List of “million dollar” infrared varieties sought after by Vietnamese tycoons

According to Ms. Le Thi Thu Hang, owner of a specialized facility business infrared fads have started to rise in Vietnam in the past 4 years. The reason why this type of imported flower quickly won the hearts of players is because of its aristocratic beauty and special fragrance as well as the diversity of its species.

However, it is also because The price is quite expensive (usually about 20-30 times higher than domestic rose varieties of the same age) and their customers are mainly people with well-off conditions. There are even many tycoons who are truly passionate about roses and spend hundreds of millions of dong just to create a European garden at home consisting only of imported rose varieties.

In Vietnam today there are two main types of imported infrared. The first type is that after importing the original tree from abroad, the gardener will domesticate the tree according to Vietnam’s climate conditions and then multiply the seedlings to reduce costs.

The second type is the After being imported from abroad, infrared plants will be sold directly to customers. It is known that this is also the type with the highest price but is the most sought after by rich Vietnamese people because of its “originality”.

Let’s admire the most expensive types of infrared on the Vietnamese market today:

Juliet rose variety

Juliet is also known as the “million dollar rose” because to breed this rose David Austin (British rose expert, owner of hundreds of famous rose varieties around the world) had to lost up to 1 million USD.

Juliet belongs to the bush rose family with flower shape like a deep cup inside the flower With peach color, the number of petals can be up to 90 petals, flower diameter is from 10-12cm. It is known that a 3-year-old Juliet tree imported directly from abroad costs up to 12 million VND.

The flowers are initially a delicate deep red color then gradually turn purple. William Shakespeare has the strong scent of an old rose, the tree grows in a bonsai shape so its height is relatively low.

In particular, the William Shakespeare rose variety is very prolific and the number of petals per flower can be up to 120. The cost for each imported 3-year-old William Shakespeare rose plant is about 10-12 million VND.

Huntington rose variety

Huntington is an expensive climbing rose variety and is the most popular among Vietnamese tycoons. This type of flower has a very distinct pink color, pleasant nuances, a faint and warm classic rose scent that easily captivates flower lovers.

Especially when the Huntington rose blooms, it gradually opens to reveal revealing the center of many curved wings with a very attractive circular pattern. This type of rose is often used to decorate gates or plant bed borders. The cost of an imported 3-year-old Huntington tree is usually no less than 12 million VND.

Bishop’s varieties Castle has pale pink flowers with a cupped shape and a very characteristic strong fragrance. In addition, Bishop’s Castle is also famous for its ability to resist pests and adapt well to the climate in Vietnam. On the current market, imported Bishop’s Castle trees sold directly have prices ranging from 12-15 million VND.

It is a semi-climbing rose so it can be used as a shrub or climber depending on pruning. Red Eden rose has a traditional dark red color, twisted flower shape and grows in clusters. A directly imported Red Eden tree will cost about 15-18 million VND.