Haunted by the “stepfather” of the crucifixion of a little girl and tormented by the name “biological mother”

On October 13, the Trial Council sentenced the defendant Nguyen Trung Huyen sentenced to death for “murder”. The sentence was within the predictions of many people because of the obsession with The defendant’s cruel behavior towards his lover’s stepchild. In court, Huyen’s testimony and description of the times he abused little D.N.A. made many people want to collapse.

The first time the girl’s mother got married after the breakup, he took wood glue from the carpentry workshop and put it on the girl’s nose. The next 234 times, Huyen declared that he gave the child herbicide, forced him to swallow screws, and broke the victim’s arm.

The 5th time he directly pushed the baby to death, he did not remember how many nails he drove into the baby’s head, each time about 2-3 minutes apart.

Huyen’s crime caused his biological father, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hung, to chillingly exclaim in the middle of the trial: “Very cruel”.

Huyen calmly replied that he wanted to kill the little girl because he did not want to raise her con wife‘s own. The two words “stepchild” seem to be the thing that pushes many children out, causing them to fall into tragedy in their new relationship, the new life of their parents.

Not only the Nguyen Trung Huyen case, the Nguyen Vo Quynh case Trang in Ho Chi Minh City tortured a girl, her lover’s child, to death, which is also a heartbreaking story in the stepmother-stepchild relationship.

There is a proverb that says: “For several generations, bread has bones, and for several generations, a stepmother loves her husband’s children.” This sentence may not be true in all cases, but it is drawn from everyday stories from ancient times to warn about the relationship between stepmother and son-in-law.

The relationship is similar. Although the agreement between stepfather and stepchild is rarely mentioned, in reality, not only did baby D.N.A die at the hands of her mother’s “new person”. And not only waiting for death, many children are living in terror because the person they call “father” when their mother passes away.

Haunted by the stepfather of the crucifixion of a little girl and tormented by the name biological mother

When Nguyen Trung Huyen murdered dozens of criminals The nail in the head of a 3-year-old girl was being brought to trial when in Lam Dong, her stepdaughter was shot dead by her stepfather before he committed suicide. The reason is said to be that conflicts in life stem from the stepfather-stepson relationship.

Then in just a short period of time, there were many cases of stepfathers raping their stepchildren. An equally haunting incident recently happened in Son La when mother Ha Thi Nguyet cut off her husband’s penis because he raped her 15-year-old stepson many times.

According to the law, a divorced couple when their child is under 36 months old will be given to the mother to raise. Sisters often say to each other that when their marriage breaks down, they insist that the mother must keep the child. This emphasizes the mother’s role in nurturing and protecting her children.

Yet many, many children raised by their mothers after divorce fall into their stepfather’s hell. Many children under the age of 3 who are under their mother’s care have lost their lives because of their stepfather.

Not long ago in Vinh Long, subject Nguyen Minh Quan used his foot to repeatedly step on the head of a 2-year-old child, his lover’s stepchild, causing the child to die. It was heartbreaking when the child’s mother was present to witness the incident.

When trying Nguyen Trung Huyen, the Procuracy proposed to investigate mother’s role. That mother raised her child after a divorce, only to let her fall into the situation of being tortured by her lover for a long time in the most horrifying ways. The baby experienced a lot of pain, panic, and fear… even while living with his mother.

According to statistics, in Vietnam there are currently about 60,000 divorce cases each year. The divorce rate compared to marriage is 25%, which means that for every 4 couples who register their marriage, 1 couple goes to court. This also partly paints the picture of many children who will live in their parents’ new relationship with their stepmother – stepfather.


Just like men, women after divorce have the right to find new happiness. But once a child is born, the new happiness of the mother and father must go hand in hand with the happiness and safety of the child.

Going forward with your own intestines by your side, each person must ask themselves whether they have the financial capacity, emotional self-control, and awareness to protect their children. As well as needing to answer the question of whether we can ensure the safety of our children; If my husband abuses my child, where will I be?

When a child is abused and tortured by his stepfather and stepmother, the person with the greatest responsibility for the child is the biological father and mother. They may not have to face the law, but they are responsible for their children’s conscience.