Memory of a mother who picked up more than 40,000 fetuses: Who can save innocent lives?

Losing the ability to become a mother in your twenties

In recent years, along with the development of society, the state of abortion is also increasing among women. unmarried children. According to data from the Vietnam Family Planning Association, on average each year the country has nearly 300,000 abortions, mainly at the age of 15-19, of which 60-70% are students.

For the past 13 years, Ms. Do Thi Cuc (in Cong Ly commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province) has always quietly collected the body of her fetus for burial. Photo: Gia Khiem

Memory of a mother who picked up more than 40,000 fetuses

Notably, the abortion rate over 12 weeks accounts for nearly 80%. Meanwhile, 20-30% of abortions are for unmarried women and 60-70% are students. There are many girls in their 20s who have abandoned their motherhood, some of whom can no longer have children…

Talk withDan Viet ReporterDoctor Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of Office of the Center for Training and Directing the Line at the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital shared that there have been many women who received the “sentence” of infertility at a very young age due to their “indulgent” lifestyle. abortion.

Mass fetal burial graves built by Mrs. Cuc. Photo: Gia Khiem

“Via In fact, we met many young people who lost the ability to become mothers because their uterine cavity was severely damaged by past abortions. This is a very alarming situation,” Dr. Thanh shared.

Memory of a mother who picked up more than 40,000 fetuses

According to Dr. Thanh, the common feature of these cases is that the women started having sex at a relatively young age. Lacking immature knowledge, these young people often have unsafe sex, leading to unwanted pregnancies so they are forced to have abortions.

Doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of Office of the Training Center – Line Direction of the Central Obstetrics Hospital shared that there have been many women who received the “sentence” of infertility when Very young age due to “indulgent” abortion lifestyle. Photo: NVCC

“Most patients were very confident about their ability to conceive. me. Because they found it very easy to get pregnant when they were young. Sometimes, just 1-2 years after an abortion, a woman gets pregnant again and continues to have another abortion. However, when they get married, they are tired of waiting for a child for 3-4 years and still don’t see one. At this point, the patient panicked and went to see an infertility doctor,” Dr. Thanh said, adding that the ultrasound of the uterine cavity was full of adhesive strips, and there were even cases where the entire uterine cavity was adherent, meaning that pregnancy and childbirth were almost impossible. At this time, the patients were all in shock.

Memory of a mother who picked up more than 40,000 fetuses

“It is very difficult for a pregnant woman to stay pregnant on a fibrous scar in the uterus. We have encountered many cases of patients coming to the hospital with a history of 4-5 miscarriages. When examined, it was found that the uterus – the home of the fetus – had been severely damaged. After marriage, women face great pressure to have children. Therefore, continuous miscarriage not only affects health but also puts a huge psychological pressure on women. Many times this can destroy family happiness,” said Dr. Thanh.

Innocent lives are deprived of life due to abortion. Photo: Gia Khiem

According to experts Statistics have shown that about 50% of young people in Vietnam today have sex without wearing condoms. This is a very alarming situation. Another problem is girls and women in particular In general, most Vietnamese people are very passive when it comes to sex.

Doctor Thanh analyzed that teenage pregnancy puts girls in a dilemma Pregnancy at too young an age is very high, increasing the risk of premature birth. Not only physically, teenage mothers are also under great economic and especially psychological pressure.

“Children are at increased risk of depression and stress. There have been teenagers who have thought about suicide when they found out they were pregnant because they felt there was no way out. On the contrary, terminating pregnancy, which is the choice of many young people today, can lead to infertility later. Even unsafe abortion can have direct consequences such as: uterine infection, uterine perforation, and in some cases bleeding requiring a hysterectomy, leading to loss of the opportunity to become a mother in the future,” Dr. Thanh emphasized.

Stop the practice of killing innocent lives

Talk withDan Viet reporterMr. Dang Hoa Nam – Department Head of the Children’s Department (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs) emphasized that children have the right to live. A born baby has the right to be registered at birth to become a citizen, the right to be cared for, to be healthy and to preserve his life. The law has also dealt with the act of disposing of fetuses, dealing with many cases of mothers abandoning their newborn babies.

