What Is Red mussel Wood? Applications In Life

Red mussel wood is used to make handicrafts for worshiping fine arts. The ancients said that this wood was considered a valuable product to advance to the king. When the country lived under French colonial rule, they banned our country from using them. Instead, it is exploited and transported to France.

Red mussel wood concept


Red mussel wood, scientifically known as Fagraea fragrans, Cyrtophyllum peregrinum or Cyrtophyllum giganteum. Red mussels belong to the group Potalieae of the family Gentianaceae. They occur in the large forests of Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, red mussels are mostly concentrated in the western region of Quang Tri. Especially in creeks or swamps.

Shape, features

The leaves are elliptical in shape, beautiful and bright green

Unlike common trees that grow in piles, red mussels grow in clusters. The average height of the tree ranges from 10m to 25m.

The leaves are elliptical in shape, beautiful and bright green in color. Red mussel flowers shaped like small lilies, pale yellow. In particular, this plant has a very attractive scent. If the sassafraswood, the wood of the mountain blood  has a scent capable of repelling insects. The flowers spread a very special scent, so they are attractive to the insects around.

The wood part can be described as follows: smooth, bright, red mussel wood is very hard. In particular, the wood grain swirls evenly and sharply, very beautiful. Bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication, just looking at it, you can feel the value in each product made from red mussel wood.

Value of red mussel wood

This is a wood that can cure diseases such as dysentery, malaria and even scabies. It is used a lot to make handicrafts, and is also an expensive wood.

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In the interior

In the past, red mussel wood was offered to the king to make a throne and sacrifices. In the past, when the French colonialists colonized our country, they often exploited a lot of red mussel wood to bring back to the country. This wood is often used to build towering churches. At the same time, it is also to build a system of bridges and sleepers.

Used to sculpt a variety of furniture

Today, people use a lot of red mussel wood to carve many different types of furniture. Tables and chairs or tables and cabinets molded from red mussel wood both brighten and luxurious for the house. Of course, the value of this wood is very expensive, unlike many types of pressed wood, artificial wood like today.

Many restaurants or business people want to use this wood to display in the living room or hall. The wallet looks extremely aesthetic and has an antique breath.

In the show

Red mussel wood brings the works of art on display. Because the wood is quite soft, it is often used to carve statues, water hyacinth vases, wood carvings, altars… They challenge the ingenuity and artistic eye of the sculptor.

In particular, in the Vietnam Record, there is a sculpture made from the largest red mussel wood ever seen. It is the work called “Le Loi, Hoan Kiem, Golden Turtle”.

This work is inspired by “The Legend of Sword Lake”. Used on display in the solemn occasion of celebrating Thang Long over 1000 years. This work weighs up to 3 tons and has a height of up to 3.37m.

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In feng shui

The value of this species is that it is not waterproof or cracked. This wood is used to sculpt many feng shui tree statues.

There is a woodcarving tree called “based on paint” that is thousands of years old in Hanoi. The sculptor chooses the shape of the “back-of-the-head canvas” in the feng shui bonsai. Bringing very high spiritual value to show stability in the face of rain and wind.

The work of Mr. Nguyen Chi Kien (37 years old), he brought to display at a return fair in Hanoi. The height of up to 4.2m, the great stature showing the meaning of leaning back against the mountain has attracted many visitors to the audience.

Red mussel wood withstands the coldest or harshest weather

Value, price

Red mussel wood withstands the coldest or harshest weather. The older the red mussel wood is obtained from the marshy areas, the higher its value and quality will be. The cost of this type of wood can be up to several hundred or even billions of dong. Depends on their age and origin.

One can guess the age of a tree by looking at the grain of the wood. Trees with 1-1.5m diameter, their age must be thousands of years old. Therefore, the diameter of the wood can also be a determining factor in the price.


Also because red mussel wood brings high value and profit, it also leads to scarcity. Especially indiscriminate exploitation can lead to a decrease in the amount of natural wood. Therefore, red mussel wood has been included in the list of rare and precious woods that need to be protected by Vietnam.