HTV revealed the “mixed cream” when penetrating Huyen Co cosmetics factory

With explosive development, domestic cosmetic brands are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. And in the chaotic context of conflicting information about cosmetics of unknown origin, people Consumers are extremely confused, not knowing what is low quality cosmetics and what is standard cosmetics. To avoid being confused by the “blind” promotional tactics of cosmetic brands with “names” and “age” but no “birthplace”, HTV’s Career Stories program has directly penetrated into capital of a cosmetic brand in Ho Chi Minh City to help consumers better identify the above issues.

In order to have products to sell on the market, do not consider homemade handmade cosmetics for yourself or a few others who imitate them. It is required to have a factory that meets cosmetic production standards to be licensed by the state for mass production. However, currently on the market, on the packaging and labels of many cosmetic lines, even the production address is not recorded, so what can be said about whether there is a factory that meets standards or not.

Products without a clear address are often manually mixed and stirred without being inspected by authorities for hygiene standards, the safety of raw materials and the presence of ingredients. presence of banned substances. People still call them mixed creams.

When holding or being introduced to a certain cosmetic product, consumers need to pay attention. First go to the place of production to see where the specific address of the factory is located. Then you need to ask the seller or introducer to provide objective images of the factory and even offer to visit the factory if possible. With official brands, they are willing to open their factories to welcome visitors, but products that do not have a “place of birth” will definitely find ways to refuse you.

Next, the seller must be required to prove product safety with documents. received by authorities. The most important is the product declaration. If no declaration is provided, it means that the brand has not been allowed to produce by the authorities or does not meet safety standards for cosmetic production. To further ensure safety, you need to see if the brand has a certificate of ISO quality standards. Finally, there is a stamp from the Ministry of Public Security to know that this is a brand recognized and protected by law.

Many brands use “smoke” to cover their eyes. consumers with awards and souvenir cups. There are many real awards that are bought with money, meaning that with money you can get certificates of merit and certificates of all kinds. Consumers should not be gullible in these promotional tactics. It is necessary to carefully consider whether the awarding organizations are trustworthy or not. Who is giving the awards? data-content-piece=”article-content-autolink_612dcf9bfb044100119a1417″ data-content-target=”” data-track-content=”” href=”https:/ /”>whether the event the brand is invited to attend is prestigious and influential?

After objectively determining the safety and reputation of the consumer brand If you are new to using it, you should take out a bag to buy used products. Whether or not there are signs of allergic reaction to the product after use or not depends on each person’s constitution and hormonal characteristics. If consumers feel insecure, they should see a doctor to know the exact skin condition and get feedback on the brand they are using.

Wishing you You are always a wise consumer and find a quality cosmetic brand that is safe and suitable for your skin.