It is still common to teach “vegetarian” and learn “vegetarian”

The actual situation shows that there are many popular schools Currently, there are many practice sessions that do not meet the lesson objectives, especially for schools in rural, mountainous and remote areas where teaching is “chay“. Learning “chay” in practice sessions is quite common. As a result, the lessons take place in a boring atmosphere and students have difficulty learning applying theoretical knowledge into practice.

Practical practice sessions are not yet available effective as desired for many reasons. On the teacher’s side, the traditional lecturing method imposed on students still exists. This method is not only used in theoretical lessons but also in practical exercises, which has affected the development of students. Encourage students’ creativity in applying theoretical knowledge to solve an exercise or a practical problem, creating inertia in the student’s receptive psychology.

Another issue of concern is that most practical classes in natural science subjects require equipment. Experimental equipment, visual tools… However, currently in many schools, especially schools in mountainous and remote areas, practice rooms and experimental practice equipment are generally lacking and not synchronized. Lack of equipment to practice leads to a situation where teachers teach “vegetarian” students “vegetarian</span >”. The effectiveness of practice sessions is therefore affected.

To improve the above mentioned shortcomings, positive changes are needed. both objectively and subjectively. First of all, during practice sessions, teachers need to avoid turning the practice instruction process into an opportunity to re-teach the theoretical knowledge that students have learned. But on the other hand, teachers also need to avoid practical instruction separate from theory, which will lead students to grope or accept the teacher’s instructions in a mechanical, rigid and uncertain way. Teachers can present a number of situations for students to choose or distinguish between right and wrong. They should not only care about the results of students’ choices or distinctions, but it is important to ask students to clearly state why they Choosing to differentiate like that helps students really improve their level of understanding and develop their thinking ability. Teachers can encourage students to come up with their own opinions and discoveries, but should not force students to think or express themselves the same way. If a student’s opinion has errors, the teacher needs to correct it, but must do so so that the student does not lose excitement and confidence in the practice lesson.

On the objective side, schools need to make more efforts in building standard laboratory practice rooms for subject groups. At the same time, it is necessary to have a synchronous system of experimental equipment for practice. Regularly organizing contests to create teaching aids is an opportunity to enrich a variety of practical and visual aids. More importantly, these competitions can stimulate teachers’ ability to explore and innovate teaching methods.


Bui Minh Tuan
TKim Lien High School – Nam Dan – Nghe An)

LTS Dan Tri – Learning coupled with practice is an important principle primary importance of education. If you want to improve the quality and effectiveness of education, you cannot prolong the situation of “vegetarian” teaching – “vegetarian” learning. By the efforts of the teachers to creatively apply educational principles as well as the investment in equipment for laboratories and practice rooms for natural science subjects to create favorable conditions for students. Know how to apply theoretical knowledge into practical exercises to promote students’ creativity and passion for learning science subjects.

Do not make practice sessions distributed in the program. present a lesson to teach the theory to students as reflected by the author of the above article.