Painted blood wood, Money Can’t Buy It!

Painted blood wood is classified in the list of group I woods in Vietnam. Possesses characteristic waves, wood grain, and a gentle fragrance. Painted wood is a wood of high economic and aesthetic value.

What is painted blood wood?

General introduction

Gardenia is also known by its original Latin name: Melanorrhea laccifera Piere. When he returned to Vietnam, many people called this tree the blood-stained tree. In addition, they can also be called mountain pepper, forest paint. This is a plant in the family Anacardiaceae, and bears the order Orange Rutales.

For a long time, people have classified ironwood, nghiếngrinding wood, holywood and blood painted wood as one of the natural woods used in the production of fine art furniture or wooden furniture with the best feng shui meaning.

Painted blood wood has a very beautiful red vein

Characteristics of painted blood wood

This is a large tree, with a height of about 20-30m. Body diameter should also fluctuate between 30-50cm. However, the wood is not in the line of straight-stemmed trees.

With the naked eye, we can see that the bark of the tree has a gray ash color. Many cracks along the trunk. The gardenia tree also has a fleshy bark that must be about 7-8mm thick. This is the location of latex and sap, the latex is yellow or black.

Usually grows on sparse forests, green forests. Wood is a popular line that grows in tropical countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. The most popular of which is Cambodia, they often grow and thrive in the delta basin. Where there is ancient alluvium, spreading to the Mekong Delta.

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In our country, the tree grows mainly in the provinces of Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Quang Nam, Tay Ninh…. They often grow scattered in open forests. And at an altitude of 200-800m, sometimes up to 1000m.

Outstanding advantages of painted blood wood

Painted blood wood is red like blood, deep red from the heartwood

Painted blood wood belongs to the precious wood line, hard core, very resistant to termites. Unlike other types of  oak wood light, white color. The wood grain is smooth, the wood waves are bright red. Therefore, they are applied to common furniture, or art products with special feng shui meanings. According to natural logic, the durability of wood will make the home or career of the owner as strong and durable.

The wood is classified as a natural precious wood, in the same group as other trees such as cedar or safflower. The wood has a blood red color, especially deep red from the heartwood, which explains why the name of the tree has the word “blood”. This red color may be more prominent than other wood species, but it cannot be compared with red oak, and they have a pretty even grain.

Although they carry a lot of outstanding advantages. However, if you are not a person who has a lot of contact with various types of wood or someone who has only heard about it, it is difficult to recognize the wood of painted blood.

Partly because it is quite unknown in the furniture market. Partly because they are quite easy to be confused with some other woods due to their similar color and taste.

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Why is painted blood wood so rare?

Painted blood wood belongs to the number 1 group of extremely rare wood. So the market price will certainly be higher than other natural wood lines. The price of wood depends largely on age as well as size, usually the painted wood is up to 40 years old. Son blood wood is ranked as one of the woods with the highest economic value.

The rarity and high economic value of medlar wood is due to their special applications.

Feng shui bracelet from wood

Application of decorative furniture: making products such as tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves …. The designs made from wood often bring unique features from color to meticulous and sophisticated way of making.

It has a special feng shui meaning for each homeowner. It is always thought that the red color of wood brings luck, peace, goodness as well as prosperity to the family.

One of the other significant uses of wood is that people use the sap to paint the surface of interior products. This will help increase the durability of the product, not only that, it has excellent termite resistance and high water resistance. And especially create a beautiful glossy surface for the product.

Painted wood is selected to make luxurious and characteristic living room furniture: wooden floors, living room tables and chairs, TV shelves…. Things that show off the feng shui of the owner.

Not only is it used for furniture, but one of the bold uses of lacquer wood is healing. This is a herbal medicine that is widely used in traditional medicine. Currently still appearing in many oriental medicine clinics.