I will always remember your image – the girls who paved the way

During the resistance war against America, we joined in the spirit of “cutting across Truong Son to save the country” of the soldiers. Many young men and women, not caring about their lives, also rushed to the front line of fire. They cut down mountains to clear trees to make way for vehicles to reach the front line Heal the wounds on the roads to battle. They are the TNXP girls, the Girls who paved the way that musician Xuan Giao praised in the song of the same name.

The opening line is also the context of the song: “Walking under the late night sky, stars sparkle at night, whose singing echoes through the trees and forests? Is the girl opening the  way? Can’t see people’s faces, just hear the singing…”. Those were also the words of a soldier marching at night under the dark sky of Truong Son forest with only twinkling starlight to light the way. In that space, a clear girl’s voice rang out, “shaking the trees of the forest”. It’s true you – the girl who paved the way! I can’t see your face but I can hear your clear voice, helping to dispel all the tiredness…

Where are you in the middle of the vast Truong Son Mountains? Although   could not see his face, the young soldier still imagined the owner of that clear voice… “I went to the forest – the green trees opened the way for me to go.” going up the mountain – the mountain bowed its head…” The girls of volunteer workers during that time of bombs and smoke built many bridges, filled many bomb craters, cleared the roads so many times for army vehicles to pass so that their footsteps would be more steady.

… If the resistance succeeds, some will lose others forever lying on the battlefield like the 10 Dong Loc Junction girls. There are women who send back part of their body to the battlefield, there are people who carry the pain of Agent Orange… And youth that has passed cannot be regained…

Song composed in 1966. Nearly 50 years have passed but every time I hear the melody of “Open Girl road” resounds with “Song of Truong Son” by Tran Chung, “Song of the hammock” by Nguyen Nhung, “Hello, Lam Hong girl” by Anh Duong, “My road is long along the country” by Vu Trong Hoi.. . Surely each of us feels very proud.

Especially “The Girl who paved the way” when resounding before the souls of the young female martyrs who volunteered as an incense stick praising their merits. That song, when heard in everyday life, is still an epic poem about brave people. And the Youth Volunteer Force always retains its pride that our nation’s resistance war against the US to save the country achieved complete victory thanks in no small part to the efforts of the women – the Girls who paved the way this year. old….

Nguyen Thi Diep