“Grandma! Grandma” – Baby Pang’s cry of reunion made everyone cry

A tearful reunion

Like a flock of young birds, no matter how far they go, they still eventually fly back to their nest, Tet is always a reunion for family members. family. The moment of meeting loved ones again after a long time apart always makes hearts sob endlessly. The studio recording the Deeds of Kindness Gala program in the days leading up to Tet was quiet when witnessing an unexpected reunion.

Vang Thi Pang – a paraplegic girl sitting on the side of the road in the cold weather 1 year ago, my grandmother and my grandmother took me from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi to meet everyone on New Year’s Day. From a six-year-old girl with a tiny body like a three-year-old, Pang now has a plump, pretty body in a bright red dress.

Pang’s appearance on the Kindness Deeds gala stage surprised everyone who knew her.

Pang’s rosy face, bright eyes and bright smile when she appeared reassured everyone around her: “He is very strong, no matter what When I entered the hospital for surgery, I always had a bright smile.” That’s when I saw what an extraordinary strength and courageous spirit was hidden behind that small body.

Before the surprise Seeing her grandmother and her two sisters again, an innocent smile still appeared on Pang’s lips. From the stage, Pang’s grandmother, sitting in a wheelchair, was flanked by her two sisters in national costumes Her paralyzed leg had not yet fully recovered, so Pang could not immediately run to her grandmother’s side, lean over her grandmother’s arms and burst into tears. Her actions made everyone around her unable to hold back their emotions He leaned his head on her chest, his hands clasped her thin shoulders, rubbing her wrinkled face, tears flowing endlessly. The four grandchildren seem to be enjoying every moment of being closer to each other after a long year of long and missed separation.

Pang’s unexpected reunion and family on the Deeds of Kindness gala stage broadcast on the 4th day of Tet on VTV1.

The light of love helps little Pang to overcome difficulties

The day she met Tin’s father and Phuong’s mother was also the day Pang’s life turned to a new page. Saying goodbye to his family in Muong Lat – Thanh Hoa, he and his parents went for a few days through the forest over thousands of kilometers to get to their new house. Pang kept singing in the ethnic language. Pang is very resilient when facing difficulties.

When he first returned to Ho Chi Minh City, Pang was discovered to have two hemorrhoids, hydronephrosis, severe urinary tract infection, mild urinary tract infection. With paralyzed legs, I couldn’t walk. Listening to the family doctor’s advice, Pang decided to have surgery immediately to treat the condition promptly. Looking at Pang’s bright smile, the whole family felt renewed hope for her bright future.

The first eight months were the most difficult days for both Pang and her new family. Pang must learn Kinh language, learn how to live and communicate with people. Along with that, I also have to learn to walk on my feet with the help of specialized shoes and family members.

In the early days, when their parents came home from work, the two older brothers and sisters rushed to the door to greet them with their good legs. Pang crawled behind to receive a hug from their parents. everybody. At one point, when Phuong’s mother hugged her first, Pang burst into tears and whispered in a still slurred voice: “I love you, mother.”

Not only did she love her father, but Phuong Pang’s mother also remembered and loved her. and sisters in the countryside. Per view on tivi When there was an image of his people, Pang’s eyes lit up, looking for people to show him. In the happiest times, Pang waved his arms and danced the dance of his hometown Muong Lat. Pang’s grandmother recounted: “Every time she asked if she missed her and her siblings back home, Pang would burst into tears.”

When I met my grandmother and sisters again, when I heard that Mr. Pang had passed away during Pang’s stay in Ho Chi Minh City, my face was filled with tears. Listening to her words: “Your little brother can’t come today, when will big Pang come back to visit you?” Pang cried even harder.

It’s hard to understand how happy that little heart would be. How happy I am to know that Tin’s father and Phuong’s mother intend to take all of Pang’s sisters to Ho Chi Minh City to live with Pang and everyone in the near future. Pang will continue to be cured, go to school, have a life like her peers and be with her siblings and the people who love Pang very much.

So from now on, perhaps Pang’s tears will no longer fall because Phuong’s mother has already said: “I will take care of Pang until I can’t take care of her anymore.”

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