Guide to choose living room sofa according to each need

The demand for choosing a living room sofa today is very diverse. Some people want to choose sofas according to quality. Others choose sofas according to style and size. Some people choose sofas by price, .. The following article will give you specific instructions to help you choose the sofa model that best suits your actual needs. 

How does demand affect the purchase of a living room sofa?

In the process of purchasing goods in general, demand is one of the factors that most influence customers' purchasing decisions. For example, a person is in need of self-expression. They will tend to look for products that help beautify and increase their value. Like buying luxury and high-end items to decorate the house. Or buy quality, expensive cosmetics.

Need to buy living room sofa
Demand affects the decision to buy a living room sofa

Same goes for sofa shopping. Those who have a need to buy sofas just to sit, they will not care much about their style or design. And those who want to beautify their home will pay more attention to this. Or those with a budget, a bit modest room size will prioritize choosing cheaper, smaller sofa models, etc. Demand will be the driving force and decide up to 70% of people's sofa buying decisions. .

The need to choose a living room sofa by quality

Good quality living room sofa

What is a good quality living room sofa?

Good quality living room sofa is a sofa model made from guaranteed materials. As made of natural wood, rare wood, covered with real leather, no warping, termites during use. Those who want to buy this sofa model are people with good financial ability. They are usually willing to pay a relatively high amount for a guaranteed item.

Quality living room sofa set
Quality living room sofa set

How to choose a good quality sofa for the living room

To choose a good quality sofa, buyers need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Is the supplier reputable or not?
  • Does that sofa model have a brand or not?
  • What is the actual color and design of the product?
  • How do you feel when you sit down to try it?

With a reputable supplier, buyers can consider the uptime of the brand. Size of the business, does the company have a showroom to experience the product before buying it? Reviews from previous customers.

An extremely important thing if you want to own a quality living room sofa set is that you need to come see and experience the product. Because only by trying will you know if the product is good or not. First, use your eyes to observe the color of the front and back of the chair. See if they are evenly colored, are the stitches even, correct, or are there excess threads? Then sit and try to feel the firmness of the chair frame and the smoothness of the fabric surface.

If you are satisfied, do not forget to ask about the warranty and maintenance of the product. Some information about distinguishing real leather sofas and imitation leather sofas will also help you a lot in your shopping process.

Some good quality sofa models

  • stylized neoclassical sofa

If you love classy neoclassical designs, then this neoclassical leather sofa set with beautiful curves is a good choice. The legs of the chair are made of wood combined with an iron frame, so it can ensure maximum certainty. The sofa is the perfect combination of light and dark colors. Promises to create a prominent highlight for the space inside the house.

Beautiful sofa model
stylized neoclassical sofa
  • Neoclassical L-shaped sofa 

This will be a special sofa model suitable for people living in spacious apartments. This neoclassical sofa model possesses beautiful and slender decorative lines. Both luxury, nobility and very modern. Creamy white color creates an elegant and sophisticated look for the entire living room. It also makes the room appear larger and more airy.

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Quality sofa for living room
Neoclassical L-shaped sofa model

Average quality living room sofa

What is a medium quality sofa?

Compared with good quality sofa models, medium quality sofas have more options. Even in terms of style, color or price. The materials used to make this sofa are also very diverse. Like from artificial woods, or upholstered in leather or synthetic fabrics. People who want to buy average quality sofas are often more interested in style, design and color than the quality or durability of the product.

How to choose a sofa model for the living room of medium quality

Just like buying a good quality sofa, when choosing to buy a sofa for the living room is of average quality. You should also pay attention to the factors of the supplier, the brand, and the actual experience of the product. To prevent the case of buying fake goods. Besides, it is also necessary to be wary of advertising tricks and scams for unusually cheap sofa models. Don't just waste money to buy an item with little use value.

Medium quality sofa
Medium quality sofa

Some average quality sofas

  • Modern fabric sofa

It's hard to deny the modernity and neat design of this fabric sofa. Still the traditional L-shaped design, but with a combination of two opposing colors. The living room looks much more comfortable and attractive. Especially when a small drinking table with a uniform design is placed next to it.

