The most beautiful and smart living room partitions!

Guest room dividers Seems indispensable in any home today. If you are planning to build a house or renovate the living room space with partitions, do not ignore this article.

Why should you use a living room partition?

There is a way to divide a room without walls, which is to use room dividers. They also help save a lot of construction space. More, making the space feel more airy and beautiful than the rough walls

Partitions as a decoration, dotted your home in positions that are easy to attract attention. Wall panels are designed with many different designs and colors. Always make sure to beautify any living room space.

guest room dividers

The process of installing room dividers really doesn't take much time. On the contrary, they are quite convenient, compact and move to the kitchen or bedroom space.

There is a partition between the living room and the kitchen, the partition between the living room and the bedroom… Your job is to choose the right one for each space. Thus, creating privacy that you would not have thought of before.

Guest room dividers Variations from classical to neoclassical. For apartments, using partitions as a great decoration idea. Bringing more luxury and modernity.

What materials can be used as room dividers?

Model of natural wood living room partition

Partitions are made directly from wood, of all kinds living room wooden partition familiar are oval peach, ash, oak… Design beautiful wooden living room partition Bringing elegance, catch. Impressive lines maximize aesthetics. The price is a bit high, but it is worth it to be in your home.

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Model of natural wood living room partition 1
Partitions like combined vertical doors plaster ceiling create the most airy feeling
Model of natural wood living room partition
Natural wood brown color in harmony with the furniture in the house
Model of natural wood living room partition 3
The natural wood living room partition cabinet separating the kitchen is always the perfect choice

Beautiful living room wall made of industrial wood

This type of partition is relatively common nowadays. They are great in that, industrial wood furniture offers convenience and good price. Designs, textures and designs of industrial wood walls are diverse, giving you many choices. You do not need to worry too much about the quality. The plates beautiful wooden wall  This durable use along with time.

Beautiful living room wall made of industrial wood 1
Homeowners not only use room dividers but also use similar materials and wooden bars to store furniture on the wall
Beautiful living room wall made of industrial wood 2
This is a model of a wooden cabinet with a partition and a TV shelf

Beautiful living room wall made of industrial wood 3

Design a living room partition with nice stairs offers unmatched comfort.

Aluminum and glass living room wall partition

The first choice for beautiful small apartments and townhouses is wall decoration living room aluminum and glass. This will bring the effect of expansion, making the space more airy. Aluminum and glass walls are usually designed with a wooden frame that will bring an elegant and gentle feeling to the room.

1 . aluminum glass living room wall partition
The glass partition wall model brings a gentle elegance to the room
2 . aluminum glass living room wall partition
Tempered glass wall see through to the kitchen
3 . aluminum glass living room wall partition
Partition panels act as a door, easy to use in every apartment

Model of plasterboard living room partition

The idea of ​​​​using plaster for home decoration is gradually gaining popularity. How to design the living room to be impressive, showing the style of the owner? This has to do with samples guest room dividers plaster. Their style is quite sophisticated, requiring professional construction workers. In addition, it should be consistent with the architecture and general interior of the room.

Model of 1 . plasterboard living room partition
Elegance is pushed higher thanks to this plaster partition
Model of 2 . plasterboard living room partition
The design of the partition is minimalistic but delicate
Model of 3 . plasterboard living room partition
The plasterboard partitions are meticulously constructed, so they are suitable for the space of the house

CNC wood partition for living room

In interior design and decoration, CNC wood partitions quite popular. Sample wall partition  This product uses wood material combined with PVC, after processing and cutting, it has created beautiful patterns and designs. On the CNC partition, there are openings to help decorate and circulate light and air easily. In addition, the paint color of the CNC wall is quite durable, not moldy, warped after a long time of use.

CNC wood partition for living room 1
The pattern of this CNC wood partition is quite popular in the living room
CNC wood partition for living room 2
The liberal CNC wall design makes the room so natural
CNC wood partition for living room 3
Beautiful lotus-shaped CNC room plate for the living room

The most beautiful living room partitions

Room divider in the house

Having said that, modern tube houses using partitions to divide space are becoming a trend. The wall of the tube house brings a private space but does not take up too much space. In particular, the aesthetic of the house is pushed up when manufacturers always give preference to the models of wall partitions.

Room divider 1 . pipe
Model of a partition between the living room and the kitchen, keeping the maximum area
Room divider 2 . pipe
Wooden house dividers bring an aesthetic that is in sync with the floor and furniture
Room divider 3 . pipe
Homeowners use a rather small partition right under the stairs, but it is enough to create a cozy and private space

Partition for living room at level 4

The living needs of people are increasing, the use of room dividers is applied in almost every construction. Even with level 4 houses, use room dividers as the center of attention. 2 spaces of living room and kitchen will be separated, giving the house an unforgettable highlight.

Partition for living room at level 4 1
The level 4 house is suddenly separated by a wooden partition
Partition for living room at level 4 1
This living room partition panel is both beautiful and smart for the home
Partition for living room at level 4 3
Room dividers for level 4 houses are not too wide, just enough to not occupy the passageway

Design of the living room partition in the apartment

Apartments also use partitions as a matter of course to increase aesthetics. The apartment space is usually not too large and focuses on the living room. Therefore, the partition solution is extremely suitable to create a sense of ventilation and improve comfort. There are many styles and designs for apartment room dividers.

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Design of partitions for living room of apartment 1
The pattern of the partition is like a dot with the brown wood color of the floor, the table and chairs
Design of partitions for living room of apartment 2
Smart push-pull partition separates the living room and kitchen
Design of partitions for living room of apartment 3
Decorating the living room partition is simple with natural wooden bars

DIY ideas for living room partitions

Room dividers

Building a room divider like this is pretty easy, especially if you prefer a simple design without extra decorative features and accessories. The three panels are made of plywood and the frame is made of decorative wood pieces. Other materials needed for the partition include 6 hinges with screws, wood polish, paint, nails, wood glue and basic tools.

Living room curtain


Curtains are also very effective when you want to separate an area from the rest of the room, especially for homes that are only 20-30 square meters. However, draperies do not provide any soundproofing, nor do they offer limited privacy. Therefore, suitable for single people or newlyweds.

Hanging curtains in the living room

Pipes and hanging trees

You can create a separation between the living room and the dining area by using a set of shelves and plants. The divider is set up using metal pipes and wooden boards. It can be painted to match the surrounding decor. This great idea is inspired by a beautiful house with a natural style.

hanging tree for living room

Hanging Jute

A wall with lots of jute rope is a great idea for beautiful living room partition. Solid brick walls are usually attached tiles Dark plain colors make the space appear smaller and will block all light. These wire walls create a beautiful between spaces and very airy.

jute room divider

Ready-made bamboo

To simplify the room divider pattern. You should choose an existing partition from bamboo and rattan, then decorate it. As such, you can try this bamboo woven room divider idea. The bamboo slats are painted in a variety of colors to create interesting patterns and designs. Bamboo partition design can also be used in decorating bedrooms.

Bamboo as a room divider

Wood box

Another cool idea is to stack several wooden crates on top of each other and create a room divider. It also acts as a storage cabinet. You can use the crate as a bookshelf or you can put potted plants in it. This is really a great idea for a living room with a bedroom, or a living room with a work area.

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partitions from wooden crates

Old door

These rolling doors certainly look beautiful. They can inspire a number of room divider designs. You can reuse old doors, or use wooden slats that fit together well. When dividing the living room with the living rooms, there will still be comfort in the house.

old door as room divider

The house will be much more beautiful if there are room dividers. Hope these living room partition pattern Above will bring you the smartest idea. If you still find it difficult, do not hesitate to seek the advice of architects. They will make sure to bring you the best design.

Top 5 addresses providing prestigious and quality living room partitions in Vietnam

In case, you don't have much time to design and make the living room partition yourself. Then here are 5 supply addresses Gatehouse, prestigious and quality living room partitions in Vietnam that you can refer to and choose from.

Beautiful furniture store

Not only is one of the famous furniture showrooms in Vietnam, Beautiful Furniture also offers many models of high-class CNC-cut wooden room dividers, as well as being handled extremely carefully and carefully. Thanks to that, the partitions of Xinh Interior are always loved and favored by many customers even though they do not have too many sophisticated and unique designs.

Reference website:

Tada Interior Decoration Showroom

If you prefer small room dividers, possessing a fancy design but still ensuring outstanding quality. Then Tada Interior Decoration Showroom will be a suitable suggestion for you. With Industrial Wood material, painted with melamine. Tada products have a pretty good lifespan under regular use. Usually the product life will be about 5-10 years.

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HomeAZ Furniture's living room partition

For customers who are looking for living room partitions with cheap prices ranging from 500.000 VND to 1.000.000 VND. HomeAZ furniture will be a good suggestion for you. Coming to HomeAZ, you will have more than 50 models of room dividers from living room to bedroom. Along with the extremely diverse designs, from classic to modern, HomeAZ has everything for you to choose from.

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Room Partitions At Decorative Wood

Possessing a very smart shape and function, the room dividers at Decorative Wood always bring a user experience that few places offer. The partitions provided by decorative wood not only have the function of separating space and decorating the house. But it is also like a handmade work, comes with a few auxiliary functions such as wine cabinets, book shelves, decorative cabinets... However, the price of these partitions will also be slightly higher than that baffle average in the market.

Reference website:

E-commerce sites, like Shopee, Tiki, Lazada

Besides the furniture showroom stores mentioned above. You can also find e-commerce sites like Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, etc., as a solution when you don't know where to buy room dividers.

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