Hot girl Quynh Anh and the story of preventing “itchy back and scratching stomach” of Thanh Hoa Secretary

In the past, people were upset about why a young girl’s studies were “patchy” and talented. His expertise is nothing special (some people even consider it poor), his income is about 60 million VND/year, he comes from a not very well-off family, and suddenly he has magical advancement steps to own his fortune. to many billions of dong, now public opinion is annoyed by the question of the form of treatment for those who “cares” for this girl.

Looking back at the incident, it cannot be said that it was the end of the story. disappointed

When the incident was discovered, Mr. Tran Quang Dang, Chairman of the Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee’s Inspection Committee, said that the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee directed this agency to urgently intervene with an appointment 3 months in advance. . But the matter procrastinated from day to day and it took nearly 9 months for it to be concluded.

While public opinion waited for an answer, what was Ms. Quynh Anh’s magical path to promotion? any? Did someone “scribble” or “initialize” and the records “suddenly disappeared!?

People need answers about the origin of this wealth as well as how to deal with it.” It’s amazingly disappointing because it doesn’t change even if one… broken brick.

And the result for the person responsible is even more disappointing than… amazing. Mr. Ngo Van Tuan, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, former Director of the Department of Construction, the main “author” of these “miraculous” promotions, has been disciplined in a form that perhaps exceeds the expectations of the disciplined person. Law: Reprimand!

For Mr. Dao Vu Viet – Director of Thanh Hoa Department of Construction, received a form of “deep criticism”.

Person subject to severe discipline especially Ms. Tran Vu Quynh Anh, with the form of expulsion, she has “disappeared in the West”.

In short, the result of this case is that only Ms. Quynh Anh and the dossier… are missing. Ms. Quynh Anh’s assets are still intact. The two “lightly offended” people, Mr. Dao Vu Viet, were “deeply criticized” (ie above the level of… superficial criticism?) and Mr. Ngo Van Tuan was “reprimanded”. It’s over!

Perhaps that’s why many months have passed and public opinion still hasn’t calmed down.

Talking to the Duong Delta press, China expressed: “Everyone is everyone.” Who doesn’t want to be promoted if they want to be promoted? And that is the right of responsible people. So the supporter must bear the heavier responsibility, not the appointed person receiving the higher disciplinary action. In this case, the person promoting must carry out the discipline of expulsion from the Party, not the person being appointed. The person promoted is the superior who is educated and responsible and in a high position must be heavier than the subordinate.”

Just a few days ago (December 7) during the question session of the Meeting Wednesday of Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Council, term XVII, term 2016 – 2021, when Mr. Dao Trong Quy – Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment was “excited” with his issue about whether sand mining will cause landslides in agricultural land. Chairman, Secretary Trinh Van Chien, reminded:

“You didn’t write down the questions of the delegates, why do you have to quickly write down what each delegate asked to answer the question correctly to avoid the situation? As I said earlier, if you have an itchy back, you can’t scratch your stomach and that would take up a lot of time.”

The experience of “where you scratch your itch” has been fully used by Secretary Chien. image and very accurate. If “referring” to the case of Ms. Quynh Anh, it seems that the “itchy” area is in the origin and handling of this woman’s assets and the form of disciplinary action against the officials involved.

It can be said that this is what makes people have “itchy” ears and “itchy” eyes that need to be “scratched” at the right time and place.

So we hope that in the Hot Girl incident Quynh Anh Thanh Hoa, let’s apply Secretary Trinh Van Chien’s handling concept of “scratching” when it’s “itchy”, not “when your back itches, scratch your stomach”, right?

Bui Hoang Tam