Files of the “ghost” Ho Tram Riverside project caused the police to search for the victim twice

The Police Investigation Agency (CSDT) of Xuyen Moc District Police, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province recently posted a notice looking for people related to the alleged area project Ho Tram Riverside at Go Cat hamlet, Phuoc Thuan commune, Xuyen Moc district.

Specifically, anyone who has engaged in buying, selling, investing, or contributing capital and has been defrauded in appropriating assets related to the Ho Tram Riverside project should go to the Police Department. Xuyen Moc district to report and clarify the case. When coming to work, people need to bring identification and documents related to capital contribution investment transactions…

Within time limit 30 days from the date of notification, if no individual comes to work, the Investigation Police Agency will handle the case according to regulations. Consequences of future damageThe Police Department is absolutely not responsible for informing.

This is not the first time Xuyen Moc district police have found victims at this project. Previously, in July 2020, Xuyen Moc district police also issued a similar announcement with clearer content about the case.

Specifically, the Xuyen Moc District Police Investigation Agency clearly stated that verification is underway. Notice of accepting investigation into a case showing signs of “fraudulent appropriation of property” through advertising real estate project occurring in Xuyen Moc district by subject Nguyen Quoc Vinh (Born in 1972, permanent resident of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) implemented.

According to the Police Department, through the media, it is known that in the land of Go Cat hamlet, Phuoc Thuan commune, Xuyen Moc district, there is a “super project” of Ho Tram Riverside real estate. is being advertised for sale by many real estate companies with a scale of 60 hectares, 586 plots of land.

In the above area, the land status has been leveled and herringbone roads (dirt roads) have been formed. ). This is considered a townhouse villa land project with a selling price of about 7 million VND/m2. In fact, up to now this area has not been granted a construction permit for any project. Land offering activities in the name of the Ho Tram Riverside project pose many risks of fraud.

The notice also mentioned The process of verifying the land use division and sale of Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vinh’s plot was against regulations. The 60-hectare land is aquaculture land that Mr. Vinh has not yet converted to residential land. The People’s Committee of Xuyen Moc district has not yet granted permission to use land for technical infrastructure.

Xyen Moc district police consider it necessary to identify those who bought land from Nguyen Quoc Vinh in Go Cat hamlet, Phuoc Thuan district, Xuyen Moc to serve the investigation and handling of subjects and ensure the rights of the people who bought land from Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vinh.

As noted by reporter Dan Tri Many real estate brokerage floors once had information for sale of this project, but currently the for-sale websites have locked the content.

Some floors still retain the advertisement introducing the project with an area of ​​”” “terrible” potential road frontage location adjacent to many high-end resorts along the beach. The project infrastructure is designed with a main road with a width of 16m and an internal road with a width of 12m.

Information fast news about the one-floor project also said that the project has its own pink book, 100% residential legal status with diverse areas. Selling price 8-12 million VND/m2, bank supports 60% loan.

This floor also “attaches” information on diverse internal amenities such as swimming pool, sunbathing area, outdoor coffee, gym, restaurant 5 Why…

In particular, a brokerage website still posted a business price list in August this year with information that the investor launched 100 villa plots in phase 1. Selling prices are provided from 7 million VND/m2 with deposit price of 200-300 million VND/plot. 6 months later, the buyer pays 95% of the contract value and 5% after receiving the transfer book.

Previously, in May 2020, the People’s Committee of Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, issued a penalty decision. Administrative fine of VND 40 million for Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vinh for committing an administrative violation of converting land for growing annual crops, perennial crops, aquaculture land, salt making land, other agricultural land to non-agricultural land in rural areas but not permitted by the competent authority. This took place on an area of ​​about 60 hectares of land (self-styled Ho Tram Riverside project) of Mr. Vinh.

At that time, the People’s Committee of Xuyen Moc district forced Mr. Vinh to restore the original status quo before violating the law. 10 days from May 20.