Find the cause of motorbike fires: Note the fuse near the battery

I give a reason that I have actually tested on my car (Honda car) and the results are surprising: It is entirely possible that a car fire and car explosion will occur like the recent incidents.

1/. The cause of the car explosion can be explained as follows: The motorbike’s fuel tank does not have much fuel left, followed by the battery location being mounted near the fuel tank (like in the layout design). When the battery has a short circuit (short circuit), the chemicals in the battery will be hot, so the volume will expand, causing the battery to explode and will cause the fuel tank to collide and explode.</p >

But why is there a short circuit? That’s when the IC in the motorbike is broken, but it’s not completely broken, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (I still keep this IC from my motorbike). When the IC has a problem, it is obvious that a short circuit occurs. But in the Honda car design, there is a fuse mounted right next to the battery. When the IC is broken or the power line is shorted, the fuse will burn.

All I mentioned above, if that’s all, then it’s okay, it’s a completely standard motorbike and good to use. But what happens when the fuse is not a fuse? I also had the same problem. When my motorbike fuse burned out, I didn’t replace the fuse, so I took a copper wire and wrapped it around the base of the fuse and installed it in the car. When I turned the key on and started the car, smoke came out and I quickly turned off the engine.

2. The phenomenon of motorbike fires will occur as I described above. What I mean is that when motorbikes catch fire, why don’t we check this cause? That’s because most car mechanics are very careless and don’t take fuse replacement seriously.

I think that will also prove that Honda is still a good car brand and my whole family still likes to use Honda motorbikes.

Nguyen Quang Chien