Essay on greed

One evening, some close friends sat down to drink tea and confide in each other:

– People often say: “Greed is evil” Greed brings disaster. Being deeply greedy will lead to bad luck and disaster. But the word “greed” also has three or seven paths, in addition to the words “greed” such as: consultation, consultation, consultation, participation, participation, participation in politics, participation in war Visiting, consulting, consulting, visiting, discussing, workaholic… I really hate people who have blood that is greedy and desires excessively and never gets tired of it, such as greed, greed, and bottomless greed. If you smell copper, you’ll fall in love…

– Who doesn’t hate greedy people! Let’s try to point out some types of greed.

– First of all, when talking about gluttony, people have a saying: “Greed keeps people dead and no one loves them” if understood in a broad sense, it is a bad habit. If you keep this habit, no one will pity you when you encounter difficulties.

“Gluttony is trapped”: Those who are greedy often act without thinking and do not know how to keep things in mind, so they are easily trapped and easily deceived.

“Greedy and greedy”: Is to only be greedy for the small, the local, the immediate, but waste the big, the global, and the long-term benefits.

– That’s right! There are also sentences here: “If you’re greedy for the ball, leave the bait” Throw bait to catch the ball…

“If you’re greedy for the feast, miss the plowing day“: Greedy for small things to miss out on big things or to gain one thing, you have to lose something else, not just gain without loss and vice versa.

– The ancients have a saying: “Visit the box again ” refers to corrupt bureaucrats who take advantage of the people. Corruption refers to those who take advantage of power to harass people and take property. Embezzlement refers to those who take advantage of power or position to steal public property. Today corruption is a national problem that our people are fighting against.

– Once you have power, it is easy to lead to “entrenched power” only those who try to keeping power and position for personal gain and refusing to leave it.

– Returning to the story of “greed is dark” the proverb says: “If greed is dark and lascivious then death”</ strong> refers to greedy people who often act blindly and recklessly, so they easily encounter disaster risks. People who are sexually promiscuous will fall ill and die prematurely. Greed and lasciviousness are two bad things that people should avoid.

– There is also the saying “If greed is deep then it is bad”: those who are excessively greedy often encounter disaster; Those who lack alertness or insight and make mistakes will suffer losses.

– Talking about gluttony, there is also a saying: “Extreme greed for food” gluttony for food. This refers to eating too much, eating indiscriminately, and eating too much indiscriminately. This can easily lead to overeating and is the source of many diseases.

“Greed for money and abandoned sense” refers to the People who take getting rich as their life’s purpose disregard morality and ethics. There is also a proverb that says: “If you are greedy for money, give up, my gold will eat up what I still have” to educate that: No matter how much wealth you have, you will spend it forever, but the sense of meaning in life will not. never exhausted.

“Greed to sell boats” has two meanings: Being greedy for the small things and the parts but wasting the big things and the whole; Only unfaithful people run after new love and betray their old love. There’s also the saying “Greed for bells and whistles” That greed left the post…

– I would like to add another series of greed: “Greed for bubbles to remove the buffalo’s bladder” is criticize people who value appearances but disregard substance; “Being greedy, eating the whole dough (dong is a large clay pot, hitting means eating): criticizes a greedy eater or someone who is greedy for something they like; “Being greedy for cold rice and braised fish, abandoning the food of kings and kings”< /strong> said that Confucians in the past asserted that in the old regime, they would rather live simply than serve kings whom they did not respect; “Greed to get rich will lead to the net” expressed criticism people are deceived because they are greedy for money; “Defrauded by being greedy for pleasure” (cheating is cheating) criticizes people who are deceived because they love pleasure; “Being greedy for children makes you feel sorry for them “ say that greedy people want everything; “If you are greedy, the hibiscus has secretly told you not to be greedy”.

– There are also people > “Greed for life and fear of death”; “Greed for wealth and beauty”; “Greed for wealth”...

– There is also “greed for cruelty”</strong > refers to greed, brutality, and cruel greed; “lust for life and death” refers to people who are greedy for life and afraid of death to the point of cowardice; “ambition” is the heart desires and wishes that are so great that they go beyond actual ability and are difficult to achieve

– Finally, I would like to ask you: What is “Greed”?

– A person who is so greedy that he wants to take everything for himself.

– Can he take it all?

– How can he take it all from the world? People should leave it alone?

– Why are there still so many greedy people?

– There are so many people that’s why today we have to sit and talk about greed!