“Fish scale” chicken costs 5-7 million: Rare item for Tet, people line up all month

The fish scale chicken, also known as the Sebright chicken, is a breed of chicken originating from England and raised for ornamental purposes. In the aquarium hobby, fish-scale chickens stand out because of their beautiful plumage, with layers of feathers layered on top of each other like layers of fish scales.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Nam (born 1984, hamlet 7, commune Trang Viet, Me Linh, Hanoi), owner of a famous ornamental chicken farm, said that this is a precious chicken breed that is also considered “fine millet” among chickens. In addition to its picturesque appearance, the fish-scaled chicken also symbolizes luck, prosperity and fortune. Therefore, in recent years, this breed of chicken has been sought after by many people as Tet gifts during the New Year.

Fish-scale chicken, also known as Sebright chicken, is a breed of chicken originating from England and is raised for ornamental purposes.

Accordingly, fish-scale chicken has 2 colors Common feathers are silver white and bronze gold. They have a small weight when an adult chicken weighs only between 600-800 grams.

The fish-scaled chicken has a beautiful plumage with each feather having an impressive colored border layered on top of each other with a fan-shaped fan-shaped tail plus a proud, slender S-shaped standing posture, making it very attractive. Stunning. While the silver-white feathered fish-scaled chicken has a pure, elegant beauty with each feather on a white background and black border, the bronze-colored chicken is luxurious and eye-catching with its striking bright yellow feathers.

Here’s why. As an imported chicken breed, their selling price on the market is very expensive, ranging from 5-7 million VND/pair on average. For chickens with unique and beautiful feather colors, the price can be many times higher.

“ Pricing depends on the shape, size and feather color of the chicken. The more beautiful and smooth feathers and majestic appearance a chicken has, the higher the price it will be paid for. Normally, copper-yellow fish-scaled chickens are about 1.5-2 million VND/pair more expensive because their feathers are rare and harder to find,” Mr. Nam said.

Fish skirt chickens have good resistance and are easy to care for, but to maintain breed quality and irresistibly beautiful plumage, selection must be carried out to maintain the source. good genes. During the rearing process, chickens must be regularly exposed to sunlight to supplement nutrition. “Raising fish-scale chickens is not too difficult, but you must pay attention to living environment always ensures the barn is clean and dry,” Mr. Nam said.

According to Mr. Nam, in addition to raising fish-scale chickens for decoration, he also It is sought after by many people as a feng shui item that “attracts” fortune and luck. During Tet this year, Mr. Nam’s farm has about 50 pairs of chickens for Tet sale at this time, almost all of them have been ordered.

“ Fish-scale chickens are a precious chicken breed, but it is difficult to breed these chickens. Having beautiful, sharp fur colors is not simple. That’s why in the Vietnamese market this type of chicken is very scarce and always out of stock,” Mr. Nam said.

Also follows this farm owner to have goods to serve the needs of the Lunar New Year from Many months ago, he had to gather a flock of adult chickens to take care of them separately. “At this time, almost all fish scale chicken farms are sold out. If you want to buy for Tet, you have to order a month in advance,” the farm owner affirmed.

Some pictures of the fish-scale chicken that causes fever: