Funeral allowance for relatives of deceased retirees

Yen’s father was born in 1950 but retired in 1994 and receives a monthly pension via a bank account. Yen’s father passed away in August 2023.

Up until now, after taking care of her father’s burial, Yen has just learned that when a person receiving a pension dies, the person who takes care of the funeral will receive a lump sum funeral allowance. burial.

Ms. Yen does not know what documents are required to complete the procedures to receive funeral benefits and where to carry out this procedure.

Vietnam Social Insurance said that funeral benefits are prescribed in Article 66 of the 2014 Law on Social Insurance.

Funeral allowance for relatives of deceased retirees
Funeral allowance for relatives of deceased retirees

Accordingly, when the following people die, the person in charge of their funeral will receive a funeral allowance.

Level Funeral allowance is equal to 10 times the base salary in the month in which the person in the above 3 cases dies. From July 1, 2023, the base salary is 18 million VND/month, so the funeral allowance that relatives receive is 18 million VND.

The procedures for applying for funeral allowance are regulated. determined in Decision No. 166/QD-BHXH dated January 31, 2019 of Vietnam Social Security.

Accordingly, the dossier includes: Copy of death certificate or copy of death notice or death declaration extract or a copy of the Court’s legally effective decision declaring him dead; Relatives’ declaration according to form No. 09-HSB.

Vietnam Social Insurance said that Ms. Yen can apply for funeral benefits in 2 ways.

First, submit directly at the post office or local social insurance agency where the pension benefit payment for Ms. Yen’s father is managed.

On Monday, submit online on the Vietnam Social Security’s electronic information portal (choose the Subsidy procedure). funeral allowance) or on the National Public Service Portal (choose the connected procedure for death registration, deletion of permanent residence registration and survivorship benefits).

According to Vietnam Social Security, in addition to funeral benefits, relatives Persons receiving monthly pension who die will receive additional monthly death benefits if they meet the prescribed conditions. If you do not meet the conditions, your relatives will receive a one-time death benefit.