How to search for real estate quickly and effectively

Minh Anh (18 years old) when buying his first house only took 5 hours to choose a house and make a deposit. Minh Anh is one of the “gen Z” young people who is fortunate to have great support from his family, so he owned a house very early. For them, the home buying journey can only be measured in days and hours, not months or years like that. previous generation.

Minh Anh said she and her mother had looked at a series of projects real estate on website, then filter according to desired criteria, localize 4 projects and go on a field trip to finalize the website This also allows users to compare apartment prices with the price levels of surrounding projects and view price fluctuations at different times within 5 years thanks to the “Price History” tool.

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Many owners first house at a young age (Photo: Batdongsan).

Buying journey real estate in the 4.0 era has been reduced in many steps thanks to the support of technology platforms. One of the few pioneering platforms in the field of real estate technology in Vietnam is of PropertyGuru Group. This website accounts for 82% of the interactive market share in online real estate search according to SimilarWeb data as of June 2023.

Search for real estate more easily and effectively with .vn

Mr. Bach Duong – General Director of – said that this platform is currently used by about 5 million people looking for real estate every month because they understand and promptly meet their needs, focusing on solving the problem of trust and transparency.

“ launched in 2008 and has continuously developed since then, focusing on investment improvement on technology. Recently we have launched a number of new features such as “Verified listings” and “Price history” of real estate, bringing useful and reliable information to real estate buyers and sellers,” he said. Aries shares.

“Authentic listings” solve the challenges of home seekers when they often encounter inaccurate information. will authenticate postings with complete information such as the correct red book owner, the correct location, the correct real estate for sale…

The “Price History” feature for Allows you to view price fluctuation information of any project or area in the most recent 5 years. Users can understand the highest and lowest price ranges suitable for transactions and the rate of price increase over the years, and are also suggested real estate lists with the same price range in the area for more choices.

Users are viewing Price history of a housing project through the technology platform (Photo: Batdongsan).

Other outstanding features and content such as Real Estate Wiki – detailed handbook on buying, selling, investing, renting real estate, the Project page provides project information about 99% of projects on the market, video reviews real estate marketregional project reviews… also helps users have a buying journey or rent real estate more easily and effectively.

Instructions for searching for real estate on

Method 1: Use the tool Search on the homepage.

– In the search box on the homepage, select “Real estate for sale” or “Real estate for rent”.

– Find information according to your needs such as : Area, price, area, you can select “Filter more” to find more details by number of rooms, house direction… then press “Search”.

– Or quickly enter a keyword phrase and press “Search”.

Method 2: Search in the Real Estate for Sale and Real Estate for Sale categories rent

– Select the category “Real estate for sale” or “Real estate for rent” on the toolbar.

– Select search by information fields such as: Type of real estate, area, project, price, area, direction, number of rooms…

Method 3: Search for real estate by Project category

– Select category “Project” on the toolbar, if the project name is known, the user enters the project name to search in the “Search” box.

– If the specific project has not been identified, the user You can search by: location type of real estate (real estate) price level project status… .

– Users will see sales/rental postings belonging to the project you are interested in on the bottom of the page.

Method 4: Search for real estate using the map drawing tool

– Select the category Real estate for sale/Real estate for rent and click on the “View on map” icon.

– Select location, property type, area, price and click “Search” or directly drag and zoom the map to the area you are looking for. interested.

– Another way is to select the pen icon to circle the area where you want to search for real estate information.

– The results return a list of ads for sale/ real estate rental located in the area the user is searching for. Users can filter the results they have just found by date displayed on the website or price.