Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien – new destination for travel enthusiasts

Thanh Hoa’s real estate market is more exciting at the end of the year when investor Flamingo Holdings is preparing to start construction on the Light Square villa phase 2 with many unique products. Many investors are targeting these products because they appreciate the location, utility chain and effective business potential.

Prime location – destination location – location party decoration

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien is located on a piece of land shaped like an arrow reaching out to the sea with three sides facing the sea and the back leaning against the mountain, possessing a position that resembles a mountain facing the sea. The project is also highly appreciated when the transportation system is invested synchronously. The planned roads are spacious so vehicles can move easily. From the project, visitors can Quickly reach Thanh Hoa city center, tourist attractions or historical relics in the region.

Right next door is the Buddha Pagoda – a spiritual tourist destination that is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. years. With its central location, Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien promises to become one of the leading beach tourism complexes in the North.

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien - new destination for travel enthusiasts

In addition, Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien will also be the focus of entertainment festivals. A series of events held at Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien brings a bustling atmosphere worthy of being a new destination for all entertainment activities. This place will become a four-season destination for tourists, where families, relatives and friends are together during all times of the year.

Landing facilities enhance Hai Tien tourism

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien – a 5-star coastal tourism and commercial city – is gradually appearing with a series of amenities ready to be put into operation. The presence of the project is considered to contribute to “putting on a new coat” for local tourism with the expectation that it can bring Hai Tien on par with the tourist city of Sam Son in the next few years.

Picture of Hai tourism Progress gradually became clearer when Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien appeared with many unique products and a series of modern amenities to meet all the needs of tourists.

High-end villas in The project is designed according to the “Flamingo Flowers and Forest in the sky” style combined with “Flamingo Art Color Design” to bring the fresh, youthful and dynamic nuances of a passionate entertainment venue. This product line overcomes the shortage of high-quality accommodation, bringing Hai Tien to the list of places not to be missed when traveling to Thanh Hoa.

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien - new destination for travel enthusiasts

Currently, a series of amenities are preparing to be put into use such as the Ibiza four-season resort center; Japanese onsen bathing center – Ruriko; ice cream and candy museum – Lala Ice Cream; sky bar; infinity swimming pool; Square of Light Square of Color. Besides, the amusement park – Lala Game Kingdom Lalamingo ocean park – Ocean Dreams Park is about to be completed and put into operation, promising to attract millions of tourists each year.

Tourists coming here can Use villas and accommodation systems that meet international standards with a series of amenities to meet the needs of all ages. Night services will appear enough to attract tourists.

“Investing in the Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien project, we not only want to create a new check-in and entertainment space to retain tourists with long vacation but also affirms the prestigious brand and vision of Flamingo and aims to affirm the tourism development potential of Hai Tien in particular and Thanh Hoa in general,” said the investor’s representative.

As tourism improves, the increasing number of tourists coming to Thanh Hoa is also the driving force to turn Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien into an effective business city that brings profits to the owner. Many investors expect that in just a short time of operating real estate here, it can increase in value thanks to the push of infrastructure tourism and the rapid growth of the real estate market.

City The success from Flamingo’s projects in Dai Lai and Cat Ba in the past is proof of the price increase prospects of Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien in the future. The development potential of the project was also recognized by experts through a series of awards such as the city winning the IPA international award for best architecture; Top 10 most potential real estate projects…

With the newly approved class V urban planning along with the appearance of real estate giants like Flamingo… many investors are curious. Hopefully, in just about 5 years, Hai Tien will have the opportunity to overtake Sam Son tourism in the race to attract tourists as well as world-class resorts. Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien will make Hai Tien the leading resort destination in Thanh Hoa.