It’s normal for 16 people to eat 12 million VND worth of seafood

On February 16, a diner named P.H.T. reflects on her group having to spend 11.7 million VND for 16 people to dine at a restaurant in Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city (Quang Ninh province) on the evening of the 6th day of Tet. According to the posted invoice image, the customer group ordered 7 types of seafood including long-legged shrimp, raw oysters, onion-fat oysters, tiger grouper fish, large snails, salt-roasted shrimp and flower clams with prices ranging from 750,000 VND. -850,000 VND/kg and 15,000 VND per oyster.

In response to complaints about “cutting and cutting” customers, the restaurant owner said the restaurant had publicly listed seafood prices. The group of guests before eating We also discussed and agreed with the restaurant on the price of each type of seafood. In addition, the restaurant owner said that during the Tet holiday, prices at the restaurant also increased by 8-10% due to increased staff costs.

After being posted by Dan Tri, the incident caused a wave of debate with many mixed opinions. While many people considered this to be a reasonable price, especially during the holiday On the other hand, many readers consider the restaurant’s seafood prices to be “exorbitant” and disproportionate.

It's normal for 16 people to eat 12 million VND worth of seafood

Reasonable prices cannot be said to be cutting corners!

Commenting under Dan Tri‘s article, reader Phan Trong commented: “16 people ate 12 million dong of seafood is normal. Even with such a large number of people, if they dine at a luxury restaurant, the above amount of money is not too bad. With the menu that the customer ordered, the amount of 12 million VND for 16 guests is a price that does not deserve to be called cutthroat, but should only be evaluated by the word expensive or cheap, which is more reasonable.”

Common account owner Brian Hanoi wrote: “Looking at the bill, I see that the price of 731,000 VND/person is very reasonable compared to the price of Tet and the restaurant location is a tourist city. In addition, the food people order is also high-value seafood on the market. As shown in the picture, the price compared to the quality of the restaurant and the time of service on Tet is reasonable.”

Also do a simple calculation like above Ngo Thai Binh Assessing the amount of 117 million VND for 16 people as “acceptable”. This reader shares his opinion: “During Tet, many costs that make up product prices are high. The price of fresh seafood at the restaurant is publicly listed. I think there is no such thing as “cutting corners”. With an average price of about 700,000 VND/person, this is an acceptable number and not too high compared to the price at Bai Chay tourist area to the point of such complaints. Even in Hanoi, during Tet, the price of fish noodle bowls also increased one and a half times as much as usual.”

Meanwhile, from the story of seafood prices in Ha Long, many people immediately made comparisons with other provinces during that time. On the occasion of Lunar New Year, taking another coastal city, Nha Trang, as a reference system for comparison, account owner Tuan wrote: “Nha Trang is also close to the sea. On a regular day, eating generous amounts of seafood costs more than 500,000 VND.” /People. It’s not expensive at all for Tet.

“It’s not expensive at all. In Can Tho, we went to a restaurant with 3 people, ordered a lobster, 10 oysters, 15 kg cobia, cooked hot pot with a case of beer, and it cost more than 7 million. “If you 16 people complain like that, you should stay home and eat boiled fish khorau” Another comparison comes from a user with the nickname Huong Tram Food.

From the perspective of A person born and raised in the coastal city, Toan Nguyen evaluates that in terms of price, this is not high, but it is necessary to focus on the actual amount of seafood served to tourists. This reader commented: “As a citizen of another coastal tourist city, I find this price not high. Regarding the amount of food eaten, it’s hard for us to say, but on average, eating enough seafood for the amount of money per person as in the article is still a low average compared to the coastal city where I live. Therefore, in this case, we should only consider the quality and quantity of food.”

It's normal for 16 people to eat 12 million VND worth of seafood

“On a normal day, this menu costs almost 10 million VND. This diner probably rarely goes to restaurants” reader Hoang Nam commented.

“You guys order all the specialties on a normal day, the price is almost as high, the price is already listed So if you think it’s expensive, just order rice, crab soup, and roasted meat.” When Tet comes, shoeshine prices increase, we get to rest and go out, but they have to serve us on the 6th day of Tet. Since we’ve gone out to eat at restaurants, we have to accept it. … a series of comments sent in from readers expressing support for the restaurant and criticizing diners’ complaints, especially when using the service during the festive season.

The price is “exorbitant”?

Meanwhile on the other side independent reader Ngoc Kien Tran uses the word “exorbitant” to talk about the above price list. This person wrote: “Flower clams cost 450,000 VND/kg, which is exorbitant. Going to Da Nang, buying a restaurant during Tet is only 150,000 – 200,000 VND/kg.”

Also expressed dissatisfaction with the owner. Clause H.Hai writes: “Oh my god, the surface is as big as a gold-plated finger, but it’s 850,000 VND? It’s strange when you travel and slash like this, it’s strange that customers come back.”

As for reader Hoang Hanhbased on actual images of the dishes served, she thinks that the product quality is only commensurate with street-side seafood. “This is roadside seafood that is too young and small. Normal restaurants do not use this type of seafood while the listed price is equivalent to grade 1 seafood” this reader commented.

“This price is ridiculous. That octopus is 850,000/kg, but 450,000/kg is really exorbitant” reader Hoang Trung Doexclaimed.

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