From the “Nemo Trang” case: Overbearing online, paying the price in real life

The 9-month prison sentence for disturbing public order for the philandering hot girl – Trang Nemo” serves as a wake-up call to those who are using social networks to challenge the law.

Party Besides the noisy incident of fighting and injuring Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang – Trang Nemo, many people believe that the incident would not be worth mentioning if this person did not suffer from “power addiction”.

The source of the disease The main incident is that after the fight at the store, Trang Nemo went live online (broadcast live), causing outrage with the victim and public opinion. Many people believe that this is a defiant attitude of disregard for the law, clearly showing the “power addiction” of some TiktokerYoutubers (those who create content on the titokyoutube platform)… nowadays.

 Overbearing online, paying the price in real life

And new Here “Nemo Trang” was officially sentenced to 9 months in prison for disturbing public order. However, there are still opinions that the sentence is light for this “hot girl”.

Reader Huy SAINDECO: “Trang Nemo and his accomplices deserve to be punished. criminal proceedings because of the nature of the incident and her defiance of the law. There were security forces present, but she did not appear to be afraid and blatantly beat people as a challenge to the authorities. She should be sentenced to imprisonment 1-2 years is worthy of the crime.”

Reader Trung Nguyen: “Severely punish these subjects to warn other young people today There are people who act very spontaneously and behave in a wild and uncultured way. Whatever you do, you have to think ahead and not violate the law.”

“Beating people and livestreaming is too arrogant and disrespectful The law should impose heavier penalties to deter all those who are abusing social networks to engage in war of words” reader Trang Le.

Reader Linh Nguyen : “One minute of impulsiveness, 9 months of brickbating, should be given a much harsher prison sentence to deter some elements who have delusions of power on the internet like tiktokeryoutubers… say whatever they want to say, do whatever they want.”

On social media forums, many people believe that the punishment should be more severe to deter some elements with delusions of power online like tiktokeryoutubersKOLS… who think they can say whatever they want. Even some KOLs (influential people) are considering themselves more powerful than those who have the right to judge, criticize or even touch hands with others.

In fact, many people use social networks. has a delusional mentality and uses controversy to direct public opinion. Many people in the social networking community in Vietnam love controversial content.

The more negative the content, the more popular it is and the more quickly it spreads. This has created a loophole for digital content creators to take advantage of.

When users disregard all ethical values ​​to create reputation on social networks

According to communications expert Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, in the past, only traditional press units had the technology and resources to build news sites, newsrooms, and television channels that attracted viewers. tracking is of great interest and is considered the fourth power in society. However, since the appearance of social networks, this has changed a lot.

At present, with many new forms of social networks such as TiktokFacebookYoutube shortInstagram view (short videos on the YoutubeInstagram platform), anyone can create content and it can push a person from obscurity to fame overnight with a video containing content that is not necessarily good. These contents have no barriers in terms of principles or standards.

Most of the attractive information that creates fast trends is information about murder, robbery, shock, sex, jealousy… This is an unintentional situation. become content creators (digital content creators) regardless of everything to achieve the desired number of views. And when the initial goal has been achieved, people will rush after that number to maintain their position and continue to influence more people.

The danger for Readers receive the above information without any ethical barriers. In a case like the “Nemo Trang” case, it can be simply understood that this person is risking everything to sell, create reputation on social networks, and prove his influence to execute justice on behalf of the law. And the clearly visible consequence is the disease of “power addiction” when this person livestreamed to challenge the law and public opinion.

For those who were “never prepared” to If you control a channel that has many followers, it is very easy to fall into a state of power manipulation mentality to keep and maintain that influence because no one wants to lose this “online asset”.

Even though all platforms have policies to limit “bad” content, negative information still finds a way to get around and has a certain impact in a short period of time on everyday readers. reception.

Should social platforms need to have training courses? Collaborate with state management agencies to organize many programs to orient content creators. number) understand what is valuable content and what is content that has bad social impacts, then perhaps creating “snatching” content that leads to power abuse will no longer have a place.