Latest beautiful plaster ceiling collection (living room, bedroom, kitchen ...)

The current trend of home decoration is indispensable beautiful plaster ceiling (gypsum ceiling). This item brings aesthetic beauty, helping to increase light into the interior space. Especially, it shows the personality of the owner in front of the eyes of the guests who come to visit the house.

What is plaster ceiling?

Learn about plaster ceilings

The combination of materials to beautify / divide the functional area on the ceiling including paint, plaster skeleton, gypsum board... is called gypsum ceiling (plaster ceiling).

Materials that make up plaster have long been used in construction. The evidence is the vestiges in the pyramid works (Egypt), ancient Greeks, Romans... There was also a period when plaster was "shunned" when there was information that affected human health. .

What is plaster ceiling
What is plaster ceiling

To create the popular gypsum ceiling today, technicians used gypsum boards to put them together. Specifically, the tasks of the materials in that combination are as follows:

  • Skeleton: Helps fix the ceiling according to the existing frame, increasing the pressure to put on paint and plaster.
  • Gypsum ceiling panels: This part plays an important role when directly connected to the skeleton with specialized screws, mastic plastered to create flatness for the ceiling.
  • Paint plate: Create smooth, even color for the ceiling surface. Avoid weather agents, weathering influences.

In today's construction works indispensable plaster. Especially for the interior space of the house, from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet... Then they make the project more perfect and beautiful. That is also the reason that cast ceilings and cement ceilings have now been replaced by plaster.

Advantages of gypsum plasterboard

  • Easy to install, disassemble, flexible and fast construction for any project. Without affecting the beam system as well as the ceiling structure.
  • Gypsum is safe, non-toxic, and does not pollute the environment. Construction workers and users are guaranteed health.
  • Gypsum ceiling is popular thanks to its light weight. Fireproof, soundproof, heat resistant.
  • Gypsum ceiling has a variety of designs, styles, creative aesthetics, suitable for many apartments, condominiums, townhouses...You can choose either a sunken gypsum ceiling or a floating gypsum ceiling at will.
  • Homeowners can decorate with accessories and shapes to bring a creative plaster ceiling design.
  • The durability of plaster is good, long-term use should save maintenance or new installation costs.

Many people are afraid to use plaster ceiling will take up space. However, it does not take up space or make the room smaller. Gypsum ceiling is really a smart material, helping to complete the space of your family room.

Gypsum ceiling height

When constructing plaster ceilings, what you need to pay attention to is How far from the ceiling is the plaster ceiling? would be reasonable?

In Vietnam, due to the humid climate, the ceiling height from the floor should be at least 2,7-2,8m to create ventilation. Since then, when making plaster ceilings, they should not be far from the old ceiling surface. Also do not lower the plaster ceiling too low.

In addition, there is enough space above for electricity and water lines. Then the height of the plasterboard ceiling with the original ceiling will be 15 to 20cm. This distance also helps you to perform decorative tasks, install LED ceiling lights comfortably.

However, if you want to design a slot to hang the curtain above the plaster ceiling, perhaps a slot depth of 12-15cm is the most reasonable.

What is the leveled plaster ceiling model?

High-rise gypsum ceiling In fact, as a type of recessed plasterboard ceiling, they are structurally more complex than flat ceilings. In rooms with lots of cubes and decorative stylized boxes, the leveled ceiling is absolutely ideal.

Usually, architects will advise homeowners when building a high-rise plaster ceiling that is to install a chandelier system. They are not only beautiful but also very luxurious.

gypsum ceiling jerky level
High-grade gypsum ceiling model

There are different types of leveling ceilings, for example

  • 2 level jerky plaster ceiling (open level gypsum ceiling, closed level gypsum ceiling)
  • 3 levels jerky plaster ceiling
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High-rise plaster ceiling drawing, ceiling details

In any construction or architectural detail, drawings play an extremely important role, and high-rise plaster ceiling drawings are no exception.

You can use autocad software to create a suitable gypsum ceiling model. Then give it to the construction unit for a quote and implementation.

We would like to introduce to you the 2 most popular plaster ceiling drawings of the past time.

gypsum ceiling drawing
High-rise plaster ceiling drawing
ceiling detail
Detail of the leveled ceiling

Instructions for making high-rise plaster ceilings

To get the perfect leveled ceiling, the worker needs to know the techniques and experience in constructing the leveled plaster ceiling, make sure to follow these steps.

