How are beautiful and unique license plates around the world bought and sold and priced?

The Ministry of Public Security is collecting people’s opinions on a pilot proposal to grant the right to choose to use car license plates through auction. Accordingly, the winning bidder has the right to retain the license plate to register another vehicle under his/her ownership (the license plate stays with the person for life).

This proposal is attracting public attention. In fact, not only in Vietnam but in many countries around the world, many people believe that beautiful and unique license plates represent the owner’s status, class and personality. Beautiful, unique license plates are always sought after. And auctioning beautiful license plates has been done by many countries for a long time.

Thailand: First time auctioning special car license plates

Personal car owners in Thailand were able to bid for special license plates for the first time at an auction organized by the Road Traffic Department on April 7.< /p>

The amount collected from the auction of 63 Thai license plates is 282 million baht (Photo: TTXVN).

Round The first private car license plate auction attracted 287 on-site participants and 308 online participants. Personal vehicle owners were allowed to bid on special license plates, with each license plate consisting of Thai letters and numbers must be no more than 7 characters.

The most chosen number plates have words representing money and beauty. For example, “Ror Wor Yor” is read as “. “ruai” means showing wealth; “Sor Wor Yor” read as “suai” which is close to the word beautiful; or “sethi” means millionaire. The most expensive license plate is “Ror Wor Yor 9999” sold for Priced at 185 million baht, equivalent to 550,000 USD. Next is “Sethi 1” (154 million baht), Sor Wor Yor 1 (13 million baht), Sethi 8 (126 million baht) and “Ror Wor Yor 8888” (111 million baht).

The amount collected from the auction of 63 special license plates is 282 million baht. The Road Traffic Department of Thailand believes that the remaining 19 license plates can earn 20-30 million baht. The agency expects to earn at least 300 million baht from the auction of 82 license plates. According to the plan, the proceeds from the auction of special license plates will be used to support the Road Traffic Safety Fund.

United Arab Emirates: Buy and sell License plates are a way to contribute to the country

This country does not tax personal income, so many people believe that participating in the sale of beautiful license plates is not simply a matter of serving personal interests but also a way to contribute to the country.

Owning 2 license plates D-5 and O-9, Mr. Balwinder Sahni – a famous businessman in Dubai said : “I like numbers. Over the past 10 years, I have bought many beautiful license plates. This country has given me a lot. Because the money to buy license plates will be used for charitable purposes, so I think buying these license plates is my way of contributing to the country.”

China: License plate auction to reduce bribery to own beautiful license plates

In China, the law on auctioning beautiful license plates has been around since the 90s of the last century. At that time, the numbers 689 were considered beautiful numbers because they represent auspiciousness according to folk beliefs.

Accordingly, the license plate auction is organized by the government to reduce bribery to own beautiful plates and at the same time use the proceeds for Funds to support people in traffic accidents or road repair.

As of Currently, there are two license plates recorded as having the highest auction price in China. The most expensive license plate with the number V99999 was sold in Yen Duong city, Guangdong province in 2016. By February 2017, the second most expensive license plate was the number plate. The price of 3 million yuan belongs to a businesswoman named Vuong, director of an asphalt production and trading company.

It is known that vehicle license plates after being auctioned must be registered according to the person’s name and not can be transferred. Those who own the license plate for 3 years when buying a new car can install this license plate on the new car to continue using it.

Due to the number of cars in large cities in China is increasingly having to limit the licensing of new vehicle registrations and therefore the price of beautiful license plates is increasing.

USA: License plates are worth more than a fortune

In the US, there are many ways to register a car license plate such as registering online or submitting documents at the traffic department, but the fastest way is to register immediately at car dealerships.

Car owners can also pay their own money to register a plate with letters and numbers that have personal meaning to them as long as it does not violate state government laws. It can be an image of their own name or date of birth… In addition to the registration fee as prescribed, car owners will have to pay an additional 60-100 USD for each custom plate according to personal preferences.

However However, license plates that are considered vulgar or violate moral values ​​will be revoked by the authorities.

About 50% of the total amount collected from vehicle license plate registration and auction will be allocated by local authorities to public schools, about 30% will belong to the local budget, the rest will be for health, security or charity organizations.

In 2018, thanks to revenue from license plate auctions The state of Massachusetts has a budget to allocate more than 5 million USD to non-profit social organizations and charitable funds throughout the state.

In the state of Virginia, the issue of license plates here is handled very well. simple. To meet the needs of many people about having a satisfactory license plate, the state’s vehicle and driver management agency (DMV) has the following regulations: Everyone has the right to choose their license plate as long as they follow two principles. : Firstly, it cannot be the same as a registered plate. Second, the license plate cannot have more than 7 characters.

If you do not choose anything, when registering, DMV will issue a random license plate with 3 letters and 4 numbers, for example ABC1234.

The vehicle owner can choose signs online; If you choose a sign that is already occupied, the machine will notify you to choose another sign. The sign maintenance fee is 10 USD/year and must be paid online. After about 1 week, DMV will send the license plate home.

Switzerland: If the vehicle is no longer available, the license plate must be canceled

Swiss car license plates include 2 state abbreviations plus 6 numbers. But states are flexible and ready to create a special license plate if many people like it.

The Swiss believe that the fewer letters and numbers the license plate has, the more unique it is. Just like in other European countries, each person can keep the license plate for the rest of their life when they sell the car to use for a new car; however, they are not allowed to sell the license plate to someone else.

Belgium: Pay to choose license plate

Belgium does not auction license plates, but car owners can pay extra to choose the license plate of their choice License plates usually only cost 30 EUR, but if you pay an additional 1,000 EUR, the car owner can choose any number as long as it does not overlap and does not have vulgar, hateful or violent meanings.

Australia: License plate auction right at the night market

Every Wednesday night, the Victoria night market in the center of Melbourne city bustles with a festive atmosphere with hundreds of food stalls, souvenir stalls and music highlights of the Victoria night market are stalls selling car license plates and all kinds of signs as a “specialty” of the “land of kangaroos”.

According to Australian law, license plates are goods. VicRoads can be bought, sold, exchanged and given away and has market value. traffic.

Car buyers have two options: Get a random license plate issued by the Traffic Management Agency that displays basic information such as state code and vehicle number.

The second way is for people to choose their own license plate. They will be able to choose any name to put on the license plate, it can be their lover’s name or a name they like like a pet, hero, galaxy… as long as Based on citizens’ ideas, VicRoads staff will design license plate graphics on the computer with many different color fonts for citizens to choose from. Thanks to that, Australian license plates are not just names but also shows the personality of the vehicle owner.

In Australia, there are many unique license plates that are sold or priced very high, sometimes the value of the license plate is higher than the value of the car they own. The license plate “VIC 1” is the first license plate issued and owned by a car mechanic in the Ballarat area of ​​Victoria state, valued by car enthusiasts at up to three million Australian dollars (AUD), equivalent to nearly two million USD.

People who want license plates to have their own names upon request will have to submit an application to the state Traffic Management Agency, pay an amount of money prescribed by the state and pay an annual fee to keep the license plate.

In March 2020, the state of Queensland allowed the insertion of emoticons such as smiley faces, winking hearts and sunglasses on license plates. These symbols are meant to decorate the license plate more beautifully. To own a license plate with emoticons, each car owner must spend about 340 AUD.