7 surprising facts about Christmas

Every November and December, it seems that all people around the world are eagerly preparing to celebrate Christmas. However, there are many unexpected, and sometimes heartbreaking, truths surrounding this holiday. In this article, we would like to introduce the most objective way to give you a different view of this holiday.

Christmas / Noel is a sweet day?

Christmas or Noel is celebrated on December 25. Noël comes from the Latin verb nasci, which means "to be born", then widely used even in English.

So, Christmas, or in other words whose birthday is so celebrated by the whole world, perhaps everyone already knows the answer, everyone is talking about God, aka God, Vietnam. People often call him by the name of God, or Jade Emperor. God Himself came to earth as a man and took the name Jesus to save mankind.

Fact 1: Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus

In the Bible, the book that people refer to when they want to learn about God, the date of Jesus' birth is not clearly recorded (1). When seriously studying the Bible, the scene of the birth of Jesus appears in Luke (Luke) chapter 2. In the Catholic Bible Luke chapter 2 verse 8 is written as follows: “In that region there were shepherds. sheep live in the fields and stay awake at night to watch over the flocks.” This means that when Jesus was born, there were shepherds (sheep) who put the sheep into the fields and shepherded them. However, this is quite contradictory, because Israel is in the northern hemisphere, the latitude is quite large, so it snows in winter.

Winter in Israel
Winter in Israel. Image source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/winter-in-israel/

So, is it possible to let the sheep go out into the field to feed in the middle of the winter when it snows? Definitely not possible.

Christmas on December 25 was not celebrated by the apostles from the beginning, but actually appeared from the 12th century AD (2).

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Fact 2: Christmas originates from a holiday of the Gentiles who do not believe in God

Actually, December 25th is the birthday of the sun god, which is close to winter solstice, on this day the day will be the shortest in a year, so those who believe in the sun god believe that it is the day the sun is born. Today's Christmas people are keeping the customs of three pagan holidays in ancient times: Saturnalia, Sigillaria, and Brumalia.

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival held on December 17-25, on this day people often reveled in revelry despite their status as rich and poor.3), even lowering ethical standards to play more freely (4).

Sigillaria is the last day of Saturnalia, on this day people often give their loved ones gifts (5).

Brumalia is a holiday winter solstice, on this day people party, drink and have fun at night (6).

People eat and drink on Saturnalia. Image source: https://www.historytoday.com/archive/did-romans-invent-christmas

The reason why the sun god's birthday turned into the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ is because Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, but did not convert completely, but he still believed in the sun god and held the position of God. The highest cult of the sun god was Pontifex Maximus until his death (7)(8). Constantine also believed that the sun god and God were one and the same god, so he used the sun god's birthday to celebrate Christmas in 354 (9).

If you search on Google”is christmas a pagan holiday” means “Is Christmas a pagan holiday?” then there will be a lot of results that say: Christmas is definitely rooted in the feast of the Gentiles, not the people who have genuine faith in God.

Fact 3: Even though the whole world celebrates God's birthday "on the wrong day", he is not pleased with it

In the above two sections, we have verified that December 25 is not the birthday of Jesus. So is God pleased when the whole world celebrates his birthday on the wrong day? In this regard, we must search through the Bible, which contains the word of God that has been written and unchanging for thousands of years.

'O hypocrites! Isaiah rightly prophesied about you, when he said, 'This people honor Me with their lips and tongue, But their hearts are far from Me. Their worship of Me is in vain; The teachings they teach are all human rules.' ' 'Mt 15:7-9

Through this statement we see that the Lord said to honor Him with our lips but to keep our hearts far from Him, and no matter how much we worshiped God by human rules, also "useless".

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So is Noel a rule of God laid down in the Bible or a rule of man? Humans, of course. So if you are a person who loves God and wants God to please, please don't keep Christmas.

Fact 4: The Rituals and Customs that People Keep at Christmas Are Not Biblical

Suppose we want to celebrate Jesus' birthday, what should we do on this day? To save mankind He had to endure all kinds of hardships and had to sacrifice His body on the cross. If we understand that sacrifice, we will remember the suffering of Jesus and resolve to follow all His teachings in the Bible.

Celebrating the Lord's birthday should not be eaten, drunk, or drunk, it is ungodly that God is not pleased (10)(11).

Celebrating the Lord's birthday should not give toys to children according to pagan custom.

Celebrating the birthday of God should not buy a Christmas tree, or have anything to do with Santa Claus because of the following 2 facts

Fact 5: The Christmas tree originates from the pagan custom of worshiping tree gods

Christmas trees are closely associated with Christian holidays today, but in reality their origins are far from the biblical standard of God's worship. Evergreen tree, the plant that stays green all year round, has been honored in many cultures for hundreds of years, but Americans have not always embraced this tradition (12).

According to ABC News, the Christmas tree began as a pagan tradition in the fourth century AD. European pagans largely adorned their homes with evergreen twigs to bring bright color and light to their dreary winters. But pagans are not the only ones who do this. The Romans also used tree branches for decoration during the Saturnalia festival, which took place from December 17 to December 12 in honor of the god Saturn.

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Over a long period of time, the German Christian community began to accept both trees and official Christmas decorations in the 17th century. It was not until the mid-19th century that Americans began to accept the symbol. This pagan statue during the Christmas holiday.

Now, many people think that the Christmas tree is even of Christian origin, but that is not the case, it is just the introduction of foreign religions.

Fact 6: Santa Claus is a non-biblical character

The Santa Claus that is so popular at Christmas today is not in the Bible, nor is it related to Jesus. The person that everyone takes as Santa Claus is a kind monk named Nicholas.

More surprisingly, today's obese Santa is an image developed by Thomas Nast in the 19th century (13). Coca-Cola then hired artist Haddon Sundblom to develop this image for wider advertising in 1931 (14).

Fact 7: Those who keep Christmas will go to hell

The last truth that we want to talk about in this article, is also perhaps the most surprising and disheartening truth for many people. However, through the Bible, God has made it clear that even if we worship God but do not do His will, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 7:21-23), and failing to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, there is only one place to go, which is hell (the lake of fire) which is painful according to the law. Matthew 13:41-42.

So is it God's will to keep the holidays set up by man? Through Matthew 15:7-9 which we have seen above, the Lord severely rebuked those who kept the commandments of men.

What God wants is that we must obey God's commandments recorded in the Bible to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 19:17. He even said that if you really love Him, keep your commandments John 14:15. So what is God's commandment written in the Bible? It is the Passover of the New Covenant Luke 22:7-20, Easter (break bread, not boiled eggs) Luke 24:13-16,30-31, Pentecost Acts 2:1-4, Feast of Tabernacles John 7:2,37-39 ,…

So if you really love God, and there is someone who wants to talk to you about these things, please listen and accept, to fully follow His teachings and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What if you are not a believer in God? Please also listen when someone wants to share the Bible with you, because this is a very special book for everyone, not just for believers. Please watch the video below to understand more.

Thank you for reading the entire article. God bless you!

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