How do you know if the company owes employees social insurance money?

According to Vietnam Social Insurance, the VssID (digital social insurance) application has just been upgraded, adding the feature of displaying the time for which the participant’s social insurance has not been paid. Specifically, in this version, the VssID (social insurance) application number) displays: Total time for which social insurance has not been paidunemployment insurance (UI); details of time and The unit has not yet paid social insurance and unemployment insurance for employees at the social insurance agency under management.

At the same time, on the 10th of every month, VssID will proactively send notifications on the application to employees when the employer has an act of evasion of payment, delay in payment of occupation. Social insurance contributions – unemployment insurance benefits of employees for 30 days or more (violation of Clause 123, Article 17 of the 2014 Law on Social Insurance).

According to Vietnam Social Insurance, this feature is one of the important solutions to help employees proactively manage their own social insurance participation information; monitor their employers’ social insurance contributions, contributing to limiting the situation of evasion or occupation Use the employer’s social insurance premiums, health insurance premiums, and unemployment insurance premiums.

Vietnam Social Insurance also has detailed instructions for employees on how to look up the process of participating in social insurance.