Meyland established a distribution agent system for the Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc project

Scale distribution agency system

On March 2, 2024, the ceremony to announce the official distribution agency of the investor’s Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc project From Tan A Dai Thanh – Meyland took place. The ceremony was attended by 250 leaders of nearly 170 professional distribution units nationwide, of which 70 units have become the first official agents of the Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc project in 2024.

With a team of professional consultants covering from South to North, the units are committed to coordinating and maximizing all resources, becoming effective arms bringing Meyhomes Capital products Phu Quoc gets closer to customers and investors.

Speaking at the meeting Mr. Nguyen Duy Chinh – General Director of Tan A Dai Thanh Group and Vice Chairman of Tan A Dai Thanh Group Real Estate Company – said that it is oriented to become the first international urban area on Pearl Island.Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc has the mission improve people’s quality of life, promote comprehensive development, and become a livable city where the global community gathers to live and work.

“Realizing that mission Meyland promotes Choosing leading reputable partners from project development to project distribution. We completely believe in the capacity of agents and hope that agents will promote their existing strengths to help Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc conquer the market,” Mr. Chinh said.

At the event, Mr. Bui Duc Anh – National Sales Director shared useful and detailed information about development prospects. residential real estate in 2024Meyland’s strategy and cooperation policy go hand in hand with the development of the business partner system.

Representative of 70 units receiving official distribution agent certification Mr. Bui Xuan Hien – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Southern Group and Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Tay Group all said that through the long journey accompanying Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc, the units completely believe in the reputation and effectiveness of the development strategies from the investor.

“During difficult market times, Meyland has always been steadfast in implementing and putting into operation a series of expensive utility projects and launching many new quality products to the market. This demonstrates the careful preparation, long-term vision and strong potential of the investor,” said Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Tay Group.

Previously on March 1, 2024, agency leaders attended the Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc international urban introduction event and the groundbreaking ceremony Meyschool Doan Thi Diem multi-level school with the special participation of the government of Kien Giang province and Phu Quoc city.

Representatives of distribution agents said these practical activities have reinforced trust in the reputation of the investor as well as the progress and quality of project implementation so that agents can feel secure in advising customers.

Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc – Orientation to become an urban area The first international on Ngoc Island

With a scale of more than 300 hectares and located in a strategic location – the central core of An Thoi ward, Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc urban area is considered one of the most The missing piece for the future sustainable development of the island city with the orientation of becoming a new economic – cultural – administrative center.

Possesses natural advantages of 2 coastlines 3 mountain ranges 1 river River combined with green – clean – smart urban planning solutions Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc demonstrates Meyland’s pioneering vision of creating “pure cities”.

Comprehensive development cooperation with Deawoo E&C – one of the 4 leading construction corporations in Korea and at the same time shaking hands with a series of world-famous units such as: planning and interior design – Darkhorse architectural design – HBA landscape design – Belt Collins management Operation – CBRE and AccorMeyland aim to make Meyhomes Capital the first international urban area on Pearl Island, which meets residents’ desires for modern life with a system of synchronous international quality standards.

2024 is expected to be a booming year for Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc. By combining the strong internal strength of quality products meticulously cared for by the investor with the strength of a strong distribution partner system, Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc promises to be the center of attraction for customers and investors. investment.

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