Mr. Dang Hoa Nam – Director of the Children’s Department (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs) emphasized that children have the right to live. Photo: Gia Khiem

Memory of a mother who picked up more than 40,000 fetuses

“The acts of abandoning children are truly too barbaric. Therefore, in my opinion, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen social ethics issues but at the same time strengthen law enforcement to serve as an educational deterrent… to prevent similar cases from occurring. Besides, society needs to share with women to help them overcome mistakes during pregnancy and unwanted childbirth that lead to depression and psychological trauma.

However, from a legal perspective, if a mother allows her child to fall into a dangerous situation and take the child’s life, it is a violation of social ethics, a violation of customs and traditions and the law. again. We should have harmonious and responsible measures such as education, social counseling, and reproductive support, and at the same time, law enforcement agencies must also take strict action. We must investigate thoroughly to find the root of the act of abandoning the child,” Mr. Nam said.

Milk strings and cake wrappers that someone left on graves. Photo: Gia Khiem

Agreeing on Mr. Ha Dinh Bon, former Director of the Legal Department (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs), currently Vice President of the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights, said that in recent years, the abortion situation has been happening seriously. This is the bell ringing A warning to the awareness of today’s youth, especially educating young people about sex, pre-marriage, ethics, lifestyle… and educating them to value human life and take good care of their health. reproductive health, including adolescent reproductive health.

“In recent times, many heartbreaking incidents have occurred, even newborns were born but were not cared for and abandoned without being discovered. Suddenly a painful incident occurred. Such acts are not only contrary to conscience but are also crimes. “Little creatures need to be protected from the beginning of life,” Mr. Bon said.

Mr. Ha Dinh Bon, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights, said that in recent years, abortion has been happening. This is a warning bell. Awakening awareness among today’s youth. Photo: Gia Khiem

Mr. Bon analyzes the causes leading to innocent abortion. There are many specific factors due to the self-indulgent life of young people, which are different from before, such as psychological and physiological development, economic conditions… puberty occurs earlier. Second, family education management is often “avoided”. go straight to the issue of sex education for adolescents so that children can protect themselves and at the same time know how to live without indulgence, know how to protect themselves and protect others.

“Including developing The development of technology in cyberspace has a lot of harmful information that makes it easy for children to fall, especially adolescents who are not yet mature enough to be easily manipulated leading to those consequences. That’s why we must have a strategy to take care of children’s health, take care of the health of adolescents and young people… know the concept of love and friendship, understand before having sex, think about the consequences that may occur. “Young people must know the consequences, anticipate which ones are bad and affect their reproductive health, and their future lives. After giving birth, we must strengthen communication and education,” Mr. Bon emphasized.

Innocent souls are buried at An Bai cemetery, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province. Photo: Trung Le

In cases where children have unwanted pregnancies, Mr. Bon believes that it is necessary to seek legal advice, especially psychological counseling for them, to protect the little babies so that there can be a better solution, not to cause heartache. It’s like throwing them into a landfill… very offensive and painful.

“Human lives are priceless while many families value their children and grandchildren like gold and silver, but we abandon them and take their lives, which is very heartbreaking. In society, there are many families willing to take care of children if they are born without conditions, including social protection centers that are willing to adopt children so they can become healthy people useful to society without discrimination. “Children born in any circumstances must be cared for by many arms ready to carry them, so why refuse to take the lives of such creatures?” Mr. Bon said.

Vice Chairman of the Association Protecting Vietnamese children’s rights also added that along with this, all organizations must be combined, not individual responsibility, and at the same time practice good marriage and family counseling for couples before entering marriage. Anticipate the consequences in order to take good care of them. The law should also have strict regulations, for example, under what circumstances is abortion allowed, and at the same time keep children’s private lives private, otherwise they will be afraid of not daring to go public. Declaring leads to bad consequences…