Single-blade carp fishing lures – Combination of effective baits

Before I share my single hook carp baits, I have to tell you the truth about a few points as follows, these are all experiences drawn from my 5 years of crotch grinding in my fishing ponds.

  • Carp is a "wild" fish, it has the most intelligent brain among fish. The carp never eats bait when it feels unsafe, even if you throw the bait directly at its head. If you see a fish and throw a block... bricks, don't discuss it here
  • The way carp eats bait is quite "sophisticated", especially big carp and tuber carp. You guys just imagine it like this, if the copycat sees rudimentary mistakes such as too big kicks, beams (green) and huge advertising bait, etc., it will smirk and turn around (actually) out is the tail) leave it. Therefore, experienced anglers often use single-blade carp bait. The success rate will be higher than using the green blade. When "closing" the carp with a single blade, the chance of disembarking is 98%. And pulling the green blade is very easy to peel off if you don't follow the line, if one stick to the green, the whole herd is afraid to run away. Any carp that has been grazed by a green tongue and missed once, even if it starves to death, it will not return to that place again 😉
  • Anyone who said he likes bran or worms is wrong. If you say this, you will know that you can only catch the type of Cop Ngo in the pond. In fact, the copy is very afraid of the fishy smell. If you fish in the river and copy well, even throwing fishy bait right in its mouth will also make you ignore the "I don't like it" kind of thing 😀
  • Going carp fishing must definitely have hearing to lure fish. With an intelligent nature, copying is like humans who like the style of the herd. Compare like this to make it easy, let's copy and paste it like a group of houses :D. Hearing is as important as bait. If you do not have any effective listening lessons, please refer to the article " How to do carp fishing " Please. Detailed instructions always.

How to do carp fishing2 effective single-blade carp bait exercises

Bait #1 – Single-blade carp bait

Preparation ingredients

  • Green bean powder 150 grams (fragrant powder, good, drinkable type)
  • Yogurt 2 boxes (very sour taste, close to expiration date, not spoiled)
  • Red sugar 150 grams (molasses used for making tea)
  • Garlic 1 piece
  • 3 red ripe fresh chili
  • Screws 2 kg
  • Chicken eggs 1
  • Auxiliary powder fresh corn flour, wheat flour.
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Step 1 – Prepare the ingredients

  • Crushed screw, very fine.
  • Mix 6 ingredients together, including: crushed screw, green bean powder, canned yogurt, red sugar, garlic, chili.
  • Incubate the above mixture for about 3 days.

Step 2 – Make a bait to lure the carp

  • After incubation, bring to the fishing point, add fresh cornmeal or soil.
  • Squeeze it into chunks like a lemon, not loose, not tight.
  • Each fishing area throws 1 block as bait to lure fish very effectively.

Step 3 – Making a carp single tongue bait

  • Puree 20 grams of fresh snail intestine. Mix into the mixture after incubation.
  • Mix more egg yolks, combine with a little flour to make it flexible, it's ready to use.
  • Use the most effective single hook (can be used for green hooks).

Bait #2 – Single-blade carp bait

Preparation ingredients

  • Soybeans 4 grams.
  • Peanuts 3 grams
  • Green beans 2 grams
  • Corn bran 4 grams
  • Sesame 2 grams
  • 3 ounces of germinated rice (or replace it with 3-day soaked rice, strong smell)
  • Sticky rice 2 grams
  • Arhat 1 fruit
  • Anise flowers 2 flowers (or replace with 12 Da Lan flowers)
  • Ba Vi bird bran 1 pack
  • Cookies 1 box (with milk)

Step 1 – Prepare the ingredients

  • Soybeans, peanuts, green beans are almost cooked. yellowish. Place in a towel until cool. Then put it in a small blender.
  • Golden roasted corn bran, fragrant.
  • Fragrant roasted rice bran.
  • Golden roasted sesame, minced
  • Roasted sprouted rice, finely ground
  • Golden roasted glutinous rice, finely ground
  • Minced biscuits
  • Ba Vi bird bran finely ground (Used to mix in bait)
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Note: Burnt roast will have a burning smell fish will not eat. Under-roasted bait will be fishy and not attractive to fish. Grind the bait into small pieces, do not grind too fine.

Step 2 – Make a bait for carp fishing with a single blade

  • Mix the above ingredients together in the ratio of 60% bait + 40% bird bran.
  • Moisten and moisten, squeeze into clumps with a lemon, not friable, not tight, to toss gradually.
  • Each fishing area throws down 1 bait to lure carp.

