EVN HANOI exploits additional functions of the 8088 number

Accordingly, customers only need to text the correct query syntax and the system will return a progress notification message. Current level of new power supply records for customers.

Message syntax: EVNHANOI ˽CD˽GK0123456789 send to 8088

(GK0123456789 is the customer’s electricity supply code, service fee: 1,000 VND/message)

The Information on the expected progress of customers’ power supply records, such as time to survey power supply costs, construction time, etc., will be provided to customers for proactive understanding. Thereby, the service will create convenience, optimize time, effort and costs for electricity customers in the Capital area.

This is a in EVN HANOI’s improvements to improve customer service quality recently. With the application of technology in the new power supply and the exploitation of additional functions of the proactive messaging service to query information through the number 8088, EVN HANOI is showing a strong change in professionalization and modernization. work business and translation customer service to provide customers with increasingly perfect services.

Features of the SMS service to query electricity information via the number 8088:

1. Register to use the service: EVNHANOI˽DK˽ send to 8088

2. Look up service information:EVNHANOI˽DV send to 8088

3. Cancel text query service: EVNHANOI˽HUY send to 8088

4. Change the number phone to use the service:

EVNHANOI˽DS˽< Customer code >˽˽ send to 8088

5. Look up index recording schedule information:

5.1 In case 01 phone number has 01 customer code:

EVNHANOI˽GCS˽ send to 8088

5.2 In case 01 phone number has many customer codes:

EVNHANOI˽GCS˽< Customer code >˽ send to 8088

6. Look up payment information:

6.1 In case 01 phone number has 01 customer code

EVNHANOI˽TD˽ send 8088

6.2 In case 01 phone number has multiple customer codes

EVNHANOI˽TD˽˽ send 8088

7. Look up electricity payment status

7.1 In case 01 phone number has 01 customer code:

EVNHANOI˽TT˽ send 8088

7.2 In case 01 phone number has many customer codes:

EVNHANOI˽TT˽< Customer code >˽ send to 8088

– : Customer code in the form PDxxxxxxxxxxx is printed on the electricity bill receipt. For example: Text: EVNHANOI˽DK˽PD02T278108 and send to 8088 to register to use the service.

– : (month.year) to look up. For example: Compose the message: EVNHANOI˽GCS˽10.2016 and send to 8088 to look up the index recording schedule for October 2016. If the syntax to compose the message does not have the time parameter month (02 character format) and year (04 format characters), the system will default the lookup information to the current month.

– Service fee: 1,000 VND/message