“Forbes Vietnam under 30” 2016 – Mai Lan Van: To accomplish big goals, you need a reliable financial partner

She once held the position of President of the Vietnamese Student Association in the UK – representing more than 11,000 international students in the UK, and was honored by the Vietnamese Embassy as the best student in the UK. UK in 2015. After completing her master’s degree with excellent degrees at City University of London, she decided to return to her country to work.

Now, after two years, the active girl She is known as a good wife and mother, and at the same time she also takes on a new role – Brand Ambassador of Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (“Shinhan Bank”).

– She is only 27 years old, but really, I feel that her life is very “long” when a series of big and important works have been initiated and are being carried out by her. While holding a new role as Brand Ambassador of Shinhan Bank, while pursuing major social projects, she still takes on the “duties” of a wife and mother well. What is the secret that helps you complete so many tasks?

The best thing about working is being able to do what you love, to contribute and to be happy. learn to get more experience. My secret to balancing work and work family is about focusing and doing everything your best. When I work, I give my whole heart to the job. When I’m with my family I devote all my attention to my loved ones. Trying my best to focus completely on each given moment of work really helps me take care of social work while still dedicating myself at the same time. Having time for family creates the best conditions for children to develop.

– After many years of successfully leading large projects, what do you think are the factors that bring a successful business project?

Any project, big or small, requires a lot of effort and factors to succeed. Human resources is one of the key factors. When all people involved in the project have responsibility and capacity, the likelihood of project success is very high. The second important factor is finance. Without finance, the implementation of any project will stop at bullet points on paper. Big goals are difficult to achieve without strong financial support.

For projects with insufficient capital, we have to work much harder to cover all the The work could have been resolved quickly financially. Therefore, if there is a reliable financial partner with strong potential, the project will have a higher success rate and greater impact. In personal projects, I have chosen Shinhan Bank as my financial partner.

– Is that why she accepted to be the Bank’s Brand Ambassador? Shinhan products in 2018? This new role must bring you a lot of interesting things?

Before accepting the position as Brand Ambassador for Shinhan Bank, I was a customer. familiar with this bank. Shinhan Bank is a member of Shinhan Financial Group (Shinhan Financial Group) in Korea, possessing the parent group’s strengths in finance and high technology applications. This helps me feel secure when choosing to use Shinhan’s financial products and services. Receiving the invitation to cooperate with Shinhan Bank, I see this as an opportunity to experience a new role as well as share my knowledge and experience in financial management with more people. This job is both my strength and my passion.

– So, in the role of Brand Ambassador of Shinhan Bank, what does Mai Lan Van want to share? to readers, especially young people today?

Being chosen by Shinhan Bank as a brand ambassador gives me a sense of pride because of the image of Shinhan Bank. What we have been building for so long is truly true to the message that Shinhan conveys: “Dare to set yourself big goals and commit to pursuing them to the end and you will achieve success.” That is also the guideline that follows me throughout my journey as well as the message I want to send to young people. Since you’re still young, keep dreaming, set big goals for yourself and commit to pursuing them to the end. Don’t let financial factors hinder your progress. Instead, find a reliable financial partner to go further with you on the journey to realizing your big dreams.

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Thank you for your interesting sharing. Wishing you more success in life and work.

Honored with the “Best Retail Bank Asia Pacific” award in 2017, Shinhan Bank is proud of its recognized customer service efforts. As a leading bank in Korea with outstanding financial strengths, transparency and reliability, Shinhan Bank strives continuously to improve service quality and convenience for customers. In April 2018 alone, Shinhan Bank simultaneously launched 04 new branches and transaction offices in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, bringing the total number of branches and transaction offices to 30 nationwide.

Currently, Shinhan Bank is cooperating with Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Star to deploy a 0% preferential car loan package. Interest rate for the first 12 months. At the same time, Shinhan Bank has just signed a cooperation agreement with Bao Viet Insurance Corporation and Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade Insurance Joint Stock Company to launch new insurance products and services to bring giving customers more appropriate options to protect themselves and their families.

With its sustainable development, Shinhan Bank continues to hold the position is the largest foreign bank in Vietnam today. For more information, please refer to www.shinhan.com.vn or call 1900 1577.