Kim Ngoc Thuy – Prestigious and professional place to order custom designed wedding rings

The answers to the two why questions below will prove that Kim Ngoc Thuy Wedding Rings is a worthy place for couples to place their trust in custom designed wedding rings. As well as helping couples see the professionalism and prestige of the leading brand in Wedding Ring models.

What is a custom wedding ring design service?

In fact, on the market, couples can easily find models wedding rings are pre-designed by brand jewelry stores with a variety of designs. It is also because of the overlap of popular wedding ring models that couples gradually have a need to own a pair of rings dedicated to their love that does not clash with any other couple.

Translation Custom wedding ring design service is a service to design and manufacture rings according to the couple’s wishes and requirements. Couples will own the perfect pair of rings according to their wishes.

Why has custom-designed wedding rings become a trend?

Currently, the trend of custom-made rings is gradually becoming popular because the couple will own a suitable pair of rings. with aesthetic needs to create distinction in accordance with finances. Especially creating a unique meaning on a hundred-year souvenir.

1. Wedding rings – a pair of gold rings with eternal meaning

Wedding rings are the only sacred keepsake that symbolize the couple’s love leading to marriage. Each pair of wedding rings is a summary of a love story and each couple has a different beautiful love story.

2. Wedding rings are designed according to wishes and in accordance with finances

Owning a pair of wedding rings with your own ideas evokes the meaning of one-to-one love -2 is definitely great. With the on-demand design service, couples who want to buy wedding rings that suit their financial situation will be the perfect choice. Currently, jewelry stores provide wedding rings with a variety of materials such as 10k, 14k, 18k gold and different colors of white and pink gold, including the stone material on the ring. Because of this, couples can easily own a pair of rings with the design they want to suit their economic conditions.

Why should you choose Kim Ngoc Thuy Wedding Rings to design custom wedding rings?

Service of Kim Ngoc Thuy with enthusiasm and a special mission wishes to bring the couple a hundred-year souvenir with many meanings of love.

With the hope of Kim Ngoc Thuy wants in mind to create the perfect product. Because KNT is full of enthusiasm for the profession with creative designers with high aesthetic thinking along with experienced and skilled jewelers.

Kim Ngoc Thuy (KNT)’s (KNT) ring making process

To create a perfectly designed ring, KNT has a systematic process with steps that require time to create and a diligent artisan.

To When the product is beautiful, the artisans will polish it so that the ring has a beautiful shine on every detail.

Finally, the product quality will be checked before the finished pair of rings reaches the customer. .

Comprehensive warranty policy upon purchase

Besides providing quality products, Kim Ngoc Thuy also offers Providing customers with the best customer service. The brand offers a comprehensive free lifetime wedding ring warranty policy including: Name engraving service after ring editing; Ni ring adjustment service; Inspection and correction services when the product has problems; cleaning service to renew products; New artificial implant reattachment service. To help couples keep their hundred-year-old treasure forever.

Please rest assured and put your trust in KNT. Come and tell the love story Kim Ngoc Thuy will help realize it. on the perfect pair of wedding rings! KNT wedding ring brand is present in the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City to serve customers and give them the best buying experience.

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