Entertainment and experiential tourism model attracts tourists

The emergence of Covid-19 has changed people’s living habits. The needs for physical health, mental health, safety and the environment become new criteria when evaluating the quality of travel and vacation trips in the new normal.

Accordingly, many models A new form of tourism and resort was born to satisfy the need for exploration and relaxation while still ensuring safety and many amenities. In particular, sightseeing entertainment tourism combined with experience – or entertainment vacation (entertainment vacation) is gradually becoming a new trend, popular with many people both in the world and in Vietnam.

According to statistics published by the Global Health Institute (GWI), the world healthcare tourism market is estimated to reach 919 billion USD by 2022. Of which, the number of healthcare tourists, Experience-oriented people often spend about 1,528 USD per trip. This cost is considered 53% higher than the normal international tourist market.

Entertainment and experiential tourism model attracts tourists

Attraction of new tourism model

According to an American Express survey, 70% of participants said they had more health-related needs than in pre-pandemic years. 76% said they want to spend more on travel to improve their health or experience. While 55% are willing to pay more for health care activities and to experience local culture in future vacations.

From there, the sightseeing entertainment tourism model ends. suitable for experience, marine entertainment is gradually loved by many customers. US Weekly‘s financial expert commented that high-class tourists often relax and feel more comfortable when staying in a comfortable, classy space that meets all preferences and needs.

While mid-range financial groups feel more secure when staying at resorts that combine tourism and entertainment with fixed services, avoiding mistakenly choosing destinations of unknown quality. quality, price…

This new form of tourism allows tourists to both You can relax and rest while still ensuring a vibrant entertainment element, experiencing the unique features of the locality and being close to nature. Visitors can experience the feeling of purifying the body, the pressure of life will be washed away, and energy will be renewed, helping to balance the mind and become more optimistic.

At the same time, entertainment activities, festivals and Evening performances also contribute to bringing new experiences, meeting the need to enjoy a bustling nightlife space similar to leading entertainment centers in the world.

Nightlife entertainment complex in the “resort capital”

Recently, Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan city has attracted new investment flows thanks to key projects that help connect traffic between economic centers and localities.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh, General Director of the General Department of Tourism, highly appreciated Phan Thiet’s tourism potential thanks to a series of available advantageous factors. In addition, Mui Ne becoming a National Tourist Area from 2020 will become a boost to promote tourism in Binh Thuan in general and Phan Thiet in particular. In addition, the advantage of clear blue beaches, white sand and warm climate all year round has made this land of “resort capital” even more highly appreciated by experts for its high-class real estate projects.


Including Mui Ne Summerland, a long-term ownership project developed according to a high-end entertainment model with a total area of ​​315 hectares by investor Hung Loc Phat. Mui Ne Summerland is a rare project in Phan Thiet facing the sea that is granted long-term ownership, with a clear advantage compared to many tourism projects that are only allocated land for 50-70 years.

Featured in Mui Ne Summerland project is The Island subdivision introduced to the market in the first quarter of 2022, attracting a large number of upper class people with plus points in terms of infrastructure and traffic visibility such as: Vo Nguyen Giap Street frontage in Phan Thiet city and location. opposite Sealink golf course.

In addition to the utility system, landscape planning is one of the factors that help The Island speak in particular and Mui Ne Summerland in general has become a unique project in the region. The more than 2 km long night street in Phan Thiet is expected to bring nightlife entertainment experiences. Stretching along the walking street are a series of modern dining, entertainment, shopping amenities and art performance festivals taking place every week.

According to the representative of investor Hung Loc Phat, the culinary street with a series of restaurants and cafes… at the Mui Ne Summerland project, it was built with the impression of a “tropical paradise” with rows of colorful townhouses. All of these highlights not only bring excitement to tourists and investors to experience a vibrant and classy modern lifestyle, but also help tourists coming to Phan Thiet have the opportunity to explore and experience the region’s bold cultural features. domain.

In addition, the green area of ​​the theme park chain is a highlight that helps create fresh, relaxing air for visitors when coming to Mui Ne Summerland. In addition, the multi-generational interactive park with play space specifically for families will help increase interaction and cohesion between members, promising to create a unique vibrant color at the project.</ p>

Developed according to the model of maximizing day and night experiences for tourists when coming to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne Summerland promises to be a project worth investing in when it anticipates tourism trends associated with demand. Entertainment is popular in the world and Vietnam.