Quality fabric sofa
Modern fabric sofa
  • Soft felt sofa

The L-shaped sofa made of felt fabric below is the optimal choice for owners who are a bit tight on finance and own a living room that doesn't have much space. It doesn't cause any clutter or clutter. On the contrary, it also makes the room more neat, tidy and new. Thanks to the 2 layers of color present on its surface.

felt sofa
Soft felt sofa

The need to choose a living room sofa by area

Large living room

Large living room area

Usually many people judge a large living room based on observation. But in fact, to determine whether the living room model is really big or not, it is necessary to rely on the actual measurement process. Accordingly, a living room sample is called large when it is 25m2 or more wide.

The houses that own this living room model are usually large apartments, or medium and large villas. People who want to buy sofas for this type of living room are people with high incomes. I want to show my status through the furniture I own.

How to choose a sofa for a large living room

With a spacious living room, the optimal solution is to choose large sofa sets. Because if the sofa is too small, the living room will become empty and unsightly. To be more sure, you can measure the size of the room before buying. This will help you choose a sofa with the most suitable size.

Large living room sofa
Large living room sofa

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the general design style of the whole house. It helps to choose a sofa set in common with all. If the living room is designed in a neoclassical style, choose a neoclassical sofa. In a modern room, choose a modern sofa. Genuine leather sofa with large backrest and armrests. Or luxury sofas and benches are popular choices for this living room model.

Sofa tables that come with prefabricated sofas are a good suggestion in this case. Decorative furniture such as wall paintings, vases, cabinets, etc. will also help increase the aesthetics of the house effectively.

Some beautiful sofa models for large living rooms

  • Modern U-shaped sofa

What do you think about a U-shaped sofa set with mysterious black color? Do not rush to think that it will make your room or house dark and lose its aesthetic. By looking here, you will see, it seems that this sofa was born for a comfortable and spacious living room.

Large U-shaped living room sofa
Modern U-shaped sofa for large living room

For the most beautiful and outstanding sofa set in your room. You should choose light colored pillows and paint the walls in light colors. And place them underneath a not-so-dark colored rug as shown above. Surely this sofa model can bring changes that will surprise you!

  • Classy sofa for large living room
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Do you want your living room to turn into a miniature palace? Do you want everyone to walk into your living room to be amazed? These wishes can be completely realized when you own the high-class sofa model below.

Classy large living room sofa
Sofa for large class living room

The sofa set uses cream white color and countless curves in the sides and legs to show its nobility. The motifs are designed meticulously, showing that the maker must be a skilled craftsman. Whether you place this sofa set anywhere in the living room. It will also give you a new position in the eyes of the beholder.

Small living room

Small living room area

If the large living room has an area of ​​25m2 or more, the area of ​​the small living room will range from 15 to 20m2. Houses with this living room model are usually tube houses or small and medium-sized apartments.

Because of the modesty in space, the options for this type of living room sofa model are also much less than the large living room. However, with the development of the market, the design of sofa sets for this room is still very diverse.

How to choose a sofa for a small living room

As mentioned above, a small living room doesn't have much space. So just a miscalculation. Or not being careful in choosing furniture can also cause imbalance, or unnecessary clutter.

To be able to choose the right sofa for a small living room, you first need to know the size of the room. Besides, you should give preference to choosing corner sofas or couch sofas. Because these sofa models have beautiful designs, just the right size. In addition to helping to save space, they can also help you cover up the dead corner in the room.

Small living room sofa set
Small living room sofa set

Another point you need to keep in mind is that you should choose sofas with light, bright colors. If you choose bold and dark colors, the sofa can make the room more cramped and cramped. Bright colors can also help people improve their mood effectively.

Some beautiful sofa models for small living rooms

  • Beautiful, simple and rustic small sofa

A long sofa is placed next to a small sofa, next to it is an oval wooden table. Just looking at it, it makes people think of an idyllic and relaxed life. Do not rush to think that this arrangement is monotonous and boring. Because in the picture this set of tables and chairs is being placed on a white background. Just place it in a colorful place. It will certainly look more beautiful and attractive.

Rustic sofa
Beautiful, simple and rustic small sofa
  • Small L shaped sofa

If sofas are easy to feel monotonous and boring, L-shaped sofas can make people's mood more cheerful. Like the dark blue modern sofa below, for example.

L shaped sofa
L-shaped sofa for small living room

This L-shaped sofa set is the perfect highlight for the entire interior space. It makes people feel comfortable and at ease. When placed with a light wooden table and 2 yellow-orange pillows. The sofa becomes in harmony with all.

