Meet Puutan, an 18-year-old boy pretending to be a beautiful girl

Puutan, whose real name is Tats Tatsuya, is an 18-year-old Japanese boy who is posing as a schoolgirl online and is confusing viewers’ minds

Look at his Instagram profile Puutan could barely tell that he was a man. Puutan really looks like an Asian schoolgirl and no matter how closely you look at the photos you won’t find any clues about his true gender.

But if you click on his YouTube link you will be shocked to find a completely different person. Still wearing feminine clothes and long hair, but you can tell he’s a guy pretending to be a girl.

Puutan has received a lot of attention online for his feminine cosplay fashion. He currently has more than 27,000 followers on YouTube and 23,000 fans on Instagram despite only posting online about a month ago. Perhaps in just a few months Puutan will reach the 100,000 mark on both platforms.

What makes a young man pretending to be a schoolgirl so attractive to everyone? Maybe it’s because the Instagram photos look so real – he totally looks like a girl. But that’s thanks to editing techniques. On Youtube he still shows his masculine appearance. So maybe there’s another reason for people to follow Puutan on Instagram.

On Youtube Puutan occasionally posts hair and makeup tutorial videos as well as content that others find cute, which may be the secret of young people.

One thing is for sure, Puutan’s crossdressing photos have been spreading across Asian social networks for a few weeks, making viewers surprised to learn about his true gender. .

Huyen Anh

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