Gated Community – Isolated community with high living values ​​for the upper class

In the book titled Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States, for the first time, scholars Edward J.Blakely and Mary Gail Snyder classified these communities for the first time. Isolated communities that they call “refuges in the city”. Accordingly, these communities are divided into 3 main types: security communities, prestige communities and lifestyle communities.

The idea of ​​residential areas with protective fences and limited access arose from security reasons. Therefore, when mentioning Gated Communities, many people often think of security communities first first with the image of a closed area with high security standards and amenities that fully serve the needs of residents.
The second type – prestigious community for the super rich class, tycoons and famous people. Scenic appeal and quality security are the most important features of this community. This community often has many layers of protection, in addition to the security of the entire area, there is also a separate level of security for each villa within the area.And lifestyle communities focus on common amenities and services. attracts people who wish to find neighbors with similar lifestyle interests… These communities focus on building recreational facilities and services, often featuring clubhouses with residents who appreciate privacy but still desire share interests with others.

Currently, the places with the highest living standards are isolated communities that combine the excellent characteristics of all three types above. Since the 1990s such communities have been developing rapidly around the world.

In Vietnam since the 2000s with the increase in gender demand upscale urban areas, isolated settlements built with modern amenities and top security systems. Names like The ManorCiputraPhu My HungSaigon Pearl… are isolated high-end residential areas that attract successful and wealthy residents according to this model.

Later projects have captured and Combining the excellence of all three types of isolated communities with the trend of building modern mansions with attractive landscapes in harmony with nature, environmentally friendly and managed by international operators. to bring high quality of life to residents. Vinhomes RiversideRiviera CoveThe VenicaLucastaThe Island… are typical names that demonstrate the excitement in the real estate segment built in this type of isolated community.

In Ha Long, Grand Bay Halong Villas of real estate developer BIM Land (member of BIM Group) is a project that combines all 3 separate community models. The project owns land bank facing the bay on peninsula 3 of the Halong Marina tourist urban area with a bow-shaped terrain, a private coastline stretching nearly 520m with 3 large lakes and 2,600m2 landscape park…

In terms of security, with three sides adjacent to nature and a smart security system with fences and gates with 24/7 security, Grand Bay Halong Villas is the leading high-end detached villa in Ha Long that not only brings peace of mind when the owner’s property is carefully taken care of, but also a private place for secretive owners.

Regarding the landscape, BIM Land has collaborated with famous consulting units world such as WATG and PLA to create consistent luxury with a resort-style living space for the villas in the project. Architecturally inspired by the style of Southern California (USA), the mansions are characterized by large arched doorways, decorative pillars, patterned moldings under the roof along with exposed roofs… Two tones of gray and white The theme is in harmony with the fresh air of the bay, showing an elegant, refined, luxurious aesthetic.

Regarding amenities and services, the clubhouse has a total usable area of ​​up to 5,000 square meters. This is a 2-storey building with a diverse utility system serving health and entertainment needs such as children’s play area, gym and four-season swimming pool… All of the above factors have created a community. Elite residents are isolated and self-contained with a peaceful space and sophisticated lifestyle.

In addition to the values ​​that represent the class of the current super-rich, Grand Bay Halong Villas is considered to have great potential for the investors. Such villa products are often located on limited land funds with unique privileges that promise to become heirloom assets in the future.