7 designs of townhouses with 7m frontage that are both beautiful and cost-effective for you

Townhouse frontage 7m currently being built quite popularly from rural to urban areas. Because the house is designed in a modern, dynamic and youthful style, the function rooms are arranged scientifically, thereby providing a comfortable living space for family members. If you are also in love and want to own such a house, please refer to 7 beautiful house models that we share in this article.

Model of townhouse frontage 7m 3 floors in modern style

Outside perspective

This is one of the townhouses designed in a modern and polite youthful style. As soon as we look at the outside perspective, we can see an airy scene that is not constrained by any factors.

Form 3-storey townhouse These are often built on limited land funds. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the architects, the design has helped the house not feel cramped but instead a spacious space.

The architect designed without the entrance gate and fence, but still created a highlight for the house. Square pieces of the model 4-storey tube house This together with green trees are planted to help the house blend in with nature.

The exterior perspective of the house is very beautiful thanks to the carefully calculated shapes, the protrusions or the indents are proportional. Especially when these cubes are combined with glass windows and balconies with green trees to create ventilation.

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On the floors are windows made of glass material to help make better use of natural light and inside. With a 3-storey design, you can unleash your creativity with your space. The owner of the house can plant more trees or vines on the balcony to make the space of the house greener and fresher.

Detailed drawing of the inside of the house

The ground floor plan is designed with living room, kitchen, bedroom and shared toilet.

townhouse frontage 7m

Floor plan of the first floor of the apartment 1-storey tube house scientifically designed and arranged with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a common room.

7m cheese house

On the 3rd floor, there is 1 bedroom, worship room, toilet, terrace for drying clothes and also a place to play and relax for family members.

Townhouse frontage 7m 2 floors flat roof

If you are looking to build a 7 square meter townhouse, you can refer to this model.

Perspective outside the house

The 2-storey house model with 7m flat roof stands out with its solid and coherent design. Overall, the house has a light gray color combined with airy green trees.

The front of the house is the square shapes combined with transparent glass doors to create a modern, youthful and extremely dynamic style.

The two sides of the house are planted with more trees to bring an airy and cool space in hot weather. This also helps homeowners feel more relaxed and comfortable when standing on the balcony.

The door of the house is made of transparent glass, which not only adds beauty as well as makes use of natural light inside. With an area of ​​​​7mXNUMX, you can completely decorate the space as you like without worrying about the space being cramped.

Drawings inside the house

Different from the apartments prefab house, for the drawing inside the house on the first floor is designed with fully functional rooms. On the first floor, there is a living room designed with the largest area, followed by a dining room and kitchen, a garage, a toilet and a stair hall. Everything was arranged very harmoniously and logically.

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For the 2nd floor plan of this 3-storey house, there are 2 bedrooms, a dressing room, a toilet.

Model of a townhouse with 7m slanted roof

This is also one of the models that are being loved by families to choose and build.

Perspective outside the house

This house model is designed with an impressive slanting roof. This makes the house more unique.

In front of the house, the architect does not design the gate as well as the fence, so it helps to save space. The wall is firmly designed to create a strong feeling for the house. The first floor is designed with 1 car garage.

The house also creates a highlight for the viewer thanks to the transparent glass windows. With a design that both creates an airy and spacious space. On the balcony, the owner can place more beautiful small pots of green plants to help the house be more immersed in nature.

Drawings inside the house

The drawing of a 2-storey townhouse is designed with functional rooms that are very reasonable and scientific. The first floor is a parking space, followed by the living room, kitchen and space for the stairs to go to the 1nd floor.

The 2nd floor is designed to the front to help expand the area. 2nd floor includes 1 large bedroom and 1 small bedroom, 1 common room, toilet.

Luxury 3-storey townhouse

This model is designed according to square blocks to create a sense of certainty for the house. The house is covered with a very modern and luxurious white gray paint.

All floors are designed with glass doors to create airy space. Below the first floor is a parking area for cars and motorbikes for family members, which is very modern.

7m townhouse neoclassical style

As soon as you look at this house, you will see a luxurious white color. A special feature of this model is that it is designed in a neoclassical style like a miniature villa but still ensures full functions to serve family members.

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The system of railings and doors made of metal has made the house more beautiful. The house has a neoclassical beauty but is equally luxurious, so this will also be a great suggestion if you have this hobby.

Townhouse with 7m frontage with garage for cars

Another model of a townhouse with a 7m frontage that you can refer to when you intend to build a house. This house is designed with extremely impressive diagonal shapes.

The first floor is designed with a garage for cars along with 1 aisles from the front. Therefore, family members can easily move the car as well as the functions of other rooms.

The 2nd floor features stripes designed parallel to wooden materials. Balcony you can take advantage of to plant trees, put potted plants to help the house become fresher.

Model of 1-storey house with Thai roof frontage 7m

Apartment Japanese roof tile house This is simply designed with white and gray colors combined to create a pleasant and comfortable feeling for everyone when stepping inside. Small garden landscape is also arranged scientifically to bring impression to everyone.

Above are 7 models of townhouses with 7m frontage that are both beautiful and cost-effective that you can choose from. If you are looking for an address to build your project, please contact Betaviet immediately. Surely you will own a frontage house with an area of ​​​​7m as desired, modern and full of functions. 

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