How to retrieve VssID password when lost?

Especially, there are people who report forgetting their password more than 40 times in 1 month…

To support individuals who have registered for electronic transactions with the social insurance agency to proactively retrieve Reset the password to log in to the VssID application – Digital Social Insurance (VssID application) or the Public Service Portal of Vietnam Social Security. Vietnam Social Security has recently implemented the form of re-issuing the password to log in to the VssID application via Method of texting to number 8079.

Specifically from October 22, 2021, to retrieve the login password of the VssID application or the Public Service Portal of Vietnam Social Security, users can use the message service. text message with the syntax “BH MK {Social Insurance Code}” sent to prefix 8079. (For example: Social Insurance Code 1234567xxx needs to retrieve password. User composes a message to send to prefix 8079 with the following syntax: BH MK 1234567xxx).

In case the system checks that the phone number sending the message belongs to the correct social insurance code in the message content and has registered for electronic transactions with the social insurance agency, the system will return the content. text message: “Re-cap the tray successfully. Account number: 1234567xxx/Exchange number: 22xx99”. Cases where the phone number texting does not match the phone number registered with the social insurance code or the social insurance code has the wrong structure (not 10 numeric characters) the message has incorrect syntax … the system will send a response to the phone number that sent the message. VssID application users should note that with the number 8079, the network operator will charge a service fee of 1,000 VND/message.

How to retrieve VssID password when lost?

Practical user usage of VssID application shows that many users Forgot password to log in to the application and use the “Forgot password” function to get a new password with the Brandname message content as follows: “Restart the password successfully. New password: 279419”. Because this utility is provided completely free of charge by the social insurance agency, most application users do not have the habit of remembering their password each time they use it instead of finding the assigned password to complete. Log in and forget your password.

According to statistics from Vietnam Social Insurance as of 2:00 p.m. on October 18: The number of approved VSSID accounts is 21,635,070; The number of forgotten password messages (including: 1 OTP message to authenticate phone number + 1 new password notification message) is 11,366,788 messages, so there are about 57 million people (equivalent to 26 % of people with personal electronic transaction accounts with the social insurance agency use the forgot password function.

Notable during the period from September 29, 2021 to October 15 -2021, the number of people who forgot their password is 1,791,924, an increase of 200% compared to the average of previous months. Especially, there are people who reported forgetting their password more than 40 times in 1 month. For example: August 2021, phone number 0327xxx686 forgot 43 times; September 2021 phone number 0377xxx835 forgot 47 times; In October 2021, the phone number 0366xxx286 was forgotten 45 times;…

Therefore, in order to reduce the load on the system and at the same time increase the responsibility of VssID application users, Vietnam Social Insurance implemented the form of reissuing passwords. VssID application login password via texting to 8079 is an effective solution. In the near future, Vietnam Social Security will adjust the VssID software application so that users can reissue login passwords for free via email through the VssID application or Vietnam Social Security Public Service Portal.

< p>Since coming into operation from November 2020 until now, the VssID application has brought many benefits to participants in social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance (UI) such as: Management and control of information about the process of participating in benefits Social insurance policy, health insurance, unemployment insurance; Carry out public services on social insurance and health insurance in a convenient, easy and quick way; Use the image of your health insurance card on the application to go for health insurance treatment.

In the context of the current complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam Social Security actively and promptly deploys the application of information technology in Transaction processes with participants such as providing additional public services or information lookup services in transactions about social insurance and unemployment insurance on the VssID application will help participants not have to go directly to the social insurance agency to carry out the transactions. Related document procedures contribute to limiting travel to effectively prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.