  • B1: Fix the wall border bar
  • B2: Hanging the main bar, hanging the lower part of the ceiling
  • B3: Fixed bar VTC20/22 facets
  • B4: Link the main bar with the sub bar
  • B5: Balance for the skeletal system
  • B6: Install the plate on the frame

Beautiful gypsum ceiling in the living room

Why to do tplaster ceiling for living room? This is the place to receive guests, the face of the owner, where creating unparalleled aesthetics for a whole home. 1000+ living room gypsum ceiling designs below are waiting for you.

Note that before making a choice, consider the style and architecture of your house. If your living room is bold neoclassical, you can think of a gentle and delicate plaster pattern. On the contrary, the room that is carrying modern features uses a youthful and fresh model.

a. This living room gypsum ceiling model follows the classic direction with outstanding features such as: Beautiful gypsum plasterboard with patterns, textured splints, ceiling corners and walls also adorned with luxurious decorative details.

living room plaster ceiling

b. The living room is further enhanced by the aesthetic and distinctive look of the leaf-shaped ceiling. Gentle creamy white tone between green veins. Although simple, the effect that this gypsum ceiling design has is great.

modern living room plaster ceiling

c. This beautiful plaster ceiling color is neutral. Bringing ventilation but still cozy. With the villa living room, please "pursue" this beautiful ceiling model, in the middle there is a large enough space for a beautiful chandelier.

living room plaster ceiling

d.Beautiful plaster ceiling in coordination with partition for living room tube House. The highlight is definitely the yellow tone and the ceiling lights increase the brightness. The strong plaster ceiling is also suitable for homeowners who like dynamism and joy.

beautiful living room plaster ceiling

A few other samples:

e. This ceiling design is quite popular in many spaces. The plaster frame is simple, but in return is the surrounding ceiling light system and the chandelier in the middle. White and yellow light blend to create a cozy and comfortable place.

Simple living room gypsum ceiling

f. Add a modern, simple living room gypsum ceiling model designed with nice stairs spiral form. All of them have a fresh beauty, the ceiling is relatively flat with recessed lights.

Exquisite gypsum ceiling living room

Beautiful bedroom plaster model

Not only the living room but also the bedroom needs attention and investment in architecture. Beautiful gypsum ceiling in the bedroom variety of designs but give priority to coziness and sophistication.

The bedroom for grandparents, parents, and children should have options to suit you!

a, This is a sample of gypsum ceiling decorating bedrooms for grandparents. Nostalgic gypsum ceiling design with bass LED lights. The aesthetics at this time is also enhanced by the molding with unique patterns.

Beautiful bedroom plaster model

b. In the modern bedroom space, this ceiling model is more suitable for newlyweds. Plaster does not focus much on details, but simply frames on both sides with small recessed lights.

Modern bedroom plaster model

c. The design of this bedroom gypsum ceiling is very unique, not lacking in sophistication. Perhaps, this is the most chosen model in high-class apartments. Square ceiling lights, ceiling cubes also run in a very special way. Cream and brown colors are similar to bedroom colors.

Beautiful bedroom plaster model

d. The ceiling of the boy's bedroom is simple but beautiful. The highlight is purple-blue tones from the ceiling to the furniture, all exuding dynamism and strength.

Personalized bedroom plaster model

e. If you want your child to develop creativity and imagination, please invest in this bedroom plaster ceiling for your child. In addition to the function of beautifying the space, they will support the baby's learning and action.

Following are typical examples:

Model of plaster bedroom for boys

f. The plaster pattern has a strong personality with abstract drawings on the ceiling that contrast it tiles Simple imitation wood helps the room, although it has a dark tone, is still full of light from the ceiling slots.

Unique bedroom plaster model

g, Gypsum ceiling for girls bedroom with pink tones and hello kitty, bow-shaped lights. Overall the room was absolutely lovely.

Model of plaster bedroom for girls

h, The curving motifs on the ceiling are soft, increasing the dreamy feeling for the baby girl. Still a hello kitty cat, but decorated with balloons, musical this design is very popular.

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Samples of plaster for a baby's bedroom

Model of plaster ceiling in the kitchen

As we said above, gypsum ceiling is moisture-proof, fireproof, so it is reasonable to install gypsum ceiling in the kitchen.

Most kitchens are connected to the living room today, so using plaster also brings a synchronous beauty. Family living space is more comfortable.

a. Model of plaster ceiling in the kitchen quite simple, just revealing the square slit for the leds to shine. In the middle are 6 recessed lights that illuminate the cooking area.

