and meticulously mixed to bring an elegant feeling to the beautiful tube house space. Combined with luxurious paint colors such as antique bronze, brown and white colors to create a grandeur and nobility. The gate design is high-walled but still shows high art from colors to decorative patterns. This model is suitable for owners who love discreet beauty and luxury.

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The article suggests 20 top beautiful, modern tube house models today. You can refer to ideas for your new family home.

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