Fear of involvement and responsibility

They share the joys and sorrows of life together. Neighbors are like our brothers, they can help each other in times of trouble.

– The boy asked again: So when they see this person is sick, they will cook hot bowls of porridge and bring it over. for each other, mom? That’s right – The mother looked at her lovingly.

– No wonder I see people walking on the street so indifferent. Because they are not neighbors.
– Why do you say that? – The mother asked.
– Yesterday, while eating ice cream in the shop, I saw an old lady walking on the side of the road, waving her hand to ask for a ride, but no one stopped to give her a ride. It’s sunny, walking a lot, the old lady’s legs must be very tired and tired, right?
– Yes, but people are shy, maybe because… the old lady is so weak that people are afraid of her sitting idle You will definitely fall off the bike. Then things will get complicated.
– What does that mean, Mom?
– It means they are afraid of being implicated. People are afraid to please

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– Oh so the old lady won’t received help. What a pity. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to be a good person? – He mumbled…                                

The Tet wax market is quite crowded with people jostling and competing to choose beautiful fruits and fresh flowers. Everyone also hopes that their house will be the most beautiful and dignified in the new year. Suddenly, a man wearing a conical hat slightly drooped down and reached into the handbag of a woman who was buying oranges. She was so busy choosing that she didn’t know what was going on. Every now and then the man would quickly glance around and observe his surroundings. The wallet slowly emerged from the pocket, how red and shiny it was. Standing two steps away, the girl observed everything. Because after all, it is the smallest and only reaches an adult’s belly. He was nervous and held his mother’s hand tighter and tighter, then he gently touched her hand.
– The mother looked down and asked: What’s wrong, child?

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The girl pointed at the red wallet that was slowly coming out of the woman’s handbag.
– Mom, look, he’s taking it. steal that money. – He said.

– His mother gently tugged his hand and said: Don’t pay any attention. Leave them alone.

– But that girl is being stolen, mom. Can you scream?
– No way, son. Leave people alone.
– What’s wrong, mom?
– There’s nothing wrong with the moon. It’s not my business. The mother immediately took the baby away. 

– Why is that so? It’s strange – He kept wondering to himself but couldn’t find any answers for himself.

Then he grew up and entered high school, he just focused on studying and didn’t care about the lives of people around him because it doesn’t know what to do. During class, he saw a male student who was disrupting the class and had points deducted from the first lesson, but the teacher did not write down that male student’s name because he did not know who the culprit was. Not only that, his class was also given a flag warning for disrespecting the teacher. Before that, the teacher said that if anyone admitted their mistake, he would only punish that person and reduce the crime. No one stood up. The teacher continued asking: If you discover the culprit, please let me know immediately or I will discipline the whole class. The girl was suddenly startled and bent down under the glare of her classmate. A moment of silence. Not a single hand was raised in the entire class. And in the end, the same situation happened as the flag saluting morning earlier this week.

The girl also felt a little guilty, but whatever happened would pass as long as she could rest in peace, her family was already poor. What if something bad happened? comes big trouble. It’s not my business! He thought again and felt calm and relieved. He’s used to it.

One day he came home from school and found the house unusually quiet. It was winter so it was almost 6pm and the sky was already dark. It feels strange that something is wrong with my family. He called out loudly: Mom! – Nobody answered. Mommy! – It called again. The neighbor hurriedly ran over: Oh my God, hurry up and go to the hospital. I’ll drive you to my house. Hurry up!
– What’s going on? – He’s worried.
– Your brother was hit by a car very badly and just went to the hospital 30 minutes ago. On the way to sell fruit, he had another seizure. People said he was rolling around foaming at the mouth in the middle of the street and no one came to help because they felt so terrible. Suddenly, a Honda car rushed out from a small alley. The driver, unable to control the steering wheel, crashed into your brother. After that, they called an ambulance. Now your brother is in Binh Dan hospital. Fast! Hurry! Go to the hospital first.
The girl was speechless…
In life, being a good person is difficult. Living without fear and daring to face what is right is even more difficult. Life is getting better and better, competition for economic benefits, and the demands of modern life make people busy chasing work. I’m so busy trying to make a living that I regret sharing a little of my time with someone. People in big cities save that “gold and silver” more than anyone else. That’s why “everyone has their own family to worry about. Everyone’s house lights shine” has become a way of thinking in daily life. Therefore, they are indifferent and indifferent to the situations happening around them. They don’t want trouble, they’re afraid of getting involved, afraid of getting into trouble because of trivial things, afraid of doing good and causing crime, fear and fear…
After all, it’s a constant fear that resides in children. It’s called Fear of Responsibility. Fear of responsibility is the cause of the indifferent attitude of turning a blind eye to scandalous things. Employees are afraid of their boss and don’t dare express their opinions frankly. Subordinates always smile at their superiors because they don’t want to offend him or her. Seeing corrupt officials but not daring to say a word to denounce it because “the ant wants to sue the potato” and then the whole family suffers! Seeing an accident happening on the road, blood splattered, still passing by because “it’s not my business!”…
It’s not my business saying whether it comes from the mouth or in the heart thinking is just a familiar way of defending people, a type of person who is afraid of taking responsibility.
Song An

LTS Dan Tri – Does a person with personality have a conscience? can live indifferently and indifferently to the misfortunes of others as well as unable to ignore devious actions.

A person who lives irresponsibly or is afraid of responsibility, living only knowing himself and not caring about anyone, is fine. is a way of life without conscience and a sign of lack of personality.

If you want to educate your children to become good people who know how to live responsibly and live according to human ethics, you should start with small things and by By your exemplary actions, you should never leave children wondering or doubting due to conflicts between adults’ words and actions.