Model of plaster ceiling in the kitchen

b. Gypsum ceiling combined with light strings for the kitchen is very impressive. Wood color also appears on the ceiling, matching the cozy kitchen cabinet color.

Model of luxury kitchen gypsum ceiling

c, Similar to the model above when the beautiful kitchen gypsum ceiling has a pendant light, but around it is a recessed light and another white pendant light. Classic design, a bit modern has brought more sophistication to the space.

Modern gypsum ceiling in the kitchen

d, This kitchen plaster design can be installed with the whole living room. This has also limited the complexity of installation and design selection. The focal point of the kitchen is probably the lamp that drops down to the dining table to provide more light for family meals.

Other popular kitchen plaster samples:

Model of plaster ceiling in the kitchen adjacent to the living room

e, Beautiful square gypsum ceiling with a special feature of 3d projection led lights in the middle. Pulling down is an impressive set of brass lights. This innovative design is suitable for homeowners with a strong personality and a lot of energy.

Beautiful gypsum ceiling in the kitchen

f, Model of gypsum ceiling for a beautiful kitchen with bright white tones, recessed lights or chandeliers also give preference to white light. Thus, they have shown all the elegant and elegant beauty.

High-end kitchen gypsum ceiling model

g, Twisted oval gypsum ceiling is popular in expensive apartments, when the construction process requires complexity. The arrangement of recessed lights and the use of a very artistic dining table lamp shows both the meticulousness and high aesthetic requirements.

Model of gypsum ceiling in the kitchen

Beautiful gypsum ceiling in tube house

Tube houses are usually narrow in width, while the length is deep. How to install gypsum ceiling tube house ensure the criteria of suitable size, beautiful, versatile and safe?

Please admire the tube ceiling designs below:

a. The plaster ceiling corners are slightly curved to dispel its monotony. In the middle, there is a set of decorative yellow lights, so the classic tube houses will be very suitable.

gypsum ceiling tube house

b. The tube house has a living room adjacent to the kitchen, so the plaster ceiling has spread and has similarities in design in these two areas. Minimalism is put on top when the whole thing is just hidden led lights, no decorative details.

gypsum ceiling beautiful tube house

c. The beautiful gypsum ceiling model for tube houses stands out with recessed led lights, which has increased the feeling of space expansion in all directions. Moreover, with tube houses with few windows, this design choice is essential.

modern gypsum ceiling

d, Although owning a tube house is not very spacious, the owner is a person who loves art very much. Therefore, the gypsum ceiling system is also very eye-catching. This type of elliptical ceiling is also predicted to be a future trend. To compensate in terms of design, white tones were chosen to create ventilation.

Ceilings with many other uses:

gypsum ceiling luxury tube house

e, Plaster with ceilings and walls is a pretty perfect suggestion, if you pay a lot of attention to the details of tube house architecture. This style will bring the most perfect space.

gypsum ceiling tube house

f, The shimmer and softness are evident in this design. Circles, led lights, and floor-dropping chandeliers simulate a starry sky. This gypsum ceiling model is quite romantic and eye-catching, don't miss it.

gypsum ceiling aesthetic tube house

Sample office plaster ceiling

Meeting rooms, director's rooms, conference rooms are now equipped with plaster rooms. Top factors for office plaster ceiling it's durability, easy dismantling, soundproofing, especially luxury beauty.

a, The gypsum ceiling design for the director's office uses yellow tones to promote "power" with employees and partners. The ceiling has an irregular vertical and horizontal line, between which is a bright white led.

office plaster ceiling
Beautiful office plaster ceiling model

b, One more sample of leadership room plaster is worth your reference. The recessed lines are horizontal to each other, as opposed to the vertical lines on the room walls.

gypsum ceiling in the director's room
Beautiful office plaster ceiling model

c, In the employee's working area, priority is given to the gypsum ceiling light system. Small squares and rectangles have done this task, so employees have enough light to work.

beautiful office plaster ceiling

d, Beautiful office plaster ceiling in a large floor plan. The plaster ceiling covers the entire ceiling, mixed with the working light system. This design is quite simple, easy to install and cheap.

