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Is Acacia Wood Furniture Good?

Currently, acacia wood is a common and popular wood used in daily life. It is the main raw material for making paper and furniture for export with high economic value. Acacia wood bed brings many conveniences to users. Let’s find out if this wood and bed made of this wood is good or not. Acacia […]

Can We Recognize mausoleum wood by Langurs By Scent?

Usually, people recognize mausoleum wood through its characteristic light aroma. Besides, they can also be distinguished by their outer color. What is linden wood? Lagerstroemia speciosa, also known as purple mausoleum, has the scientific name of Lagerstroemia speciosa. The linden tree belongs to the genus Horoscope and its wood belongs to groups I and III […]

Revealing All Information About Iron wood

Iron wood is a rare wood species and is widely used in our country in many fields such as construction, handicraft manufacturing and high-class furniture. Currently, although the quantity of ironwood in Vietnam is not much, its precious values still last with time. The article reveals all the information about ironwood, surely after reading it, […]

Is Driftwood Really Expensive?

Driftwood is a special type of wood. It is a collection of precious woods that have undergone the “fire test” of nature. Therefore, this wood is really very durable, strong and beautiful. To own it, you definitely have to spend a very large amount. What is driftwood? It is a type of wood that is […]