Step 3 – Make a carp bait with a single blade

  • Mix the above ingredients together. Humidifiers
  • Use a single hook.

Single-blade carp fishing lures for reference

Reference fishing lures 1

  • Paddy soaked (2 weeks), dropped in the fishing spot before about 1 hour.
  • Choose the ingredients according to the following ratio: Boiled sweet potato, pounded 5 parts + Glutinous flour 2 parts + Aniseed 1 wing + Corn bran (rice bran for sour cream) 1 part + Sour batch 1 part + Fresh shrimp (shrimp) 1 part.
  • Grind or crush the above ingredients. Add 1 egg. Beat well, mix well.
  • The corn bran powder and glutinous rice flour are mixed last to avoid the bait being dry and friable.
  • When fishing, the bait is small, fits in the hand, doesn't feel sticky, it's fine. Use small single blade, small wire, small float, light lead.

Reference fishing lures 2

  • Hearing sentences use rice bran or rice soaked for 1 day. When throwing hearing, mix a little soil and porous particles to mark the nest of the fishing area.
  • The bait uses boiled and pureed yellow sweet potatoes. Mix in steamed rice bran.
  • When starting fishing, mix in some pickled bran. Remember to use gloves to reduce the smell :))
  • Single-blade carp fishing lures need to be very soft and flexible.
  • Choose a fishing float, tie the lead beads 3 -4 cm from the blade. When dropped into the water, the lead and blade of the float sink slowly, not too quickly. Recognizing that the carp biting the hook is a buoy that "booms" or is also known as "boom" or "floating".
Single-blade carp fishing lures - Synthesis of effective baits for carp fishing
Reference fishing lures 2

Reference fishing lures 3

  • Grind bird bran powder finely, mix more flour in the ratio 5:5 or 6:4.
  • Roasted sea shrimp, pounded powder. Mix in the bran mixture above.
  • Add a little water just enough, mix well until smooth, not sticky to your hands.

Reference fishing lures 4

This method is often used by Westerners. The bait is unbelievably simple. Use only bread. End. Nothing else is needed. The technique of the sentence is quite strange. Apply the method of fishing for carp floating on the water.

  • Steel hook, nickel plated, black. Hook directly onto the breadcrumbs.
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2-Single-blade carp fishing bait - Synthesis of effective baits for carp fishing
Use each piece of bread as bait. Quite weird.
  • Use freshly baked bread, flexible, not dry. Tear your hands into small uneven pieces about 5×5 cm. Don't be afraid the bait is too big.
  • Introduce the fish to the bait by tossing leftovers of bread onto the surface of the water where the fish is eating. Use a fishing rod 4 -5 m long. Drop bait is a piece of bread hooking a hook. Pay attention to hook the hook to expose the prong of the tongue. The reason is that your bait is in danger of being bitten immediately upon being thrown into the water. At this time, the piece of cake has not yet absorbed the water, so if the tongue is not exposed, it will be easy to "close" when the fish takes the bait.
  • Should wear dark clothes, walk lightly, hide behind nearby bushes. Put the fishing rod in front of the bushes. Drift in the direction of the wind and current to where the fish is taking the bait.
  • Every 5 minutes if the fish has not taken the bait, replace the bait with a new one (the cake is soaked in water and the tongue will be exposed and difficult to pull. It may cause the fish to run away.

The note of this single-blade carp bait method to fool experienced carp tools is:

  •  It must be aligned so that the drift rate of the bait is the same as that of the other crumbs. Drifting too slow also fails.
  • Fishing line that is too obvious will fail
  • Sparkling hooks, too bright underwater are also suspected.

The above are single-blade carp fishing lures that have been distilled and synthesized from personal experience and referenced sources from other professional carp anglers.

I don't know about you guys, but for me, the feeling of looking at it's float, knowing that the fish is eating bait, it's very nervous. Hold your breath and wait. Fishing time. If you see your hands tight, you'll feel coffee. :D.

If you find it useful, please share with other anglers this single-blade carp bait. The next post I will share about the topic DIFFERENCE IN FISHING TECHNIQUES OF RIVER COPPER AND POOT COPPER. You guys are interested in supporting and following 😉

Wishing you guys a very fatty and delicious drink braised carp with melon


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