7 Ways to arrange the most reasonable toilet today

Having the right toilet layout not only makes your life more convenient, but can also help increase the overall aesthetic of your home. Let's learn about the ways of arranging toilet works through the article right below. 

Reasonable ways to arrange toilets

Do not arrange restrooms in the center of the house

The home center is an important component of any building. It directly affects the overall aesthetic. Not only that, placing the toilet in the middle of the house can also pollute the living environment. No matter how confident you are in cleaning them, there is no guarantee that everything will be clean. Therefore, it is safest and most aesthetic that you should not place the toilet in the center of the house.

Do not arrange restrooms in the center of the house
Do not arrange the restroom in the center of the house

Do not place toilets in the South, Southwest, and Northeast directions

South, Southwest, and Northeast directions are directions that bring a lot of bad luck. It can negatively affect the health and fortune of the homeowner. Because these directions mostly have heavy fire. So it is easy to cause conflicts with the toilet. Therefore, if you want fortune to go up, or have a lot of luck in life. Then you should avoid placing the toilet in these directions.

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Do not place the bathroom door opposite the bedroom door

The door is the place to receive new energy and luck, the place to welcome fortune into the house. So if the homeowner puts the bathroom door opposite the bedroom door or puts it opposite the bed. It will cause interference with positive energies. Make them unable to enter the house and make life less fortunate.

The layout of the restroom should not be
The bathroom door should not be opposite the bedroom door

Besides, according to the old views, leaving the toilet door opposite the bedroom can easily cause conflicts and conflicts between family members. Causing turbulence that is difficult to deal with. Over time, people will become distant and difficult to get along with each other.

Do not arrange toilets next to the shrine room

Some families, because they want to save space, decided to put the toilet next to the church room. And think it will not affect later life. However, in reality, this thinking is completely wrong. Because the worship room is a place to worship ancestors, a spiritual space. Placing the toilet next to the shrine room will make this space no longer clean. Leads to the members' health decline. And make them encounter many difficult things in life. Therefore, no matter how narrow the area is, you absolutely should not place the toilet next to the church room.

Layout of airy restrooms, with windows

The layout of the bathroom is airy, with windows in addition to beautifying the living space. It can also prevent the growth of bacteria that are harmful to health. Bringing a healthier and safer life to everyone. If the toilet area is a bit modest, it is not enough to arrange more windows. Then you can install an additional ventilation system. To remove odors or bacteria from the restroom.

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Layout of airy restrooms, with windows
Layout of airy restrooms, with windows

Do not share the toilet with the bathroom and wash basin

The arrangement of the common toilet with the bathroom and washbasin is considered an area-saving measure. Less cost again. However, this pooling can cause some unexpected inconveniences. It is easy to create an environment for harmful bacteria to spread and grow. Therefore, you should not lump these components together. Or if there is a common pairing, then some more devices should be used to separate and divide the space. Such as using glass walls, curtains, or sliding door designs, etc.

Avoid placing two bathroom doors facing each other

If your house has 2 bathrooms in the same room. It is best to avoid placing two bathroom doors right next to each other. As this may cause some unwanted inconvenience. Easily causes fatigue and pain. Loss of family finances.

To limit these negative effects, you can consider designing two toilets facing each other. This layout also facilitates the installation of more technical designs. Compared to having the bathroom door right next to it.

Note when arranging toilets

Choose a reasonable area

The construction area will directly affect the layout of the toilet. If the area is large, the arrangement will be easier and faster. If the area is small, you will have to spend a lot of time arranging everything.

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Attention to the layout of the toilet
Should pay attention to choose a reasonable toilet area before arranging

Although this area may vary depending on the condition of the land owned or the economic ability of each different family. But at least a restroom will have an area of ​​​​from 2 to 3 square meters. To ensure enough space to arrange reasonable toilet facilities. As well as ensuring harmony with surrounding rooms.

Choose the right toilet equipment

Currently, with the continuous development of the economy, the market for supplying sanitary ware is also expanding. Devices become more diverse and versatile. From basins, lavabo faucets to hot and cold water bottles, toilet seats. Each type has a different size and response to different types of functions. Correspondingly, they will also be suitable for each separate toilet layout. For example, a small toilet usually only uses a shower, shower, sink and toilet. As for the large toilet, it also incorporates a mirror shelf, a towel bar, a large bathtub, etc.

Therefore, when planning the design of the toilet, you need to choose the right equipment. Make future layout easier and faster. It is possible to ensure aesthetics while still being convenient for users.

Hopefully with 7 reasonable toilet layouts provided by Quatest, you will have more new design ideas for yourself. If you need any more information about the above layouts, please contact us immediately!

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