How much money do you need to spend every day to live like a billionaire?

Although most billionaires are quite secretive about their expenses, sometimes the public has a fair view of their spending. Let’s see to live like a billionaire, how do you need to spend money?

1. Cost of villa: $20,000/day

It’s not surprising that your house is your biggest expense, especially if you own a grand castle. This fee varies depending on the price of your home. If the house is worth up to $100 million – like billionaire Jeff Greene’s mansion in Beverly Hills ($129 million) – then you will have to pay a monthly fee. per day is about $17,672, which is $537,630 per month. Of course, you’ll also have to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and maintenance costs, making housing costs even higher.

2. Cost of supercar: 410 USD/day

Living like a billionaire means driving like a billionaire, which means you need to have luxury cars like Ferrari or Bugatti.

According to “Road & Track” magazine, you will also have to pay high maintenance costs. To change the tires for a Bugatti Veyron will cost you about 3 2 million dollars $30,000. To replace both rims and tires, you have to spend at least $120,000. In general, annual maintenance for a supercar can cost you more than $150,000 days for vehicle maintenance, not including tax and gasoline insurance.

3. Cost of luxury yacht: $5,890/day

Driving a Bugatti seems a lot more economical than owning a yacht. According to DailyMail a long super yacht 137 meters like Leonardo Di Caprio’s will cost $200 million. But it’s not that simple, you have to pay for it to run maintenance and salaries for the staff on your yacht Fuel for a super yacht can cost up to $400,000 per year, installation costs are $350,000 and salaries for full-time staff on the yacht can cost up to $14 million per year For a fully staffed yacht, you have to pay up to $5,890 per day. If you cut costs and self-catering, the figure will be $2,054.

4 sports: $1,485/day

You’re a billionaire and you can’t go to public gyms. You need a private gym and a personal trainer . Fabrice, the founder of “Fabrice Le Physique” – which specializes in providing trainers to billionaires – charges about $1,300 for an hour of instruction. If you plan to practice 4 days a week for two hours each day, you need to be prepared $1,485 a day.

5. Cost for private chef: $490/day

After a multi-thousand dollar workout you will need to refuel. And of course because you are so busy you can’t help yourself. You can work in the kitchen but need a personal chef. In fact, a personal chef’s salary is only $179,000 per year cheaper than other expenses, which means the daily cost will be $490 that this expense does not include a bonus. A billionaire’s personal chef received a Cartier watch as a year-end bonus.

6 and maid: $251/day

According to PayScale, an organization specializing in providing salary data, on average every day a billionaire has to spend at least 237 dollars on management. Family and maid.

7. Entertainment expenses: $82,191/day

Part of building your net worth is creating relationships, and it has to be structured to make it worth it with a billionaire. The New York Times once investigated that billionaire Stephen A. Schwarzman spent $5 million on his 60th birthday party in Manhattan. That’s an average of 3 events per year each party is worth $10 million, it will cost you $82,191 per day for partying.

8. Cleaning costs: $267/day

Keeping the spacious and clean villa requires a lot of effort and money. According to the New York Daily News Dr. Dre – who famously called himself “hip-hop’s first billionaire” – spent $1,870 a week, or about $267 a day, to clean his place will have to pay about $800 per day.

9. Cost for babysitter: $213/day

Paola Diana, founder of a childcare agency for wealthy families, revealed to DailyMail that the salary for a babysitter is about $213 per day, this cost may arise if the billionaire family goes travel because it will cost extra money for travel and accommodation for the babysitter.

10. Garden maintenance costs: $116/day

The billionaire’s villa always has outdoor facilities such as a garden swimming pool… Garden maintenance workers in Americans can earn a salary of up to 42,342 per year, which is $116 per day – according to PayScale. If you hire four employees, of course you will pay 464 per day.

11. Weekend motel cost: $3,000/day

Most billionaires have multiple houses and weekend vacation homes. According to Forbes, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s vacation home in Hawaii is worth 100 million dollars while Michael Bloomberg’s house in London is cheaper at 26 million dollars. For a “modest” house like Bloomberg’s, you should be prepared to pay $3,416 per day not including real estate taxes. utilities and maintenance as well as support staff costs…

12. Personal assistant cost: $246/day

Every billionaire should have one or two personal assistants. According to a report by Next Shark, experienced assistants earn less At least $90,000 per year a less experienced person can get $50,000 which means you need to pay at least $246 per day for an assistant plus the extra cost of any benefits or bonuses. If you are looking for highly skilled assistants, this number will have to increase. CNBC reports that billionaire Sam Wyly paid two assistants $32,000 per month, meaning he spent more than 500. dollars per assistant per day.

13. Security costs: $11,780/day

Staying safe is a top priority for every billionaire so you will have to pay a fairly high fee that can increase with time. time. Facebook paid 43 million dollars in 2015 for Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security – according to Fortune magazine.

14 Lawyers and attorneys’ fees: $1,500/. an hour

You do not necessarily have to pay legal fees every day, but only when participating in a lawsuit. Public tycoon Billionaire entertainer Peter Thiel spent about $10 million funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media – according to Fox News and Fortune revealed that top lawyers can charge up to $1,500 apiece hours.

15. Private plane cost: $2,254/day

The ultimate billionaire symbol – private jet. Of course, billionaires cannot line up at the plane like normal people usually different.

According to AviationVoice a 2011 Cessna Citation gasoline $215,000 per year for staff costs and hundreds of dollars per hour for maintenance costs.

So the total cost for us to be able to live like a billionaire will be $130,093 or more no matter how much you cut it, you still spend a 6-figure bill. This is just money to cover basic expenses, not counting the investment and savings of a billion It doesn’t seem easy for Phu!.

Huu Nguyen

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