Gorgeous dog with lovely long, silky hair becomes a “professional photo model”

Look at AJ Nirvana Battle and his luxurious collar make it easy to see why everyone turns their heads every time the owner takes Battle for a walk. However, Battle’s perfect appearance is not just natural.

Kevin Chan, a marketing director at a Beijing-based company, regularly spends six to eight hours a week bathing and brushing. polish Battle. Not only that, every 7 to 10 days, Chan buys the best care products for Battle without worrying about the price.

The owner claims to have spent about 100,000 yuan (343 million VND) to buy grooming tools for a 3-year-old dog and spend an additional 1,000 yuan (nearly 35 million VND) on weekly bathing products. It’s a large amount of money, but Chan says it’s worth it because he considers Battle a member of the family.

“Every day I spray a special solution on Battle’s fur and comb it.” I have to brush him every day to keep his fur from getting knotted together. When Battle was a baby it took me 2 hours a day to groom him but now it only takes me 1 hour each day. times” Kevin Chan shared with Storytrender.

“I didn’t intentionally give Battle his own style, I just followed my heart. I always tell everyone that I chose this dog but was also chosen by him. Therefore, I have to try my best to treat him as best as possible,” Chan added.

The owner was so proud of AJ Nirvana Battle’s appearance that he bought it a professional camera and also take photography lessons so you can share your pet’s best photos on social media.


“When people see Battle . Their reactions were varied. Some people say “Is that a dog or a sheep?” It must be very expensive to take care of him or “You are very thoughtful”” Chan proudly said.