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Other popular office plaster ceiling:

gypsum ceiling for staff office

e, What about the plaster ceiling for this meeting room? The uniqueness here is that the ceiling lamp has many different shapes, which stimulates imagination and novelty so that employees and bosses have the most successful working session.

office plaster ceiling

f, This office gypsum ceiling model is dominant today. The highlight is the LED system like a large window right at the position of the director's desk. From here, focus the light and increase the aesthetics.

office plaster ceiling

g, This is a typical plasterboard ceiling for conference rooms. In a closed space like this, the priority when installing the ceiling is the lighting system and recording and shooting equipment. But still create comfort for conference participants.

conference plaster ceiling
Beautiful office plaster ceiling model

Another beautiful plaster ceiling photo

Modern plaster ceiling

The interior decoration trend in most townhouses, apartments, apartments... today is the choice of modern gypsum ceiling. Not complicated, fussy, modern plaster ceiling towards minimalism, harmony for space.

Besides, gentle, luxurious and sophisticated ceiling styles are often added in high-class apartments.

modern plaster ceiling
Modern plaster ceiling with many winding lines
beautiful modern plaster ceiling
Modern plaster ceiling with square chandelier
Simple modern plaster ceiling
Simple modern plaster ceiling

Classic plaster ceiling

The decorative patterns are carefully cared for on the ceiling, turning the room into a convergence of artistic quintessence.

Most classic gypsum ceiling models use a leveled ceiling, honoring attractive curves, along with vertical recessed LED lights to create accents.

The preferred colors of neoclassical plaster are yellow, white, plum... Some works have resorted to professional painters to create expensive paintings printed on the ceiling.

When applying these designs, you will live in an apartment that feels like 20th century ago, even a magnificent castle or palace.

Classic plaster ceiling
Classic plaster ceiling
royal plaster ceiling
Royal plaster ceiling
Luxury ceiling model, nobility
Luxury ceiling model, nobility
Gorgeous ceiling model
Gorgeous ceiling model

Notes when designing the ceiling

Beautiful plaster ceiling paint color

Gypsum ceiling when designed is usually white, because it is inherently beautiful and elegant for the house. Homeowners often hang chandeliers to increase brightness, so choosing white plaster is often more appropriate.

However, to increase the aesthetic and uniqueness of the ceiling. You should still know a little about paint color schemes for plaster ceilings.

Using contrasting colors means that the plaster ceiling color will be different from the color of the walls and interior of the house. What should be avoided is the confusion, too fussy. The formula suggested for you is yellow - white, pink - cream, brown - white...

beautiful plaster ceiling paint color

However, in order to paint a beautiful plaster ceiling, you must paint it with a putty. Proceed as follows:

  • B1: Clean the surface of the plasterboard ceiling thoroughly with sandpaper and abrasive stone.
  • B2: If it is a new ceiling, you should paint it with a dry matt for at least 7 days. In case the ceiling lacks moisture, use a roller to roll it over with clean water.
  • B3: The most ideal time to paint putty is 25-30% humidity conditions. Mix bait with water to get a new mixture, proceed to paint the plaster ceiling. Paint over 2 main layers and not more than 3mm.
  • The first layer is applied with a brush and then left to dry for 2 hours. Then, use sandpaper to continue smoothing the ceiling, removing any remaining dirt.
  • The second layer, mix well with water and paint, wait 2 hours, then use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface. Then use the light to check the flatness.
  • B4. Check the plaster ceiling paint. The condition is that when the technical requirements as well as the flatness are not met, the paint will be repaired but only in 2 times or less. Use an air compressor / specialized object to clean the ceiling. Let the matt paint dry for another day before applying topcoat.

Beautiful plaster ceiling decoration with lights

If you want to have a beautiful plaster ceiling and a good lighting system, you need to pay attention to choosing lamp accessories, and we will have chandeliers, ceiling lights, and tube lights. However, there should be a reasonable arrangement with this lighting accessory, which is:

Do not install the light too close to the table or chair or directly down. It causes psychological fatigue and insecurity for people sitting below. In the long run, it will also affect the health of people living in the house.

decorative plaster ceiling lights

Choose the right type of light for each space. Do not choose a style that is too picky and detailed. Thus causing eye confusion, unnecessary loss of aesthetics.

The function of each room is different, so decorating a beautiful plaster ceiling with lights should also be a separate choice. In particular, tube lights, pendant lights are suitable for the ceiling area of ​​the kitchen with round blocks. Led lights will be for living rooms with square blocks.

Construction of plaster ceiling without plastering

It can be said that gypsum ceiling has finished surface. Helps to mask the disadvantages of the original ceiling. The flat structure and high-quality materials also help prevent noise, cool... Therefore, plastering the ceiling when making gypsum ceilings is not necessary.

Through the above article, you already know what a plaster ceiling is. Samples beautiful plaster ceiling For living room, bedroom, kitchen, office. Along with the construction notes to get the perfect project. Please share this article if you find it useful!

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