Ha Noi Garden City – a new destination in the center of Long Bien

Long Bien – a livable central district in the East of Hanoi

Only 20 minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake. Long Bien is oriented to become the new economic center of the capital. The eastern central district of Hanoi is scientifically planned and methodically invested. In particular, the projects have been Completed (period 2003 – 2018) is more than 10,000 billion VND. Important traffic routes through the area include: New National Highway 3, National Highway 5 and Highway 5B… At the beginning of this year, Co Linh – Highway 5B intersection. Vinh Tuy bridge phase 2 (total investment capital of 2,538 billion VND) has been opened. Tran Hung Dao bridge (tunnel) project and Tu Lien bridge… are being started.

Thanks to the resilience of traffic, Long Bien is rising to become a dynamic economic center, gradually affirming its leading position in the largest economic growth triangle in the North: Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh .

Ha Noi Garden City - a new destination in the center of Long Bien

Same economic growth rate Long Bien is also witnessing a miraculous change in urban space. Overcoming the mission of “decompressing” the Old Quarter area, Long Bien gradually becomes the most “livable district” in the capital with a series of world-class projects. Ha Noi Garden City is one of them.

Mr. Tang Vui Woon – Project Director of Ha Noi Garden City shared: “In 2007 when the corporation Berjaya of Malaysia decided to invest in Long Bien, although this is a new district, Berjaya still believes that every land is an opportunity. Through experience in developing international projects, we believe that Long Bien has many advantages for development become the new center of Hanoi. It is close to the Old Quarter and has perfect natural conditions to help bring a balanced life. Low population density, good traffic conditions, low noise pollution, and guaranteed air quality Very close to highways connecting to the Northern provinces… these are ideal conditions to create a healthy and comfortable life.”

Ha Noi Garden City: A miniature city that constantly attracts tourists

Sharing the same vision as the city planning, Ha Noi Garden City (born from a joint venture between Berjaya Leisure (Cayman) Limited and Handico12) is methodically planned with a vision of a modern green urban area and is a new destination in the South. East Hanoi.

Berjaya has shown a major change in the perspective of creating living space to create a multi-functional urban area. Normally, projects will use amenities as a plus point to attract customers, but in Hanoi Garden City, the investor builds a living philosophy for the resident community first, thereby creating attraction for customers with similar economic conditions. Intellectual groundwork creates a foundation for building a civilized, cohesive community of residents. The subdivisions launched one after another have different functions and roles but have complementary values ​​in the correct order of launch: Canal Park apartment complex, Arden Park adjacent villa area, Eastern Park shophouse area and 88 Central shophouse area. Next time it will be an international quality apartment building Residence @ Avenue 5.

Ha Noi Garden City - a new destination in the center of Long Bien

Up to now, the project has been implemented for nearly 10 years with many stages. How to keep the project always new and attractive in the eyes of customers – investors is not an easy job. Also according to Mr. Tang Vui Woon – Project Director of Ha Noi Garden City, good operational management helps customer assets increase in value is the way to help the project stay attractive in the eyes of investors: “Ha Noi Garden City is currently partially developed with 3 completed subdivisions, which is a living example for current and potential real estate owners to approach in addition to the living environment Green and convenient, the project’s maintenance and security policies are equally important. We always focus on creating a safe living space in Hanoi Garden City that all customers are considering how their property appreciates in value regardless of whether they are residential buyers or investors. A project that is well managed in all aspects will eventually appreciate in value over time This has been proven in Ha Noi Garden City” – Mr. Tang Vui Woon emphasized.

Ha Noi Garden City – a new destination of Long Bien

In addition to the value of living, the project pays special attention to the value of symbiosis in the economy. business to create a vibrant urban living area. More than 9,000 residents in the urban area will be close customers of each other. Thanks to that, the cash flow will circulate and proliferate continuously and create prosperous life values. In addition, the project is an open urban area, so it will attract a large number of outside residents to come here to have fun, shop, and experience services, thereby bringing cash flow to shophouse owners here. So how can Ha Noi Garden City become a new destination of Long Bien?

According to Mr. Tang Vui Woon – Project Director of Ha Noi Garden City: “< em>To make Ha Noi Garden City become a new destination of Long Bien, we are focusing more on creating sustainable value for development based on the philosophy of providing affordable products with international quality. Ha Noi Garden City is a complex urban area project capable of bringing good products at affordable and reasonable prices to serve a larger customer group in the market Affordable prices will distinguish us from all other real estate investors in the Long Bien area. Ha Noi Garden City is a miniature city with full amenities for all ages basis to say that Ha Noi Garden City is a new destination of Long Bien.”

The utility system is also organized and designed to aim for two goals: serving residents and attracting visitors to experience. Including health care sports area (outdoor sports park, walking path, gym, swimming pool, football field, tennis court…); Children’s area (outdoor park, water playground, library…); Inter-level bilingual school system; Community living area (square, green park, landscape lake, reading garden…); Entertainment area (Commercial centerrestaurantclubhouseshophousesupermarketwalking streetweekend fair…)

The goal is to become a new destination in addition to a diverse and convenient utility system. clubhouses serving all ages. The project is also realized with a new product line – Shophouse 88 Central – a “new night market” of Hanoi. Mr. Tang Vui Woon said: “We have the idea of ​​turning shophouse 88 Central into a modern market and trendy business district. In fact, this effort has been made in a number of other countries.” which we have experience in developing projects. It is expected that the walking street and weekend art performance area will be implemented from 2023″.

Not only does it bring true living value to residents – home buyers to live in or do business, the project also brings sustainable profits to investors. With the concept of “building together and developing together”, Ha Noi Garden City’s product subdivisions were launched at the right time to create added value for investors. Especially with a construction time of up to 10 years and a longer companion time, Ha Noi Garden City is the clearest proof of the “skyrocketing” price increase of Long Bien real estate. Especially in the next 2 years when 5 new roads open in Thach Ban ward, including 2 30m roads going straight from the project to Co Linh street, land prices here are forecast to have many new price increases.</p >

It is known that after shophouse 88 Central, the investor will launch an international quality apartment complex with more than 1,000 apartments uniquely designed in Malaysian style targeting international residents in each area. All apartments have swimming pools and private amenities for residents: library, gym, walking path, reading garden…

In a prime location in the eastern central district of Hanoi no peaceful living space, perfect utility system, the green city of Ha Noi Garden has become the perfect residential choice and gradually becomes a new – attractive destination in the center of Long Bien.