Hanoi teacher suddenly became famous after the opening ceremony: Graduated from 2 universities

In recent days, social networks have continuously shared a series of photos of a female teacher and her students beaming on the first day of school.

Standing in the school yard, the teacher has a clear face. Tu wears a striking lemon yellow traditional ao dai. Long flowing hair and gentle makeup accentuate the elegance and gentleness.

Netizens have given many compliments to the beautiful beauty of this female teacher. . Many people gave her the nickname “hot girl teacher” and beauty queen.

According to the reporter’s research, the owner of the photo set that caused an internet sensation above is Nguyen My Linh (26 years old). Literature teacher of a junior high school in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

The image circulating online was taken on the morning of September 5 during the school’s opening ceremony.

The female teacher said that the opening of school is a big holiday, a festival where everyone takes their children to school, so each teacher is well prepared and dressed neatly and politely.

Like Like many colleagues, she chose the traditional ao dai as the outfit for the first day of school.

“That day, many parents and school photographers used mechanical cameras to record images. ceremony and a moment of celebration for the students” shared teacher My Linh.

The female teacher said she felt very surprised when the photos were shared on social networks and received. Many positive comments.

She said: “Even though the opening ceremony has ended for a few days, many colleagues and friends still ask after seeing my image appear in many places. I’m very happy because the image of myself and my students and the school is better known to everyone.”

The moment she The teacher’s attentive care for students received thousands of hearts (Photo: NVCC).

Teacher My Linh graduated with an excellent degree in Literature Education from the University of Pedagogy Hanoi. After graduating, the female teacher returned to teach at a secondary school in Ba Dinh district.

“My mother is my literary inspiration. Since I was young, I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher.” I took the chalk and practiced beautiful handwriting. I took the exam for the major I loved and was fortunate to work at a school with a rich tradition of learning.

In my mind, a teacher is a teacher. A noble profession brings many good values ​​to future generations. Now I am very satisfied with the profession,” My Linh confided.

In addition to teaching knowledge, the young teacher said. I also equip students with many life skills and teach them to improve their speech and apply the beauty of literature in life.

According to My Linh, the most valuable thing a young teacher is What I receive when pursuing this profession is the love of the students. The naive yet sincere wishes and caring messages from students on special occasions, the growth and maturity of students… are the motivation for My Linh to stick with the profession.

New Recently, teacher My Linh also completed a second degree in Business Administration from Foreign Trade University.

When she was a student at Hanoi University of Education, My Linh won the beauty pageant award of school. She likes a gentle, feminine style and often takes photos in ao dai.

However, female teachers often only keep commemorative images for themselves or share them with relatives and friends. The suddenly famous incident after the opening ceremony made her a bit confused because of the huge spread of the photos.

Sharing the secret to keeping in shape, the Hanoi teacher said She practices a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, eating and sleeping on time. Every day she exercises sports take it easy and spend time reading books to relax.