Ha Tay province can also be merged into the Capital at district level

The information that Hoan Kiem district is subject to merger in the next two years is a topic of great public concern. The source of this starts from the fact that according to the regulations of the National Assembly Standing Committee, the district must have a minimum area of ​​35 km2 and a population of 150,000, while the area of ​​Hoan Kiem district is only 5.29 km2 with a population of 150,000. number is 156,000.

Currently, the incident has raised many mixed opinions in the community.

Ha Tay province can also be merged into the Capital at district level

Readers Viet Anh: “Hoan Kiem District as well as Hoan Kiem Lake are names associated with the history of formation and development of Hanoi Capital, a place name associated with 36 Streets. People from all over the country who come to the Capital cannot help but come to Hoan Kiem.

This place has been the cultural, economic and life center of the Capital’s people for a century now. Therefore, we should not mechanically follow arithmetic calculations to erase a historical place like Hoan Kiem district.”

Reader with nickname CTHM: “In my opinion, Hoan Kiem district Hoan Kiem has extremely important historical significance and should not be unified or rigidly merged. By doing so, the gains do not compensate for the losses.”

Reader Thi Hoa Buoi Nguyen: “Of the two criteria of population and area, Hoan’s population criterion is Earned 100%, only the area criterion was not met. However, Hoan Kiem district is associated with the historical relics of Hoan Kiem Lake and busy streets: Hang Ngang, Hang Dao… So if merged, many people will be surprised when the information is mentioned later.

ReaderTran Hung: “If we don’t merge, where will we get the funds to pay salaries for the giant apparatus? If we want to do it, there are many ways. If we don’t do it, there are many reasons. due more. If you want not to merge, you can spend your own money to support the redundant apparatus.”

VTU readers:Hoan Kiem district is small in size. However, the tax revenue equal to an entire province is not small. Just because of the area calculated for the whole country, is it possible to change a place that has been ingrained in the subconscious of many generations and marked by history?”.

Reader Hung: “There’s nothing inappropriate. The upward process is inheritance and development, what is suitable must be left, if not, it must be eliminated.”

Reader Tu Do: “Merging the whole Ha Tay province brings There are no problems with many special historical, cultural and spiritual values ​​in Hanoi.”

Readers petition for the merger of Hoan Kiem district

Along with the diverse opinions of readers, many experts also spoke up about the matter Named Architect Tran Ngoc Chinh said that merging Hoan Kiem into any other district is not suitable due to geographical factors or major disturbances and identity factors of the districts.

Many Other opinions also believe that the merger of Hoan Kiem district needs careful consideration.

Reader Ngoctho Ngo: “The streamlining of the public apparatus It’s true, but merging 1/4 of the district (Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung) is something that needs to be considered. Because there are too many historical factors.”

Along with that, many readers also made plans in case Hoan Kiem district had to be merged.

Reader nguyen nguyenbinh : “Hanoi development planning takes the Red River as the axis, so Hoan Kiem district should be expanded symmetrically on both sides of the Red River.”

Reader Vietnamese of the same opinion: “Collecting some riverside wards in Long Bien and merging them into Hoan Kiem to develop tourism on both sides of the Red River is beautiful.”

Reader Nam Phong : Huangpu District (Shanghai, China) was expanded three times, merged with other districts and kept the name Huangpu District, if expanded, it should be the same”.

Reader An Nam Hong: “If it’s just because of specific factors, this whole country is at most a rule that all localities must be equal. The simplest thing is to expand Hoan Kiem district to keep the same name or change the name.” It’s not difficult to merge 2 districts and take the name Hoan Kiem”.

Reader A Quy: “Then merge another district into Hoan Kiem district, the name Hoan Kiem district will still remain the same unchanged”.

Changes and mergers in the development process are unavoidable in every country. However, the information about the merger of Hoan Kiem district is not a final decision but is only a notification. Hanoi’s review report. To make the final decision, the relevant ministries will also have to consider other specific factors such as traffic conditions, geographical location, national traditions, and history.