The need to choose a living room sofa according to financial ability

Choose a high-cost living room sofa

High cost sofa features

  • The high-cost living room sofa model usually has the following characteristics:
  • Provided by large furniture units
  • Is it an imported product or a domestic high-class product?
  • Made from high quality materials (precious wood, genuine leather, ..)
  • It has a luxurious and classy design, containing many eye-catching textures
  • Medium or large size (usually 1m8 or more)
  • Extremely durable
  • Priced from 15 million VND or more

How to choose a high-priced sofa for the living room

With a relatively large budget, there are many options in terms of shopping address, brand or sofa design. However, that does not mean that you can arbitrarily buy a sofa set to your liking. Because without a calculation or a specific plan, this will cause a lot of unnecessary waste.

High price living room sofa model
High price living room sofa model

A high-priced sofa set will often mean it brings great value to the user. So you just need to base on the value it brings to you to be able to make the right choice. For example, when you want a sofa set for your living room to satisfy your relaxation needs. Then you should choose soft sofas made of 100% genuine leather. If you want to have a sofa that shows your class, then classic sofas with many eye-catching motifs will be the best choice.

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In addition to paying attention to the style and design of the sofa, you should also pay attention to the quality and your actual experience with the product. To choose the sofa model that best suits your needs.

Some high cost sofa models are hard to resist

  • Neoclassical sofa model "expensive" 

This "expensive" neoclassical sofa set is imported directly from abroad. Produced by the famous Neoclassical furniture brand. Artists have used a lot of rare materials to create it. Like African Rosewood, full-grain Spanish gaurskin. In particular, the entire body of the chair is inlaid with pure 24K gold. Is this enough to make you "super-heart" or not?

Expensive neoclassical sofa
Expensive neoclassical sofa
  • High quality modern leather sofa 

With genuine leather covering all sides with sturdy stainless steel iron legs. This modern sofa model promises to be one of the preeminent choices for families with well-off economic conditions. Its design is both modern and youthful, creating a special luxury for the space inside the house.

Modern sofa with high price
High quality modern leather sofa

Choose a low-cost living room sofa

Low cost sofa features

  • Low cost sofa models have the following features:
  • Modern design, eye-catching colors
  • Small or medium size (ranging from 1m2 to 1m6)
  • Made from artificial materials (imitation leather, industrial wood, ..)
  • Simple, neat design, few textures
  • Relative durability
  • The price ranges from 2 to 7 million VND / 1 set

How to choose a low-cost sofa

With the purchase cost is not too rich, you should choose sofa models of clear origin. At the same time, you must find out in advance about the types of sofas whose prices are within the price range that you can afford. In order to limit the loss of money by advertising tricks to increase prices. Or talk too much about the quality of the product.

Cheap sofa set
Cheap sofa set

When buying a low-cost sofa, you can hardly buy a sofa that is as durable as other expensive sofas. Therefore, you can eliminate this factor when choosing to buy and pay more attention to the design and suitability of the house space. If you want your living room sofa set to be durable, then you just need to pay more attention to cleaning and maintaining the sofa a little more.

Some cheap, beautiful and quality sofa models

  • Beautiful and bright canvas sofa 

The burlap sofa model introduced below has a compact and extremely convenient design. The L-shaped corner allows the owner to freely arrange it as he wants. The bright color of the sofa set also makes the house brighter and larger. The accompanying compact drinking table further accentuates the perfection of this design. The price of burlap sofa on the market today is relatively affordable. Ranging from 5.000.000 VND to 7.000.000 VND.

Cheap canvas sofa
Beautiful and bright canvas sofa
  • Cheap wooden frame sofa

Wooden frame sofa makes a special impression on the viewer thanks to the moderate combination of simplicity, rustic and personality. The seat cushion is raised higher than usual. Gives a special feeling of relaxation. At the same time create a stylistic highlight for the entire design.

Cheap sofa for living room
Cheap wooden frame sofa

The sofa set has a frame made of industrial wood that has been carefully crafted and processed. Should ensure durability and for long-term use. Its market price is also not too expensive. You only need to spend from 5.000.000 to 8.000.000 VND to be able to own a perfect design like this.

With the above guidelines, Quatest wishes you to choose a living room sofa set that suits your needs!

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