From the case of three daughters burning down their mother’s house: Why did the family home become a battlefield?

Since ancient times, our ancestors had a saying: Brothers are like hands and feet – If they are broken, they cover the bad or support each other” in order to teach our children to love and support each other in life. However, in modern society, there are many individuals who put interests above family relationships.

That is why there are many cases of land disputes between siblings. There are even cases where the dispute was pushed to the climax, causing many unfortunate consequences.

Typical heartbreaking incident

Recently There was a case that shocked public opinion – the case of 3 daughters pouring gasoline and burning down their mother’s house in Hung Yen. The cause was determined to be a conflict over the inheritance of land use rights.< /p>

According to the developments of the incident, on the morning of the incident, the three girls went to their mother’s house and brought a 10-liter gasoline can. After arguing outside the door, the three girls and their mother continued to enter the house, one of them carrying The gasoline can poured onto the living room floor and then set it on fire, seriously injuring all four people. The treatment process at the hospital for Mrs. D’s eldest daughter and second daughter. died on the morning of December 14, Ms. D. did not survive.

Currently, Hung Yen Provincial Police have decided to prosecute a criminal case for murder according to Article 123 of the 2015 Penal Code.

Follow now At the time of the incident, lawyer Tran Xuan Tien – Head of Dong Doi Law Office (Hanoi Bar Association) said that during his practice, the lawyer has participated in many civil and criminal cases originating from These cases mainly stem from conflicts between parents, siblings, or very close blood relatives.

This is a sad reality. The serious moral degradation of a part of people in today’s society, just because of greed, economic gain, jealousy, causes loss of family affection, causing great damage to property and can even directly violate human health. the lives of family members.

What is the cause?

Lawyer Tien said if we consider the direct cause leading to the incident As mentioned above, it can be seen that the act of “setting fire” is carried out in psychological excitement or outbursts of anger. The root cause stems from conflicts over the division of inheritance of land use rights among family members.

The conflict occurred for a long time but there was no solution. Being determined can cause people to take negative actions due to being repressed for too long. On the other hand, when conflicts occur within the family, the level of nature will be more severe than conflicts between outsiders in society.

Due to changes in social circumstances, economic and cultural life being negatively affected, material desires, the desire to satisfy people’s economic interests also prevail, traditional moral values ​​are gradually eroded, giving way to selfishness and individualism, which is more painful than just immediate benefits but there are people who disregard moral values, regardless of the law, and are willing to “take action” against even blood relatives and family members, using every trick to achieve their goals.

The above incident also raises the alarm bell about the current situation of a large number of people who rely on the “dowry” of their parents’ inheritance without paying attention to creating their own businesses. property for yourself. These people often have a lazy mentality, do not want to work, rely on their parents’ wealth, or more negatively, find ways to gain ownership of property for themselves when they are not satisfied.

On the other hand, it can be seen that many tragedies partly stem from parents’ mistakes in raising children. Parents always have the concept of trying to do business so that their children can “enjoy” their lives, so they unintentionally make their children think that their assets are theirs. Or in a family with both sons and daughters, biased treatment of children, including property division, can form the selfishness of a child who is pampered and the resentment and inhibitions of a child who is treated unfairly. .

As in the above case, the mother who lives with her son in a house next to the main road of the village and decides to let the son share this property after she dies can cause the three daughters to die. The rest think that she has the ideology of “respecting men and looking down on women”. This easily causes negative reactions, gradually creating psychological inhibition, which is the source of unhappiness for the family.

The above tragedy stems from family conflicts, so in part The fault also belongs to the relatives and cousins ​​of these people. Because when there is a conflict within the family, the food is not good or the soup is not sweet, family members are the first to grasp this information.

This is a typical case of land disputes in which many families tend to choose to “do it themselves”. “instead of choosing grassroots conciliation or hiring a consulting lawyer to assist with resolution. This partly reflects the current situation where mediation at the grassroots level is still heavily formalized and has not been thoroughly resolved at all levels. The Court still has a negative situation, causing difficulties…

They need to have solutions to persuade family members to discuss and resolve the issue before asking the local government to intervene. If the conflict could have been resolved as soon as it arose, perhaps this tragedy would not have happened.

It is also necessary to mention the responsibility of authorities at all levels in closely monitoring and understanding the thoughts and aspirations. of people in the area under their management and the responsibilities of relevant agencies in managing and monitoring fire and explosive hazardous substances. From failed reconciliation attempts and the not very positive relationship between the mother and her three daughters, if the authorities detect unusual signs in the actions of the three children, they will most likely come up with options. Resolve and promptly prevent consequences.

On the other hand, these are mostly complex disputes but many lawyers do not have enough experience and bravery to meet the needs of the people. . It is because people’s faith in the government has weakened and the mentality of “losing money” when hiring lawyers who are not “qualified” enough to solve the problem has led to the end result of people behaving in a “self-destructive” manner. right in his own home.

From analyzing the causes of the incident, lawyer Tran Xuan Tien said that this is a case of special and serious nature in both legal and ethical terms. society. Among them, the 3 daughters not only have not fulfilled their duties as children towards their parents, violating Article 70 of the Law on Marriage and Family, which is contrary to social ethics, but are also deliberately destroying property and violating the health and life of the child. become me.

For material gain, greed, children are ready to kill even their own mother, trampling on motherhood and filial piety, which are both the most noble and sacred values. for every person in society, causing great frustration in public opinion.

This is a case with an extremely heartbreaking outcome: after tragic property struggles between people. happened, killing 3 people, and now I can’t take it with me even if I wanted to. If handled and what the results will be, this will also be a warning to everyone, especially today’s younger generation, about the serious moral degradation of people who place too much importance on material values ​​and take things lightly. family love.

Strict handling of cases like this is extremely necessary to ensure justice, handle the right person and contribute to preserving the cultural values ​​of the nation, especially respectful attitude towards the duties and responsibilities of children towards their parents.

According to Lawyer Tran Xuan Tien, in an increasingly developed and modern society, our people have gradually become more aware of their rights, but often do not fully grasp the provisions of the law. law to protect yourself.

In addition, to minimize cases from the above causes, propaganda and dissemination of legal education to raise awareness of law observance of all citizens. People are also extremely important. In particular, it is necessary to promote the element of moral education so that moral standards govern family relationships so that children respect their parents and brothers love each other. When conflicts arise, they need to be resolved in a reasonable and legal manner.

On the other hand, using lawyers’ consulting services in consulting and conciliation in conflict cases In general, and especially in cases requiring division of inheritance rights, people still do not pay attention. The role of lawyers in resolving the above conflicts is extremely important because this is the third party in the dispute relationship. All opinions expressed will be both objective, fair, reasonable and in accordance with the provisions of law.

Therefore, one of the practical effective solutions that people should do when they cannot find a common voice in the family is to hire a lawyer to advise on mediation to ensure that the matter is resolved harmoniously for all parties. causing serious and unfortunate consequences like the above incident.